I was now either 7 or 8 years old.My sister lived in Shirley Ma.I had a cousin who was going to be there for the night.He was about my age.My sisters husband put up a tent in the back yard.It was at that time very secluded. He put the tent next to the woods.We after playing all day asked if we could sleep in the tent.My sister said yes.We were in the tent playing fish with cards.It got dark and my sisters husband came out on the porch making ghost noises. We laughed and went back to playing cards.Time had past and I heard crunching sounds coming from the woods coming closer.Also the sound of a humming.I said to my cousin. It must be Howard my sisters husband coming to scare us.I said when he gets close to the tent.Lets scream and scare him.The sound was now only a few feet from the tent.We yelled.Then started laughing.But then we heard the back glass door open to the house.And Howard yelling.Its late we are sleeping.We ran out of the tent knowing it could not have been him coming from the woods.We told him what happened. He said maybe it was a bobcat or something. He said let me get a flashlight we will see if we find anything.We all went to the woods and walked in.We walked for a little while shinning the light around.I then threw the trees saw a big bright ball of light.I said look a helicopter. Howard said no it is making no sound.Me being a brat of a kid.Took his flashlight from his hand.Pointed it at the ball of light said outloud death beam.The ball of light just shot off in a flash and was gone.