Stages of Acceptance

Accepting a New Reality

Interactions with neutral and service to others Beings

Most of you who come to this site are here because you or someone you care about has experienced something beyond your reality base. Once this happens there is no turning back. Through my own experiences and working with others who have had different but similar experiences I have noticed there are stages we all go through. Understanding these stages, what they are, why they happen and how to deal with them will be what is discussed in this article.

The first thing to understand is that we all interpret our experience(s) based on our  current belief system. If you are a very religious person then you will attempt to explain, understand and assimilate your experience using religion as a base. The same with the atheist or scientist.  But is this a good way of dissecting your experience? No. It is not.

No matter what the chosen belief system it will not allow for or provide a complete explanation of what has happened. For example the scientist can take the literal information he has acquired during his or her experience and absorb it through the left brain. But what about the kindness or hostility that was conveyed to him while the experience was happening? Can that fit into the scientific model? The other extreme would be the religious interpretation which will leave out the science.

So how do we understand this huge event in our life without the preconceived notions of a prier belief system shadowing it? Put the experience in a new category. The category of “I Don’t Know”. Stop trying to explain it, rationalize it or define it.  Your experience may effect your belief systems but do not allow your belief systems to distort your experience.

The first stage people go through is trying to define the experience. Make it fit into a box. If we can define something, make sense of it then we control it.  But changing the experience to fit within a belief system is being untruthful. The experience must stand alone and unchanged.  So stop trying to make sense of what happened and write down what happened. Every detail you can think of. Include all of the senses and add how you felt. Put your impressions on paper, none are too silly.  Over a period of a day to a week continue to add to your written account.  Be sure and only include what happened and how you felt as the experience was happening. Try not to slant the account in a positive or negative way because your mind has since processed the information and come to conclusions.

Most of us choose conclusions right after an experience. Sometimes these conclusions can be right but many times they are very wrong.  Let’s use an example. A woman appears in your hallway at 3am. She looks human but you can see through her and there is something “off” about her. What are the different conclusions we could jump to? Is she a ghost, an ET, an elemental, an Interdimensional Being, a human from the future? You get the idea. Just write down what happened, no guessing allowed.

The second stage after defining the experience (which has now changed to writing a true account of what happened) is that either fear,  elation, confusion or denial sets in. If your experience was pleasant or neutral your mind may interpret it as a positive thing. If you were frightened or experienced pain in some way fear will fill your mind. If you simply do not understand what has happened confusion and questioning your own sanity will occur.  If  the experience conflicts with your basic belief systems you may begin to deny that the event occurred at all and attempt to explain it away.  Lets take these one at a time and look a bit deeper.

One of the most common events is that people see a UFO. They experience a intelligently controlled craft doing things that human technology cannot accomplish. For most people this is a life changing but positive event. It may have been seen close up or far away but the effect is the same; they want to see it again and they want to learn more ab0ut the phenomena. In this case research is a logical second stage. Reading online, watching videos and reading other people’s similar experiences are a natural progression.

In other positive experiences this stage can be one of questions but also of the experiencers ego becoming over-inflated.  If your event was more direct, an actual interaction for example this can cause feeling of being “chosen”. Don’t fall for it. Each year thousands of people have contact with some type of non-human sentient and intelligent Being. Not all people who have contact or interaction are chosen or special. The truth is we do not know why these particular interactions occur. So keep your ego in check and do some research. If you chose to ask for more experiences be certain you specify that the interaction is from service to others oriented Beings. Always be careful what you invite into your reality.

If however there were perceived or real threats of harm or actual harm to the experiencer then everything changes.  In many cases fear takes over. Our programming from the media, books and what we were taught as children kicks in.  Sleep may be difficult,  anxiety may be very high. There may be night terrors and panic attacks. People sleep with knives and guns and become extremely hyper-sensitive to unfamiliar or sudden noises and smells. Sometimes depending on the individual anger occurs instead of fear. All of these reaction are typical of someone who feels that they are in danger but is not sure of the source or strength of that danger or when it might come back.

So how do you eliminate or slow down the fear or anger? Look at the history of not just the event but of your life. How many times has this happened? In how many years? Were you really harmed? Or did you only feel threatened? The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. So has the intelligence behind this event repeated it? Engage your left brain and use logic. I understand how difficult this can be but a person who is not sleeping and in a state  of hyper-awareness is a danger to themselves. I know because I was. Yes I was harmed Physically but I was also harming myself by allowing anger to control me physically and mentally.

Research can be a hindrance when our experiences are negative because we begin grasping at straws trying to find answers. Why me? When will it happen again? Will it happen again? How do I stop it? Can a psychic stop it? What’s going on what do “they” want? These are just some of the questions we ask. No one has the answers to those questions and be very careful of people claiming that they do.  If they want to change you money to help run, don’t walk away.  When we have negative experiences only our own choices , soul decisions, and vibration can alter them.

The only question that we may may be able to answer is the question of  “Why me?” The research shows two answers. First is race.  People of Irish, Celtic and American Indian descent make up a high percentage of abductees. Second is the family you were born into. Abductions do run in families. Third is blood type. Abductees reporting in show a high number have RH negative blood.

Confusion is another typical reaction. We cannot process what has happened so we question our own sanity. We call it a dream or a vision or we call the Beings Demons or Angels. The most common question I get in emails is;  “Am I sane?”. The second is “Did this really happen?”. If you experienced the phenomena then it happened. However to accept our experiences we must change our reality and truly understand there is more to this reality than we thought or could even imagine.

Go back through your experience and realize that these things are possible and then expand your thoughts. Logically look at the human technology and how it has grown in the last 100 years. What will we be capable of in a thousand years? How can we doubt that other more advanced civilizations can control time and matter?  When fear comes through remember if these Beings wished to harm us they could have at any time.

There can be a period of depression after we realize that no one has the answers we need. It is extremely difficult to accept and process an event when we have no information about it except the small amount we remember. That loss of control is another stage.

The understanding that we have zero control over what happens to us in the night (sometimes during the day as well) is a gigantic reality shift. Although we have no control over our lives when looking in from the big picture we are used to dealing with cause and effect. If we pay the power bill the lights stay on, if we drive carefully and wear our seatbelt we expect to be relatively safe while driving. But with ET and ID interactions we have zero control. We cannot control when, where, why or if we will remember any of it. There is no cause and effect and no control.

Many of us try to gain some control. We read everything we can about the supposed motives and actions of the Beings and again we try to fit what has happened to us into a box that we can put aside so we feel a bit safer. But no matter what we do the bottom line is we are at their mercy. In my opinion this is the biggest adjustment of all.

As time passes we need to talk about what has happened. Again we hit a block. We quickly realize that just because we have been through this huge reality shift others around us have not been. Even in the rare case of there being physical proof of interactions those around us cannot make the reality jump with us. We have been forced over the cliff into the expanded reality they have not.

What we must not do is try to force those we care about into shifting their reality because we have. If they have not experienced anything they simply cannot make the same reality jump. To expect them to is unreasonable.

So what is the answer? Until the ETs land on the lawn and wave hello we are on our own. Finding like minded people online is the best solution I have found.  But it too can be difficult, we try to find like minded people online who have also made the reality shift but here we go back to the different backgrounds creating a different interpretation of the experiences. So even those who have been through similar may not believe us or may try to define our experiences in a way that is uncomfortable to us.

As experiencers we may shift between any of these stages many times. But what we never lose is the need to share what has happened to us with others who will believe us. In closing yes you are sane (or your loved one is) find somewhere to talk and share and above all take care of yourself. It is my belief sometime in the near future we will have the answers we so desperately need.