The Body Is A Tool For Consciousness entities to use, a vessel for experience.
When you play with the dial of anything electric that has an output you modify it’s frequency. I have come to know that currently we humans along with all other organic life on the planet are seen simply as a tool, unit, or vessel by the non physical or rather, the ‘multi dimensional’ creators of this garden we know as earth. Actually, most of the spirit life that plays, works and experiences here sees this process this way as well; kind of the way a bee keeper might see his bees I suppose. Our bodies are energy machines basically and we both receive and send energy, just like we receive and send sound. In fact these two are related.

These energies discharged from us during death or emotional expressions, each one with it’s own unique flavor or frequency tuned and modified as described here within for all to see are bio-electric in nature and this bio energy from organic life is something very important in the garden and to all life and consciousness. Energy is key to life and the energy channeled by organic life forms is more than special.

Understand that you human, are electric. You can control your own electric frequencies to any variance of degrees but it is like anything else. You have to do so to remember how to use those muscles. Most people run on auto pilot so little in the way of control is exhibited to be present enough consciously to break the programming which set in on your psyche from an early age. As a result of this ‘routine’ of behavior people let their reactions run wild as well as their imaginations.

So, the bottom line is this. Since you weren’t using your conscious mind the majority of the time you are awake, and making little in the way of progress, and so easy to manipulate, well, someone else decided to go ahead and take care of that idle mind not exhibiting any real control for you by taking advantage of each drifting unconscious moment you have on a daily basis.

Some third party controller or handler has programmed you to react according to their dictate. They gave you a model to live by. A format of rules given by society and more instilling it in you from a young age making you think it is actually of your own doing. Your free will is always there to reject or accept anything said to you or taught to you in the way of this programming of course, but having grown up with it this is much harder to rise above it, or cross the great sea as wise men have labeled it for thousands of years. I mean after all your father believes this, and his father before him and so on so it must be true right? Wrong!

Further that programming has been in existence for so long now that just coming here insures you are born right into it.
Emotions are the dial with which the frequency of energies we organic beings produce is controlled, this because we are electric by our very nature. These ”electrical discharges” from us come in abundance when we are leaning towards extremes of emotions.

More neuronal discharge is going off when you are freaking out from shock and awe running for your life or scared like a freak show, or horror show! This is easier to achieve than trying to make you sway the other way to extreme joy and ecstasy but when to the other extreme such as overwhelming joy, or pleasure, love and so on this produces great abundance also, both from your neuronal discharge from reaction but it magnifies many times over through the body chakra system in many bright hues outward from the heart which produces the abundance of the energies sought.

The more extreme the emoting the more neuronal discharge from the organic life form doing the emoting got it? Control your emotions! Be careful about your bleeding heart especially. These are old terms but they say much. Walk the even keel! You will hear that again and again from me also. All masters in life walked the even keel. Remember this! We don’t use our emotions here! We just read. Stay in the middle, walk the fine line of balance as if on the tight string so to speak.

These energies discharge off us. When to unhealthy levels it weakens us. We all have had a relative at one time that was overly emotional, and even abnormal in some regards to worry stress and so on. These energies take their toll in so many ways, not just those we see. The misery bleeds off you. They are seen, experienced known and are frequencies, sounds, smells, all radiating from us, as in real voltages from neuronal discharges going on in our brains directly tied in to our reactions via emotional response to what is perceived as outside stimulus by the consciousness (that’s you) observing events as they transpire. These energies can be proven by our technology.

When they carry on such that this is seen repeated as if someone is overboard? It is usually involving other unseen life orbs feeding the ideas into the one doing this. They need help with another focus. Another environment and focus of attention can do wonders to heal. Remind them when well, of the feeling and how they changed with their focus. Allow them to see and experience the joy of their own mind power.

This exchange of energy, this relationship with emotion and spirit is why we voluntarily come here to experience the organic ‘in the body’ experience! They will at times abuse us. It is why we struggle with pleasure, and mastery of fulfillment the way we do. The frequency of the vibrations you generate routinely through life dictate the frequency vibration of the company you keep in life and also dictate just how far you are able to go in your own awareness.

This is not to mean this dictates only the other physical company in your life but spirit beings that are attracted to you for what energies you produce from day to day also come to you simply because your very mood draws them since they prefer the frequency you offer. You go where your heart takes you. Where you lean naturally is not a mistake. Home is where the heart is, is not just a saying. When you see people change overnight what is in their heart they change entirely in the thought form outwardly and it radiates outward becoming their new reality. Help them simply change what is in their hearts.

What you carry in your heart determines where you end up as well as where you are right now in life and your vibration is why you are where you are. Your vibe is why the people and things in your life are there, why you read and watch what you do and find some things attractive while others not so much and all are there right now and so on as a result of this process. If you find yourself attracting things to you life is presenting them due to the fact you have not learned enough to move beyond it by facing it yet. When you face it, it finally transforms.

