I met a now friend of mine several years after my brother went into the army.We got along right away.He also had several UFO encounters.But not abducted or anything like it.But we had a common interest for different reasons.We had been going down Barre Falls Dam seeing the lite up crafts.And the green fog.This one night we went to a different dirt road and parked in the dam area.It was in front of a gate that was locked.But you could walk around it.It was at night and late.It had a long tar road behind the gate the sloped off on both side.It look like it was made for run off of the dam if it got to high.We walked down the road.Then stopped and started looking at the stars in the hope of seeing more lite up crafts as many times before.At one point we heard metal bang.As if a metal door fell open.There is nothing in this area.No buildings no sheds no homes nothing.I said to Scot I do not like this.He said it is them.I said why would we hear a metal door slam on the ground.He said its a spaceship.I am thinking I doubt with alien technology we would here a door slam.Although I have had so many experiences in the past before this day.I still do not just think every light in the sky is a UFO.Or every dream is a real thing happening.I analyze everything.I was thinking maybe a game wardens horse trailer.And we were going to get in trouble being in there.I said Scot lets go back to the gate.He said no its the aliens.I said we can not afford to get busted.I did not hear any horses or any sound.But did not want to get in trouble.As we started walking I heard something in the trees bellow. I said something is following us.Its down there.I said lets keep walking.Got to the gate and stopped. I said I hear it coming.Then the sound of leaves being walked on stopped.I said in a low voice.Its about 10 feet away on my right in the brush.Then the sounds of high pitched voices speaking a language I could not understand.Just like several years before.With my brother in North Conway N.H.exact same.I know flashed mentally back to that night.I said Scot its them.He said you think so.I said I know so.Then the sounds stopped.Then started again and more rustling in the leaves.More high pitched voices and it was now heading away back the way we came.These are things in my experiences I write.That I remember.Because I am not in a dream state when they happen.There could be missing time and I would not know whether something else happened or not.This experience as most of the others was years before the mental connection was made.When I moved to Montana years later.