It’s like they want me know before hand but never be able to prove anything. It always starts off the same way I’m running through this lobby. Large glass windows and massive marble vaulted ceilings, with Greek arcitecture and artful monuments. But running down this marbled hall there is this fountain of melted, misshapen flushing toilets. Past them is this entrance to a huge study where the walls are filled with books further than the eye can see up and domed at the top. Massive collection, with a latter on track that can reach any book you desire. We all sit on the floor in the center of the room and look up. class is about to begin. Our teacher arives. He is tall, hunched with stretched leathery skin. He is dressed in a white lab coat and dark turtleneck with white slacks. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out this ball. He winds it by rotating the two hemispheres opposite eachother and holds out his hand. It levitates into the air and expands rapidly into this 3d projection. It’s a virtual solar system. The lesson begins with the explanation of terms a violet star, a dwarf planet and several periodic elements. The holier am projection shows three dwarf planets rotating around the violet star the spin faster and faster until the collide together creating lots of dust and several chemical reacions. it the shows the forces shift and the star orbit this hollow collided mess and slowly form this massive plannet. The projection condenses and forms back into a ball that the professor places in his lab coat pocket. The room changes we are in a white class room and all sitting in desks. I look to my right and my left. They are all kids not much younger than i. I raise my hand. “Why do you teach us if we arnt going to remember”. Without opening my mouth as if the words where music that flew through the air the professor replied “you will remember when you need it. And don’t worry about loosing it it’s hard to forget your brain.” There was a group chuckle through the air as if I had asked a dumb question. The noise then erupted and a static filled my vision. colourful dots took my sight and start to fade as I was over welded by all my senses. I was back in the meadow. my vision returning to me I was laying on my back looking at the sky. I feel a hand brush my forehead down my hair. I look up to see a mask of yellow So bright I look back at the sky. I’m laying in his lap. Falling once more in love with every touch. I try to relax and just enjoy this, but I’m overwhelmed by questions.
“what’s wrong with me?” I think
” it’s not what’s wrong with you it was what we did wrong” his voice fills my head I close my eyes.
“what did you do wrong?”
“Well not me per say but the gra th s arnt as talented as they might think. There’s a coding error.”
“In me? Like a computer?”
“Yes but it’s behavior not machanical.”
My thoughts bubble with questions so many that there is a crud of noise.
“Shh…. to much! Stay quite. Let me talk.”
I pause my mind and focus on his voice, his hand caressing my cheak, his finger tips sliding down my neck across my collar bone. “you are a starseed. A genetic alteration we have made to a human so they would be fit for baring a starchild. Your bloodline has been altered and we tweak it with each generation until we see fit for a starchild.”
“Like a demigod”
“Kind of. Hold on a sec let me just get this out of the way. You are a series 6 generation 5. You are the last functional genetic sample.”
“What happened to the rest?”
“they were terminated. Either on their own or with intervention.-… I told you to shush your mind. Thank you. The gentic failure is they were suecidal. They were too emotional, too imbalanced. You had a close call but we decided to intervene because of the major reprocautions it may cause to your mother. Your bloodline is valuable so I took a risk to press on with your expriment. All the others have died or we have isolated out of enviroment. you will carry the innovation for the future. Your genetics play a key roll.”
“So it’s not my husbands baby?”
“Oh he is, his gentic structure is a unique code all its own but your child will have the life force of anot her being that is scheduled for a human experience.”
I tried to wrap my brain around his words. I must have focused to hard because the next thing I know I’m standing in the kitchen.
this experience jogged several memories of being in the class room or knowing exactly what someone was going to say and saying it the exact time they do. I was tought tricks to imprint pictures into my mind and programed several formulas into my thoughts.
did they mean to teach me all this? Am I supposed to teach my child everything he meds to know to be the innovative revolutionary he is destined to be? Will I be alone in this task? I suppose only time will tell.