This is why when the thought form changes, or when you add a new thought form to your being, your life, your experience you live it because it unfolds before you as that something new. To remove it simply recognize it and abolish it by making a new and better thought form transmuting the old. Simply take the obstacle life shows you and learn and grow from it to become a better more masterful life sailor from the experience. You will hear me say this a few times also.

This artificially, maintained garden was an attempt by the head gardener, the Originator, at trying to create and then supply a rare energy emanation found in nature. This originator failed. His attempts failed and in the end his creation was exterminated by him. At that time another team came in composed of many outside beings and took those ‘ashes’ to seed new experiments and new life from that remaining DNA of the last experiment.

Through that experimenting this new creator group of beings managed to do what the first originator gave up on trying to do. This is the real tale of the garden earth and largely why so many giants were in one time, and why things down sized in another. Some experiments produced break away cultures of Earthlings and cycle after cycle came and went.

According to the tale I know. This ‘downsizing of all life here’ was a purposeful event but many cultures broke away and left over the cycles of this planet as various hominids came and went. Some of these came back one day only to find their own peoples long gone and replaced by others. They like many of the other originator species all claimed some right to Earth and various races upon the earth, some no longer even here as hominids or other animals on the planet.

These multi-dimensional creator or originator species of various other outside life forms all had a hand in one or more various tribes or species of animals and races of hominids on the planet. As they grew some of the creators became attached in some ways while others stayed more distant. During natural course of events some tribes of peoples were naturally overtaken by others. In cases where one ‘creator beings’ children were overrun by more powerful tribes created by other creator beings or Elohim as they say, bad feelings developed between the creators. At times they interfered and still do helping their own particular groups they feel attachment to. In truth many of them can’t even agree on who has more claim to this garden than the other as they continually play this chess match with their creations but as it is they simply share it somewhat frowning on their other peers as the wonderful experiment for the experience of the true preciousness and meaning of life.

Many portals exist all along the 37th parallel on our earth, some initiated and created by other beings that still use them daily living within a median reality here. Many of the world’s most gifted sensitives live along the 37th parallel unconscious of why they are attracted to that area. Orbs and paranormal frequent this parallel and have been recorded throughout history.

These orbs have been witnessed by Natives, put down for the record as rock art and the priests have built portals and Dolmens which have been used by them in various places on the planet to commune with these wiser beings since before written records were kept! In many ways we are no different at our core than these orbs of conscious awareness and light. All of us are orbs of awareness as our true selves. This garden of emotional and bio energy output is our play ground. A stomping ground of entertainment, grief, pain, joy, and ups and downs, yes the whole package!

Contrary to the physical tale we get here in the body, on the other side, where we go when we are done with these shells, they tell a different story about our little world here, why it was created, how it works and about the energy exchanges that take place between life forms and why spirit is so interested in the organic experience and emotion in the physical. You don’t have to walk into a haunted house to have energy drained off you by an unseen consciousness.

So this entire system is what makes possible the oasis of energies that many if not all souls cherish for whatever reason. It was created by some very intelligent beings just for this reason and as it turns out, it was successful beyond measure enough to cause other planets to be sought to duplicate the garden in different locales. This planet garden produces an energy and the organic life on the planet is responsible for a large part of that discharge. One anonymous author once said, “There are two sorts of tenant to the vessel: those who are not very scrupulous and take no care of the apartment where they live, who damage the floor and leave marks on the walls and say, ‘Who cares about the landlord!’ and there are those, on the other hand, who make their home more beautiful, put up new pictures, replace the wallpaper and so on. In the same way, there are two categories of tenants, that is to say spirits, living within human beings themselves: some take possession in order to damage the dwelling, abuse it, and bring pain energies while others reinforce, clean and purify everything and make it more beautiful. I would add you have some say in the matter.

Each human being is a dwelling for entities of the invisible world, some of whom stay for a few minutes, some for months or years and still others for a whole lifetime. Recognizing them is a science in itself. Those who stay for a short time are generally the most spiritual. They arrive with lightning speed to deposit presents in us in the form of light, and then they leave, but their passing leaves traces which can last for eternity.”

Some like Monroe call this product produced by organic life forms in these gardens as Loosh energy. I never heard the term until reading it on a post and looking it up years ago. I of course bought the book and my jaw hit the floor! There are many beings as described above. They hop on. They hop in, they share, they talk, they visualize! They suggest many things, many urges, and often they are even seen out of the corners of our eyes, as fleeting glimpses and as orbs of light!

It was in fact my astral experiences and seeing and experience of such that led someone to loan me a book by Robert Monroe that helped me for the first time to deal with some of my own night time fears so I might better deal with what I explained was happening to me but even then once I was exposed to Robert, the book I was loaned was not the one that described the Loosh!

