Torsion Field technology

by Dana Donlon

Time is one of Man’s deepest mysteries. Can we go back? can we see forward or even go there? What about all the myths; we cannot go back in time within our life spam or if we meet our grandparents we might prevent our own conception. Hundreds of movies and books have been written using time as a story line but what is the truth?

Over and over we have experiencers and abductees reporting time anomalies. Missing time, shortened time and suspended time are the most common. How is this possible? Through technology. Our own scientists have been working on what we call torsion fields for many years. Torsion field technology is tech that allows the slowing or speeding up of time within a field. It would have many uses for mankind. The refrigerator would have slowed time fields so food would not spoil, large torsion fields could be used to grow crops in a fraction of the time and surgeries could be almost painless if the body part were in an accelerated time field.

Personally I have experienced four “types” of time manipulation. One is described in my blog article of missing time. My husband and I experienced a blank space, an acceleration? or a removal from time. One moment we were in one place the next moment we were in another. This has happened to us as a couple three times now.

The second type I have experienced was accelerated time, my husband and I put dinner into cook, and minutes later what should have taken an hour to cook was done. I literally walked into another room, sat down and the timer went off.

The third type of experience was with an ET. I woke abruptly in my bed one morning and standing beside my bed was a large hooded grey female, her hands were inside of my lower abdomen and moving so fast they were a blur. As I saw her she disappeared.

The last type was an issue of time stopping completely. My husband observed this also. It was about 1 am and I looked out our second story window, outside was a streetlight close to the building and it was snowing or should I say had been snowing. There was snow on the ground and the large fluffy snow flakes were suspended in midair. It was like looking at a picture. Nothing moved. We watched for a bit but then simply went to bed.

So how does this work? How are these things happening? It is my conclusion that in much of the abduction and interaction that takes place torsion fields are being used by both ETs and IDs. If our scientists predict this technology will be available to us at some point in the future it is not unrealistic to believe that it is already in use by those visiting us.

This explains a lot. The scars that appear over night? A healing or extraction of our DNA done and healed in an accelerated torsion field. People who are taken and report they are gone for days or weeks and return within hours? Torsion fields. UFO’s over populated areas that no one sees but that show later in a photo? Again accelerated torsion field technology, the ship was moving to fast for the eye to see.

Torsion field tech also comes into play when looking at real time physical interactions with our visitors. I have experienced a sharp pain in my arm and when examined there is a new scar present. Or a sharp prick on the back of hand and when I look the vein it raising up as though a needle were inserted. Within minutes or even moments the pain is gone and the physical results disappear very quickly.

Is it possible we are being physically altered or healed in real time and we do not even recognize it? I believe so. As more people become aware of how torsion field technology works or that it even exists perhaps we can get more information on the phenomena. The night I had severe surgical scars disappear from my stomach my only memory was that my stomach itched during the night. Of course it would, healing itches.

All I ask is that you extend your reality enough to see these events and the real time interactions as possible and pay attention they could be happening to you as well.