This was born from an experience I had some years ago. I was moving through space, tumbling end over end and laughing like I’ve never laughed before. Such joy! It was and is indescribable but here I gave it my best shot. Our member, Hallowed, inspired me to share this after he posted a beautiful poem he wrote after one of his experiences filming UFO’s.


Somewhere beneath that haze of sleep
Where fairies dance and babies weep
Where colored wisps of lavender
Turn into lilac’s messengers

Each bloom a whisper
Each leaf a rhyme
Each blossom sings
Her song sublime

No time for melancholy here
No place for voiding, voiceless fears
A harmony of light and laughter
Tumbling, rolling ever after

A sudden flight where end on end
I hear the squeals delight in them
Such joy I can’t remember when
My voice is filled with seraphim

The stuff of angels feels like snow
And crowns the spirit all aglow
So bright and light and snowflake white
Like feathers if you wear them right

Somewhere beyond that dreamy state
Where sunlight sleepwalks very late
And morning’s grace invites the rays
To shower yet another day

Each water drop a prayer
And every dewdrop is a kiss
Each ray of sunshine on my brow
Awakens me to here and now

As I lay waking from my sleep
With Mr. Sandman in my wake
A smile gives way to giggles here
And now inside my joy is near