So I might be like the youngest person here on this site but I kinda don’t care. I don’t have some fancy whatever but I am thinking about many different things. I connected with people that are twice the age has I am and the twice the age younger than me. I heard a lot of stories ranging from bad, neutral and negative, to very closed minded people to very open minded and from very sexual to very disturbing stories. by the way if your wondering I am 18 years old I can show my state ID for proof if that might work for ya. I am kinda free to talk anytime contact info in profile just tell you who are etc. I can speak and translate a galactic langue and I sorts do channeling but not in a way that being comes and takes over your body. for me I kind don’t like the idea of a being entering my body etc. For galactic langue to be honest I don’t know what kinda of langue I am speaking has long has I get a translation of what I am speaking. yes, if you are wondering I had road coaster of expeircers. For me the problem with exeprices that I talk to don’t know that you can talk to them telepathic like all the time. it’s pretty easy like writing a letter in your head or just requesting it and always project love an light. they kinda a chatter box going through your head. No, they don’t tell me who they are but I sorta need to give them nicknames they have personalities and yes I think they can changed gender so I am guessing I talk to orbs a lot. But all n all once in while I plan on getting a channeling session done and regression done some time it like no rush. but to honest they cost a hell lot of money. has any question for me just shoot me a message, email, Skype whatever works for you.