How do you explain to others the incredible effect UFO’s, abductions, travelling outside of conventional travel means in ET ships and conversations with off-world Beings has had on your life? How does one get others to understand the complexity of lifetime contact? In most cases people who have never had any experiences of this kind cannot understand either a little of it or any of it because they have no reference point. Most people can only go by what THEY have experienced or seen. The fact that they have not had any experience is understandable but should never negate what the experiencer has gone through.

For me personally the whole darn confounding thing can AND IS compounded by the fact that many of my abductions were witnessed and in some cases evidence left behind, yet it wasn’t know there was an abduction taking place. Worse yet they involved high profile cases in which there were numerous witnesses, pictures/film, and physical evidence left by the ship or (as with the Vandenberg Atlas Missile UFO Incident, 1964) the “ship” causing substantial physical effects to the dumby warhead. With all those witnesses, SOMEONE HAD TO SEE ME.
I have wondered for example…. over the years….
did anyone at the BU (Boston University) scope set in the Los Padres mountains at Big Sur, California (to film the Atlas rocket stages that fateful 1964) “capture” (no pun intended) me on their personal camera(s) when my off-world Being mentor had transported me down to hide in the scrub brush to “spy on” said scope crew?

What IF someone there did? Its not out of the realm of possibility after all their expertise was telescopes and film. WHAT IF they snapped a shot or two as I called to the Being to transport me back up when Kingston George was chasing me… only to find the shutter captured half of me partially running-partially transported, not fully there but still caught on film? Nonsense you say? After all that would be quite the SENSATIONAL picture and NO ONE would keep that from the news~!! Think again: they all worked for or were contracted with the MILITARY. Chances are: even if someone there HAD captured me (in those moments of being transported back to the cloaked ship) on their personal film given the propensity of the MIC they would have kept their mouths shut lest their careers and lives be ruined.

But this isn’t a revisiting of that 1964 Blue Streak UFO/Vandenberg UFO/Solway-Firth incident.

This is April 4th, 1966, a Monday. After moving from Montana back to California, we settled in San Jose. The elementary school I attended (I believe, as it HAS been many years) was called Washington elementary and was about an eight-to-ten block walk to and from school. There used to be an ice cream shop across from the school on the same street and down about a block. I was almost seven years old and in the second grade. My teacher’ name was Mr. Roscoe and he had the strangest penchant for all us kids having “clean hands.” He would walk around to each desk examining our hands/nails before he’d even START class. When he found a kid with dirty nails or hands he’d exclaim “Yetch, go wash now.” and we’d all have to wait till everyone got back into class fro washing their hands. Forget the slightly weird part about being an Abductee of off-world beings, Mr. Roscoe was certified “High Strangeness.”

Out-of-the-blue the off-world Being (that was with me through almost ALL these contact experiences) asks me in my head “So, what’s for lunch today?” I am sitting in my classroom, I look at Mr. Roscoe talking and answer the Being, “I dunno…. let me think. Mon. chicken, Tues is meatloaf, that’s my favorite… Thurs is spaghetti but I forgot what’s on Weds…” The Being then says, “It’s almost lunch time isn’t it?” I looked at the clock and could see it was about 15 minutes away. Our lunches started around 11:30 ending around 12:30. Just remembering that place and I can smell the cafeteria. The Being THEN says, “I need to talk to you….” So I thought I will excuse myself to the bathroom and we can talk on the way. As I get to the hallway going that direction, I asked “So what did you want to talk about?” He doesn’t answer. Instead I go in use the bathroom come and say something off handed like, “I thought you wanted to talk?” He THEN answers “Hey, look at that it’s lunchtime.” Right then the bell for lunch rings. I don’t think much about it all except I hope the chicken is legs NOT thighs.

The next day, Tuesday as I walked to school I thought, ‘Yay! Its meatloaf day!’ Then I am thinking, WHY am I thinking about lunch? I JUST ate breakfast! I laughed I get to school, the usual hand inspections occur before class can commence, the hours pass and its about 10-15 minutes before lunch. I am now trying to remember what we were HAVING for lunch, when the Being starts talking to my head. “I need to talk to you, can you get away from class?” Instead of asking WHAT he needs to talk about I just excuse myself for the bathroom, go in and as I shut the door…. the VERY next thing I can remember is I am up in the air above an athletic field, with a chain link fence around the perimeter of the school. But it is NOT my school. It’s lawn is green like San Jose, but I don’t know where this school is. Years later, I learned they called it “the oval” not an athletic field.

