Feb 17, 2017, at approximately 8:40pm (20:40 central) I became aware of a particular light in the sky. It was significant in size and brilliance, and radiated in a star beams. From my location in Irving, I was facing west, and though, well, could be an airplane, DFW airport is right there, but this was not that. This was not an aircraft on final approach. That’s not the runway, and I happen to know traffic was landing from the north and taking off to the south. I invited my neighbors to come out and witness said event. Oh, and then I grabbed my phone and proceeded to try and capture this event, because, you know, who doesn’t want to join the ranks of people making crappy phone videos of strange lights and being ridiculed. Sign me up for that.

But I was curious. I was also excited and wanted to see something dramatic. And capture that! I mean, who wouldn’t, right? You will hear my neighbors joke about running away to Utah, or if this the invasion we’re like toast… I am sure that’s just uncomfortable fear and musing. One of my neighbors echoed my sentiment, if it was aliens and they wanted humanity dead, well, we’d be dead, and we wouldn’t see them coming.

And I am certainly not saying this is aliens. Let’s be clear on that. I don’t know what it was. I can only report what I witnessed. And so, here is this light. Additionally, there were probably a dozen helicopters orbiting this object. You can clearly see helicopters going past the object, behind the object, and one went over head. Okay, so what, you may say. Well, if they were police helicopters, looking for say a bank robber, wouldn’t they have their search lights on? Wouldn’t they be like lighting the ground up, helping the ground crews to net up hypothetical bad guy? I am just saying. I am trying to make logical sense out of this thing we are seeing. Surely, my neighbors and I aren’t the only witness. This is huge. And if, hypothetically, you lean towards explanations from the paranormal kind, well, do helicopters chase ghosts?

I have been asked to speculate. I don’t want to. Oh, that so doesn’t mean I don’t have preferences or wants. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I am definitely in the “I believe life is prevalent throughout the universe” camp. I mean, scientifically speaking, if life developed here, through natural means, it’s going to happen elsewhere. I have never seen one thing in nature. In fact, science hates ‘one thing phenomena” to the point, if you can’t reproduce said thing, “it didn’t happen,” which technically means we didn’t happen, I am not here, you’re not reading this, by that logic, but since we are in agreement that we did happen, well, that’s the conundrum, right?

This event didn’t end with a bang, or sudden right hand turns, or object vanishing leaving fading light trail into the heavens. I so wanted that! Believe me, when you see something that doesn’t seem mundane, you want Hollywood production level amazement. I wonder if that’s a problem. We are all so caught up looking for amazing that we miss the sacred right in front of us, that surrounds us daily. I am a retired airline employee, 24 years of experience watching aircraft come and go. I am confident this was not that. I a counselor in the mental health field, and I am fairly confident I am reasonably well adjusted. I am willing to hedge my bets on that last one and allow others to judge. I can say I am human.

If you want to take a look at said object, the link is at the bottom. I uploaded several to youtube, thinking if I do share, friend are going to want access, and so I am not just going to send it to phone to phone. I am okay if you share the link. Feel free to share this report, which either adds evidence to something reasonably interesting, even if the video is boring, or evidence that maybe my grounding in reality is not so strong. And I am okay if you lean that way, too, because, and quite frankly, reality is over rated.