The other day I was thinking about all the different types of sentient beings I have been introduced to BY my mentor Being (I use the term “mentor” because he has truly been that and more all these decades and is very Humanoid looking) then I realized I had never been ‘introduced’ to any Greys. I thought it kind of odd that so many people worldwide have had experiences with Greys. I remember having one very horrific dream of them that I tried to shut out of my mind altogether. I thought about this for some time.

We were living in the very same temporary rental my mother and I lived at for about 6 months when I had (what I thought was) my only MILAB. The dream seemed “disjointed” broken down into almost two completely different dreams. While this is not unusual in the dream experience to have two or more dreams…. when waking up and realizing that someone else in the house had the very same “strange” dream is high strangeness indeed. But after describing the very same dream that I had that very same night… how could it have been a dream, if the other “dreaming” the very same events had missing bed clothes that never reappeared?

I myself agree with a few others here, that I would rather try to let the process of memory coming back unfold naturally than any “accidental” (which in all sincerity could be accidentally implied) impressions / suggestions during hypnosis influence the natural memory. I realize no that what I remembered to be a dream was in fact my human mind trying to buffer the real trauma, from real events.

I will do my best to remember all I can about this second MILAB and hope that there wasn’t more to it than I can remember. My dad was in ONI and away in Vietnam. Mom and I had just moved from San Jose, Calif. to Lancaster, Calif. to be closer to family living there. The first MILAB had already occurred. They drugged me so heavily yet that seemed to give greater clarity than one would think but only after sheer terror and fear setting in that that first MILAB was very real and by those we assume we can trust (an assumption at that tender age anyway.) The house was a tiny rental and I had to share a bedroom with my mom for the few months there, till she was able to save enough so we could move closer to Los Angeles and family.

It started with the bedroom lamp seeming way too bright and waking me up. When I opened my eyes I realize the light couldn’t possibly be from the little bedside lamp: the whole room was brightly lit. Because none of the lighting in this little place was that bright, it really stood out in my mind. A sense of terror started coming over me, so I rolled over to look at my mom sleeping thinking somehow that would give me a sense of feeling more secure completely unawares where the feeling of terror that grew stronger by the second was really coming from.

Wide awake I am filled with terror and can’t figure out why the light isn’t bothering mom. She lay there really still. Too still. I started to shake her on her arm saying calling her name… but no response. I start to think this is a dream so I try and make sense by pulling the covers up, stretching my feet and legs, even pinching my arm. I am fully awake yet in what seemed like a dream sort of state. Things to the naked eye just didn’t seem right. I am o fearful I can’t wake my mom that I rolled over to face the wall… a strange dread entered me. I did not want to see what was about to happen. Just as this dread enters me I am rolled over unto my back from a unseen force. All I can move is my eyes. I look in my peripheral and see mom is floating above the mattress and going through the bookcase headboard and bedroom wall. She is halfway through the wall & headboard of the bed when I am floated out in the very same way. I am terrified beyond belief. As we are pulled out against our will the same bright light is completely lighting up the backside of the apartment complex (and there WAS no lights on that side of the building, nor any nearby buildings to cast such bright light.

Everything is very vivid in detail: the bottom of a some kind of ship floating in the air, the very bright light cast all around, the cool air the night time sounds. Everything is clear. Until we are both just about to the bottom of the ship, then everything goes black. There is one vague memory of the inside: it was rough edged, pipes and things like them exposed instead of the very smooth surfaces of the ship my mentor Being travels in. It dawns on me this is not one of his.. and He is nowhere around. What seems like seconds later…. and I am standing with Grey aliens, my mom and some military men in uniforms. What was odd was that the Greys looked more green than grey-gray. I have never heard anyone describe them as greenish-Greys. These ones clearly were greenish-gray tinted.

I am terrified. I want to believe its a dream. I pinched my leg. While I pinched hard enough for it to hurt it did not take away the dream-like sensation. Everything physical was real, looked real but also looked veiled in a sort of hazy-gray aura: like someone had water colored the whole scene in a very watery-thin grayish color. I thought at first it was the room light. It was not. The lighting was normal, what wasn’t normal was the type of technology the Greys used that cast a strange pall over everything that was also part of keeping me from moving my feet. While I could yell, cry, react in many ways I couldn’t move my feet from the ground. I scanned the room again and it looks familiar. Real familiar: its the very same room with an automated door (in the middle, making one room into two) that was used in the first MILAB. I couldn’t think about that at all… all I could think about was how much these particular Beings I had never seen before instilled sheer terror in me just looking at them.

