Are YOU Being Microwaved?
By John Stormm
Many of you know me as one of the few remaining First Generation, MK Ultras and a “Targeted Individual” (aka “T.I.s”), and you’ve probably heard, time and again in the news media, of some poor, tortured souls, who’ve gone on shooting rampages or some such thing, that claimed that for weeks or months that they were being covertly bombarded with microwaves. They complained of headaches, and weird noises in their heads and such to various doctors, who didn’t pay ANY attention to their plight. You probably figured that the reasons why the doctors didn’t listen, was because they were probably just another one of those paranoid, conspiracy theorist, nutcases, and simply had some bad wiring in their skulls.
I’ve been working hard for the past few years to document as much as I possibly can about the early MK Ultra programs, and my own status as a Targeted Individual, for my going “Rogue” from the program, and blowing the whistle where ever I can on them and theirs. I know a good many Ultras and Monarchs, and I too have heard what sounds like “wild tales” of all sorts of implants and gizmos that they use as a “synthesized telepathy”, or just plain allow us no rest until we crack, or even program us outright, even at a distance. It’s sounded more than a little “nutso” to me too. Except that I’m familiar with more than a few really crazy sounding things in these programs for many decades. Due to the very nature of the kinds of things they did to me with drugs and hypnosis, when they’d “de-brief” me, and try to give me some innocuous “cover memories” of the times I spent in missions: I put a lot of the crazier sounding stuff on the proverbial “back burners”, until I have something more solid that I can refer to, to illustrate what I know. Until such times: For ALL that I “know” could simply be the effects of post hypnotic suggestions, to make any testimony that I give sound as if it were coming from some very unstable individual. And then, who would listen to another word of my testimony? After all; I *have* been hit by cars, in gang fights, jumped ridiculous distances and more, without suffering any broken bones, and punched through impressive things in exhibitions and more so, but nobody EVER believed that I was being conditioned and trained as a super-spy or assassin in a secret lab, on a local medical campus. That’s just plain CRAZY talking!
People have often asked me, if in the course of my visiting bases for training and missions: Did I ever see any space aliens, reptilians, Grays, Nords or such? I knew for a fact, that I’ve seen Grays, on at least TWO instances, back in Riverside, CA in the mid to late 1950s. I even had a dream back then, of little gray aliens inserting a triangular object up my nose. I wasn’t so much “afraid” as I was fascinated. For the longest time, I had figured it *might* have been some sort of ridiculous, post hypnotic “cover memory” as the doctors and handlers played with my mind, like it was their personal “Tinker-Toy”. Except that the “cover memories” for those specific times were far more innocuous, and the REAL memories kept surfacing over and over in my dreams. They weren’t overly “scary”, except for the initial shock of seeing real aliens. My curiosity trumped any fears I may have had. Of course: Mom and my step-dad would hear none of this or ANY related stuff I had to say things about. So, my own “coping mechanism” was to add the grays into my imaginary comic friends that I used to make up and draw. I was a talented little fellow in this and a number of other ways, and my Mom proudly kept samples of my work in an old suitcase that we used to affectionately call: “The Bone Yard”. Many, many years later, I would see a familiar face, peeking back at me from the cover of Whitley Strieber’s book “Communion”, and cause me to re-visit those comic drawings from ages 5 and 6, in my Mom’s Bone Yard suitcase. Strieber wasn’t there with me way back then. He couldn’t know of such a thing, in such detail if it weren’t REAL! I *never* forgot, I simply put things on the “back burner” until I have more of the ingredients for a proper picture or a more believable explanation. And THEN I got an MRI last Spring that had images, including the V-shaped thingie up my nose! I guess that wasn’t a “dream” after all! But this article isn’t about Gray aliens at all. It’s about crazy sounding stuff, that isn’t the least bit “crazy” at all.
I’ve been documenting the kinds of purposely poor medical care, bad beaureaucratic hang ups, and even the problems documenting for my ongoing Social Security Disability case, with judges and officials who insist upon ignoring the observable facts of my condition in outright willful ignorance. The tests that NEVER get remarked on in my medical files. The MRIs they never wanted me to see, along with the written report by the resident neurologist that documented all the things that were NOT in the MRIs, but NONE of the very unusual things that WERE showing up on the MRIs. I’ve got a whole lot more of those crazy “implants”, than even *I* had a clue about. Some of these embedded so deeply within my brain, that I can’t even imagine any way that they were “humanly possible” to plant, and especially without MY knowledge or consent! I’ve shown the JPEGS of some of these, and sent out copies of the whole MRI-CD to a few people, to document that these are in no way “photoshopped” beyond my using Windows Paint, to circle or point out the anomalies. They are THERE! No crazy “theories”! They’re hard FACTS!
