Why Are We HERE?

Stellarpax. “Universal peace”. A very fine idea, indeed! Here we are, a VERY diverse group of people — some young, some old, some in-between. We come from different social and economic backgrounds, different countries, speak several languages, and have unique points of view. Many of us believe we have had contact with some “other” intelligent life-force or consciousness.

For some of us, this contact has been mostly positive in nature, and has brought some enlightenment about the human condition; we are eager to share what we’ve learned.

Some of us are confused and fearful after our encounters, wondering if what we experience is REAL or imagined. We feel out-of-control and powerless against an intelligence that appears to treat us like lab rats.

Some of us have been through the fear and arrived at a new place, looking at the world around us with a radically-changed perspective. Perhaps we have new strength we did not realize we had because we have been through both the traumatic and blissful with these otherworldly visitors.

So what has brought all of us to this website?

Are we seeking validation from others to convince ourselves that our experiences are real? Are we looking to find meaning in the bizarre and confusing encounters we’ve had? Will we perhaps find SOMEONE who has answers to our personal questions? Are we searching for spiritual enlightenment? Do we want to teach everyone the valuable lessons we have learned along the way? Are we seeking to “fit” into a community because our ideas about the ETs/IDs have been rejected or ignored by our friends and family?

If you have taken the time to read this far – thank you! Will you share with the rest of the Stellarpax community some of your thoughts about why you are here, some of the things you struggle with, some advice about the contact phenomena?
(Roy-I see your hand up! But let some of the others speak first

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About the Author:

I am uncertain if I have been in contact with an otherworldly intelligence, but I've found commonalities with several people on this site. I look forward to sharing ideas!

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