Yesterday I had watched an interview with Robert Monroe from the Monroe Institute about OBE’s and then watched an interview of William Buhlman on the same topic. I was interested in finding out how to control OBE’s as I know I have had them before. So as I was getting ready to try, I put on another link posted from another facebook page which was a movie Kymatica which I was listening to while I was laying down trying to practice some of the tips William Buhlman had given to control OBE’s. In his video, he had suggested focussing on objects, but instead of focusing on objects I focussed on remembering an OBE I had before of standing in front of a wall in my bedroom aware my physical body was still in bed and seeing and understanding that everything surrounding me is all just particles, before I was able to just walk through… I was just relaxing and the Kymatica movie at started talking about how many cells were in the body and each one was a conscious organism… then went on to the earth etc…anyway as I’m focussing on my past OBE seeing myself standing in front of the bedroom wall and listening to Kymatica, I could feel my body then start to vibrate, it was like I was daydreaming and thinking about individual cells and it came to me that individual cells could go exploring or breaking through the shape that confines them and either move out or other cells could come through, like visitations and I was seeing it explained in picture form and all of a sudden there was a realisation that I could move through just like the cell… then, I was at an area outside of my body and then environment like moving through a type of force field but I could go through as what can only be described as a soft barrier, I don’t have the words yet to describe what it felt like but all of a sudden I was through into another realm and the fair hair people that used to visit me were there. It was so very exciting, It wasn’t long and detailed, just a realisation that it could be done. I really feel like I have made contact again, I have been trying to for so long to make conscious contact with them and was frightened how I would react if they had actually showed up in a physical reality. But now I know how to and it was not frightening at all, it was full of love and very joyous, they were happy to see me… But I don’t think it stops there… now I know that there is so much more to explore and other worlds that connects theirs world as well. Its really hard to put it all into words… its so refreshing just to be able to write it down and knowing that its ok.