I told you ALL of the above, to try to get you to understand the rest of this, about the microwaves and such. It’s important that you understand the FULL scope of the things I’m trying to document and tell you about. I’m NOT here trying to tickle your ears with “fish tales”. Some of YOU, may also be victims of some of these horrific crimes against our persons, by an all too powerful and secretive criminal government. What you like to believe about your “freedom”, “liberty”, Bill of Rights, and just plain basic “human rights” is nothing but 100% PURE BULLSHIT! And you can’t even begin to work towards providing for, and protecting yourselves and your families, until the hard REALITY of these things sinks in and makes you get up off your couches.
People have asked me about the microwaving and synthesized telepathy commands, and I’ve been somewhat reluctant to confirm and put them on what might have turned out to be a “fool’s crusade” about such things, when I didn’t know for certain, if part of what I’ve been experiencing had anything to do with any of this stuff. I didn’t want to abuse these tender souls that I’ve come to love, by calling them “nutcases”, because I know “intimately” how that feels to undergo so much torture and not have a single soul who would listen to me. If it wasn’t for the Freedom of Information Act, and people like Dave Corso, Duncan O’Finioan and even ex-governor, Jesse Ventura, MOST people would STILL not hear a single word of the MK Ultra programs. But the recent events of the past couple months, has given me something a bit more solid to point to, confirming that something along these very lines are EXACTLY what’s happening to Targeted Individuals. As a former active Ultra, and anti-government whistle blower: I *am* such a Targeted Individual, and I take notes of ALL the things happening around me. You can’t see the “invisible wind”, but you CAN document its effects on yourself and surrounding objects.
We *will* be moving into a portion of this article, where I SHOW you how to find physical evidence of “microwaving” a home or apartment as in my case. But I’ll address some of the “flightier” elements of the “remote mind control” aspects of this technology. I can’t “prove” that yet, but I *can* confirm that it happens to me.
It’s a bit easier for me to ignore and put on the “back burner” with so much else. I am a life long “witch” of the blood. I’ve inherited talents as well as been well schooled in the craft. I’ll re-address some of the questions that I’ve dodged in the past, because I had no way to substantiate them satisfactorily to our listeners.
QUESTION: Do you ever hear voices, impulses or commands in your head to do MK Ultra missions?
ANSWER: Yes. Often. I will have impulses to punch out or even to kill perfect strangers to me. I will often hear snatches of voices in my head about many different things. MANY of these are simply the “voices” of people in my general vicinity broadcasting their emotionally packed thoughts that I am picking up on, and I won’t act upon them. They are really none of my business, until they try to directly effect me in a visible and physical way. I will NOT harm a soul, unless their physical assault makes it absolutely necessary. Sometimes, I will “hear” in my head, odd commands for obedience or to take some kind of violent action against this or that individual or even institution, or to hold my peace about certain things. I do not accept these as my own “voice”, thoughts or such, and will NOT act upon them. I have rebelled against MK Ultra, the clandestine U.S. Government, and I own MYSELF as an “Ultra” and hold myself responsible for ALL that these skills, talents and abilities entail.
QUESTION: Do any of these things make “noises” or such that give you severe headaches?
ANSWER: Yes. But then, so does my abnormally high blood pressure, tinitus, the effects of my severe diabetes, and the resultant damage of having had two or more strokes. I could not claim that ANY of that was the result of some clandestine technology being aimed at me and my home. But NOW, I have something a bit more substantial to indicate that SOME of this is precisely what’s going on!
You might still remember the movie “Batman Begins” with Christian Bale playing as Bruce Wayne. In this flick, Liam Neeson’s League of Shadows steals a huge “microwave machine” from Wayne Enterprises. They need it to disperse a halucinogenic drug in the city water supply, by using the microwave transmitter to explode the water in the city’s pipes and make the tainted water into an aerosol to dose the entire city. If you’ve ever put a cup of water into a microwave, it gets very hot, very fast. I tell you that, because the same is true when someone indiscriminately microwaves your house with you in it. The water in your pipes gets hot pretty damned quickly. You may notice that you won’t have to wait for your hot water from the heater in the basement to get hot after a few minutes of running. It will be hot from the start. So will your COLD water. Since it does NOT go through your hot water heater, there is only ONE explanation for scalding hot water coming out of your cold water pipes now. MICROWAVES! As the water sitting in the pipes in your house runs out, and the water from the underground pipes gets to your faucet, you will get COLD water again.
If you want to make a case for this, to PROVE that you’re being microwaved: Get yourself a video camera, or use your webcam to record you holding a digital thermometer first under the HOT water and show the temperature. Then do the same for the COLD water, and w the temperature there until the water gets to the cooler underground portions. This is a direct result of your house or apartment being microwaved. It works the same as a cup of water in your kitchen microwave. We can only imagine the damage that stuff is doing to our bodies!