We are hovering right near the chain link fence. There are some high electrical wires and the ship seems to be wobbling a bit on one side or the other of the high electrical wires. I remember thinking “Be careful, you don’t want to hit THOSE, THEY have a lot of e-l-e-c-t-r_I-c-I-t-y in them.” He answers back in my head, “Oh, I am careful.” By now kids and maybe one adult outside are noticing us and running our direction. They had uniforms on. I told him, “I am glad we don’t have to wear uniforms, I like MY clothes.” The Being says “I think they are curious about us… shall we let them see it (his ship) closer?” I thought “Yeah!” Thinking this would be fun. I don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe I pictured in my mind for a moment that we’d get closer, land and everyone (many close to my elementary school age) would be allowed to peek inside and go “W-O-W!” in awe. But that’s NOT what happened. He kind of zips quickly over the chain link fence and TO MY STUNNED AMAZEMENT lands right on the grass of the athletic field. We weren’t there long though.

Now EVERYONE is running towards us an some more people are coming out of the buildings. He says to me, ‘I don’t want anyone to get hurt we’d better move… ” and shoots straight up into the air. As I watch, after we lifted up some of those coming towards us slowed from a run to a walk to almost standing to watch us. I squeal out something like “This is exciting!” and as the Being smiles broadly he takes off towards some clusters of tall green trees not far from the school. He lowers the ship down unto the ground between the tall trees and says, “Maybe they won’t find us here.” As he says this I look out a porthole size window and see two things. A couple of girls are running towards us from the direction of the school…and coming from the opposite direction are some older boys that had horses. I notice the boys out one window, while I had to move o another window to see the girls. Of the two school girls, one had blondish colored hair or lighter hair slightly curly and a very light suntan, while the other had really straight dark shiny hair, with REALLY pale white skin. I don’t want to sound racist but I thought for a moment that the dark haired girl looked Asian to me. I stuck my face up close to the window to look at both of them and smile at them and almost that quickly the girl with the shiny dark straight hair fell on her back, while the other girl came to her assistance. I could hear the boys on the other side of the ship yelling something and that’s when the Being said, ‘We need to get out of here… now.”

We shot STRAIGHT UP so fast everything was a whirl till we were above the trees again. I could hear the sound of a plane or two and that’s when the Being says ‘I think they are trying to follow us…” and we speed up and left the area…. I am sitting in a stall in the bathrooms and cant’ figure out why my hand was sort of ‘hanging’ on the doorknob to unlock it to walk out… but just sort of had my hand there on the handle wondering why I couldn’t remember going IN TO THE BATHROOM. But there I was. I am thinking about why the bathroom looked strange to me, how did I get there and as I start to walk out, the main door to the bathroom swings open and a classmate says “The teacher is LOOKING for YOU… ” I said quizzically, “Looking for me? I w-a-s just going to the bathrrr….” when she cuts in, “He’s been looking for you!” I asked her “Is it lunch time yet? She says to me, “Lunch? LUNCH ended 45 minutes… well awhile ago!” I felt drowsy, disoriented and had no idea what kind of trouble I was in or WHY. When I saw the teacher he scolded me for not coming right back after I told him I was only going to the bathroom. I couldn’t remember ANYTHING of the event till days later. Even THEN I could remember what I saw but didn’t know how I could have gotten there. At first this just didn’t seem real. I spent days wondering why there seemed to be a “time tunnel” in the bathroom. I couldn’t wrap my head around ANY of it, till many years later.

My “missing time” and the events that actually unfolded are STRANGELY IDENTICAL to the documentary (below.) The only difference was the day: My “missing time” and all that ACTUALLY happened was on Tuesday April 5th, 1966……. the very same events that ACTUALLY happened, occurred on Wednesday, April 6th, 1966. Like I have said, the Being that I have had lifelong experiences from LOVES to bend and warp time, that is for certain.