After years of being distracted by work and marrige.I was needing to get out of Waltham Ma and head to a smaller town.I still needed to keep my job at Raytheon Research. So I took a drive down route 2 heading west to seek a piece of property to buy.I was at my limit of a hour.And went down Barre Rd in Hubbardston Ma.Total population 1500 people.Trees woods and water everywhere. I said this is it.I saw signs saying land for sale.12 acres 10 thousand dollars.To make the story short.I bought the land and then shortly after built a log home from a kit.On the weekends my nephew 7 years younger then me at the time.He was 19.He would come up and help me build.At night we would go out looking at the sky and stars.I then had read a article in the news paper of Betty Hill.It was talking of Betty and the writer of the paper went to interview her.Just to see how she was doing now.It had been almost 20 years since her experience. I got a idea in my head.That the following friday night even though now it was winter.That me and my nephew should take a drive to North Conway N.H.Why there I did not know at the time.My nephew showed up on friday and off we went.It had been cold and the drive was about 4 hours.I had told my nephew of my experiences.Did not know if he really believed me.I said to him.The ETs will know we are going to look for them.And they will show up.As we got to North Conway. It was almost 11pm I got off the highway and started looking for a lonely road.There was snow all over the place.But very few houses on this road.Suddenly from the left a ball of white light went right by the front of my car.I jambed on the breaks sliding to a stop.I was yelling did you see that.My nephew said where did it go.I said into those woods.We got out looked in the direction the light went.Nothing.We got back in the car.I said they know we are here.We need to find a place to park.I drove around and saw a plowed out area that looked like state trucks would park if doing highway plowing.There were no trucks but it was plowed.I said lets drive in there and pull next to a pile of snow.It was now almost midnite.I said I doubt in this weather and this late state cops will be out.But we need not for a cop to ask us what we are doing this far from home.So I pulled in and then started to back up next to a mound of snow.I had the window open.It was freezing out.As I backed up I heard voices.They were more like high pitched childrens voices speaking a language I could not understand. I said to my nephew just freaken great.Someone is out there.He said no way.I said I heard them.He said I did not hear
anything.I parked I said lets get out anyways and look.We opened our doors.And my nephew said.I heard it.I said I do not see anything or anyone.I said lets walk over to the woods in front of
us.We got about 50 feet from the car and heard a humming sound.I whispered what is that.But it sounds like its coming from back at the car.I said lets check.We got to the car.But humming was coming from beyond the car now.I said lets walk over there.Then suddenly there was a pop right to our left.I whispered hear that.Then again pop from the right of us.Then pop
pop pop pop.The popping surrounding us.I said whispering its them.They know we came looking for them.Then the humming started but a little louder.It was coming from a little drop down surrounded by trees.I said to my nephew they are down there.I then got bold.I said in a normal speaking voice.Why are we whispering. They know we are hear.I looked down at where the humming was coming from.And yelled come on out.My nephew also being bold now yells ya come on out.In that second a bright flash of light shot straight up in the air and was gone.I had a empty feeling in my stomach. Like I did something very wrong.My nephew even said he felt awful.We drove back to my house.Getting home around 530 in the morning.Did not even talk of what happened.We both were to depressed to talk .