When someone said on a forum that Monroe said something about Loosh and it being food from emotional energy I was like huh? So I really didn’t know about it before hand when I was allowed to see much the same thing in a different way!

This garden is like all other oasis garden ‘neutral zone’ centers! Many here see just being visited by spirit at all as something evil! This is not the case at all although it can be negative for sure when this occurs as some are particularly unpleasant to be around depending on what attracted them to you or how you come into contact with them. However, most of the time it is the interpretation that is negative, not the actual happening. For those contracted to use your vessel, which could be many or one there is usually some common ground agreement between all parties using the corporeal being vessel for their experience.

In many if not all instances nothing actually occurs when we are visited by spirit. Your judgments are the only thing that changes or makes it negative or positive.. So from here on out try to adopt a observer attitude not swinging one way or the other emotionally here also. It just is. Don’t put a reactionary good or bad on it. It is, leave it at that. They, those being stimulated to respond to these visits just observe something and traumatize themselves from the observation of the strange.

What I see is a oasis like place of multi-faceted design being contracted, leased, agreed to be used and so on by numerous aware light beings of various levels of learning and all here for the show. Its just a show. These families of like minded intention individuals that you arrange experience with all work here and on occasion a family is working with another family member here by experiments involving this abduction or experiencer phenom we hear about so much lately.

Because I assure you there are real energies at work in this garden! If you do not follow that just yet I am sure there are others close to you that you know that can relate to this vibe because we can feel it. You can discharge and exchange energy or light from outward expressions of emotions, sounds and other energies unknowingly from simply having emotional response reactions anywhere you happen to be. When my wife is angry for example she radiates it outward and you can indeed tell at a distance stay away!

Its in the air, and written on her forehead! This vibe goes out quite a ways! These thoughts radiate outward from you and the emotions you feel as well. Like a flower in bloom emitting an odor that drifts off into the wind because just around the bubble, to others that we do not make note of right beside of us, we shine very brightly in many hues which is why were should be called “Huemans” because this better describes how they see us. To them we are a rainbow in many colors. The more neuronal discharge that is the more extreme the emoting the more discharge, and so the brighter we shine. If the frequency is to their desire we discharge energy that others seek. Stimulus is used to prompt some to argue, or some to hate, or to feel jealous. This is the ‘proverbial Devil’ that temps written of in many cultures.

You attract the frequency of being that you radiate. If one seeks this energy and learns your prompts ones life can be disrupted. For this reason all masters in life have one common ground to stand on. They all walked the even keel. They watched how they reacted and while not suppressing emotions, because that is a stress emotion on its own, they do in fact control them. The outbursts if any are minimal and controlled like the breath. In this way the psyche is never damaged.

Humans do not yet know it as widespread as they once did in past times but all illness is self created. We do this to ourselves. We have done this to ourselves to learn through it. The body is responding to the injury sustained by our lack of monitoring our reactions to various stimuli. We hurt ourselves daily with our minds and our imaginations.

Make a pact, an agreement with yourself this day that from this day forward you will be proactive to your being, to your health and to your commitment made here to that. Agree now with yourself to look at the sun at least once per day as it is coming up or going down and do so for ten seconds when it is orange or red in color only. Never look at the sun when yellow or white! This can damage your retina so only when coming up in the am or going down in the pm. Take your shoes off and touch the earth each day with your bare feet as often and as long as you can to touch mother earth. Hug the earth with your feet even if just for seconds and do so from now on at least a minute each day. Make a point to communicate by just saying hello or touch a favorite tree going deep into the ground and share with nature in some way addressing a critter or a plant at least once per day. Connect occasionally with all of your naked body bare on the ground! You’ll thank me for the health benefits of this and sun gazing I assure you!

From this day forward be aware of the damages you cause to yourself and your own psyche by your reactions and emotions. When we behave with our reactive mind not realizing that in fact all reactions are choices we leave ourselves open to injury or shock from the sudden damages daily to our psyche. These immediately radiate outward manifesting as real symptoms in our vessels. It is our own psyche that causes these illnesses both great and small. Follow me closely here because this is very important information.

Sheryl Crow is a good example as she was diagnosed with cancer of the breast right after her break up with her jock boyfriend the bike rider, Lance Armstrong. This shock to her psyche from the emotional break up is what made her ill and the cancer is the body’s reaction to this damage to her psyche going straight to what? Her mothering security issues radiated out to what? Her breasts of course!

If you look, some of you P.H.D. holders reading here and I know you do, you will note not just a random coincidental link here to breast cancer in women as most women that get this type of cancer have most always just gone through a shock in their relationship with a threat to their motherhood and/or security because their significant other has flown the coup, cheated or otherwise shocked her into damaging herself with her own reactions!

