Me and my friend Scot would go down Barre Fslls Dam often at night.We would most times see those slow moving crafts.But most times a distance away.Or to high up.But this night as we were watching the night sky.I spotted one coming from our right.Just barely over the trees.I said Scot theres one.It was going in a direction that would be right over a connecting dirt road.If timed right we could run and be directly under it.I felt this was our chance to be directly under it.I said Scot lets run for it.We can make it.He said no lets watch it from here.I said this is it.Lets go for it.Again he said no.I then said I am going for it.I started running as fast as I could.I knew I would make it.Scot yells out stop you won’t come back.I kept running all of a sudden my mind was racing and I stopped dead.My mind was thinking ok I do not come back.I will see the universe. But what of Scot my 83 year old mom.Scot tells the cops a UFO got me.The cops think he is a nut and killed me.He is interagated .My mom wants my body for closure.Just now a awful situation. I wanted to go .I was not afraid.I had been dealing with this since I was a child.I had no fear of ET.If they wanted to kill me.It would have been easy for them.But my concern was the damage to others my leaving would have.Since then.My mom will be 94 this year.I had the chance to leave three years ago again.But my mom is in no shape to think I died getting eaten by a bear in Montana at my place.But my contact told me my time to leave with them is coming again.But to leave there are conditions. I have accepted the conditions .They were not a easy choice to make at first.But I feel comfortable with
them now.And no its not killing myself and riding the tail of a comet or something like that.I am very much going to be alive.Just different. And we are all different anyways.So all is as it should be.