I see my mom is being taken into the adjacent room and as a child I am terrified they will hurt my mom. I start to lean forward looking at the Greys and started saying “Please! Please let me be with my mom,” but can’t move my feet and one of them waves his hand slightly and I can move, but only to the entrance of the adjacent room. It was like an invisible shield of some kind and I can’t walk through it to get through the doorway. There are about 4 Greys and about 5-6 military uniformed men in the room they lead mom into. There are about 3-4 Greys next to me on the side of the room I am on. I started screaming “Mom…Mom! MOM!!!! when I hear a man’ voice say, “Maybe this will make her talk…….” I thought they meant make my mom talk. The automated door started shutting and I was screaming for my mom. She yelled out “It’s okay (my name) don’ be afraid I am right here,,, I am right here…” but before the door shut her words sounded sort of garbled like not of her own volition.

The noises coming through the wall/ closed door was making my skin hurt like I was the one being assaulted but she was. The Greys in the room with me are looking at me like they are watching to see if this whole event tortures me. I don’t know that I only know they had no damn emotions whatsoever and could clearly hear her being abused and hurt. I don’t know if they took any samples yet at one point she screams out that “That hurts!” and I can stand it anymore. I started yelling things at the Greys. “Why don’t you help us?” “Why do you JUST STAND THERE?” “What kind of MONSTER does this to people?” “Is that all you are are M-O-N-S-T-E-R-S….. all of YOU?” Her screams and pain is so intense I start yelling something about would they PLEASE stop hurting her, I will do anything if they stop hurting her. I could hear a man, maybe two “spending themselves” in moans. I am too young to know what this means at the same time I can sense what this means. In hindsight all these years later: the Greys were probably taking a sample and why she screamed out it hurt… then the military scum got their rocks off (literally) terrorizing a 10 year old girl in the process.

The automated door opens and a man comes out and barks at me, ‘You said you would do anything (laughing now at me says)… “So TALK!” I wanted to see that my mom was okay. I looked into the doorway and she is laying on the conference looking table with her legs over the table edge, no clothes on from the waist down and laying too still. I started screaming what have you done to my mom? I cussed at them and wished them dead. The heartless uniformed one, tells me THATS what THEY will do to me, if I don’t start telling them “what they want to know.” I started blubbering and crying saying something about how I don’t know anything. The heartless uniformed one (bars on his cuffs) said “You had better come up with something viable or you and your mom….” The heartless “bars on his sleeves” won’t say what exactly they will do his voice trails off and I will NEVER forget his face.

I tried telling him that “while I was with that other person on his ship… he took me places but I don’t really know anything…. I don’t know what you want me to say because I don’t really know anything.” He yells you are lying and I started screaming and crying “I am telling the truth…I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!!” But the truth is I wasn’t telling them anything… not about his propulsion system (which he showed me and described) nor would I tell them what the Being said were his reasons for contact with me all in order to protect the Being. He has been kind, has helped to protect me a number of times and even has a much deeper message to humanity through the actions he took: namely the messing with missiles, missile silos, manufacturing plants of nuclear weapons technology. These same humanoid looking Beings had tried to talk with the government on at least 3-4 occasions about disarming nuclear weapons in exchange for clean energy but to no avail: the government dismissed the ones TRUELY TRYING TO PROTECT HUMANITY and in the end made a deal with the devil, literally. But at the time I didn’t know that they had tried to work a deal in the past with the government. But given the one who has had contact since I was very young showed all he encountered great kindness I didn’t care what happened I was not going to be the one to tell THEM anything.

Their torture tactics were something straight out of the School of Americas (now called WHINSEC) CIA manual on torture: by torturing a family member right in front of you. I know this from taking part in a watch-dog group that worked for years to get various countries to sign a treaty not to let their soldiers be trained with such “Nazi based” methods as the infamous School of Americas. There never has been nor will there ever be ANY justification for the MIEC (Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex) to commit such blatant violations of Nuremberg Code (against torture.) If it wasn’t overwhelming enough to be a life long abductee, your family fearing for your safety as a kid disappearing for a couple days at a time…your family fearing their on safety…… then on top of all that the MIEC has to stoop to THESE kind of SADISTIC tactics to a mother and her ten year old daughter… all simply for the insatiable greed of ET technology?

The next morning I couldn’t believe it was morning…. and that the nightmare of an Extraterrestrial Assisted MILAB was finally over. Mom got up to make some coffee and I tried to look at her for some sign she remembered what had happened to us. As she rose up she said she had had the “STRANGEST” dream last night with a scowl on her face… then she notices that she has no pajamas bottoms or underwear on and can’t explain why. She started getting short fused saying she KNOWS she went to bed with pajama bottoms on. She searched all over but never found them. I couldn’t remember all that happened right after I awoke. I just know it terrorized me for years to even think about it, wanted to believe it was a dream when clearly it wasn’t. Weeks later she would say in the company of a neighbor she made friends with that “she STILL hasn’t found those pajama bottoms.” When she would say this my mind would want to blank out everything, on purpose. Till now. Now its a matter of principle to speak out. No military in the world has the right to terrorize children and families at will, on a whim, for greed, or EVEN because they are being “controlled” by malevolent beings with an agenda.