Modern medicine simply does not understand that this reaction was first seen in the psyche leaving tells of this injury visible in any brain scan from the initial shock.

Further these self induced or more appropriately named self allowed injuries to our psyches is why we are here so that we may learn and grow and in return allow God, the one to both learn and grow with us as the waking consciousness of god awareness. We do not have to get so excited. We can behave more like the masters do if we chose to. Look at the masters. They walk the even keel emotionally, and they do not suppress, they simply control and dictate duration and burst just as I have witnessed.

Had Sheryl as well as others falling victim to their own reactive minds been properly versed in self control and meditations to help them learn to observe in life as opposed to react they would float through life as a feather rides the wind as opposed to stumbling through life as a boulder tumbling down a mountainside with nothing but reactive mind to get through each day as it bounds and bounces back and forth. She could have caught that reactive mind, stopped it before it did all the self inflicting damage and never gotten cancer at all but in the end it is all about the way it is perceived, and ultimately what is accepted by the observer that determines the outcome.

Energy is real. Your life energy is real and the thought energy has real effects on your psyche which then has outward expressions also very real and manifested in your brain and body. This real energy, this real awareness and self realization of events and experiences can manifest as real events in daily life and in humans even as real events in the mind causing the body to react from those strong visual images.

Worry patterns of thought over long periods of time will in fact make you ill because you damage yourself with this worry. Protecting your psyche daily by controlling reactions through adopting an ‘observer’ attitude rather than reactive attitude through life should be your primary goal. Why do you think people that get diagnosed with cancer die so quickly after this news is given to them? Is it the cancer? Really?

Do you actually believe this? You know in your heart that what kills them is their own diagnosis shock from the news. What made them sick before this was the conflict or shock or both to their system through the damage first in the psyche then in the body. Heal the psyche, protect it daily and you will be the healthiest person you know. The mind is a very powerful tool and you my friend are in a good place because you have been using it wrong.

So with what I know you can learn to use your powerful mind correctly and like me you will not even be able to remember the last time you were ill at all. People will say, oh but there are virus infections and bacteria and fungal infections that one can get and my response to this is yes indeed and when your light is strong, and your psyche is healthy these things stand no chance against your light and body defenses.

When you drag yourself down or allow yourself to be weakened this is akin to opening the garage door for these other events to make one sick. A healthy mind, body and spirit together does not know illness.

Einstein proved that all things largest to smallest are made up of atoms which are made up of energy and in fact are energy! Each energy, each life, each particle animate or inanimate has a frequency that is predominant and radiates outward from the source. Each color, each thought each stress has a frequency all their own.

These negative stress frequencies are what take their toll on the body. Many if not all of these are self induced or self created by patterns of thought. Physical illness develops from long held emotional trauma. Remember, these stresses and emotional traumas are as wave form patterns of energy with their own frequency.

Since all things are energy these energy frequencies can be affected and even interrupted by allowing energies in yourself from your own thoughts and intentions to flow into these other energies and balance them out by affecting them.

This such that things return to normal in the body of those affected with disease or illness. Sometimes the effects are quite profound and followed by immediate release of great emotion by the receiver and sender alike.

Realize that whether a person heals or not is not your fault. Tuck that ego aside and don’t bring that into this picture. There is no room for ego in healing. Healing is a mutual thing. Some brought these illnesses they suffer from here as part of what they mapped out for themselves as experiences needed.

Others will work with you and allow healing and re-balancing to take place when those negative frequencies disrupt their planned experiences. Either way its not that you create this energy. Its already there. You allow it to free flow and aid another by channeling this energy to better allow the person on the receiving end access to a new vibration of health to focus in on and hopefully keep.

By recognizing that the energy you focus as a health frequency is real you must also realize that each stress, or anxiety has it’s own frequency and each one it’s own energy that is also very real.

The end result is that our perceptions have much to do with our health because we get what we ask for mentally. We each have the ability to mold our bodies. The fact of the matter is, our bodies are delicate and plastic instruments that readily mold to our thoughts and the impressions we leave upon it. As described they radiate outward into our body system.

We can all gather our light to link. Some believe we are gathered in threes. This may be true that for each of us there are two others near you that are no accident. They may have also had experience on ships, with beings of various nature and so on. We must each look for our partners in this because we all have them. You do not have to meet physically to gain much from knowing who they are. Simply reaching them mentally and through spirit will be ample and meeting in person this way will be much easier once the three of you coordinate your strengths. For many of us this will happen automatically with things from the unseen side going on around us. Some symptoms of this may be high strangeness as the balance is occurring between you. Do not be surprised if after you meet your contracted partners in this if some strange events follow while you learn and harmonize with each other in the gathering.