I wanted answers. I have lots of memories and lots for dreams. Now everyone of them to me is a lie. Who knows how long it’s been going on for. The meadow is one of my first memories. Am I willing to believe that my childhood was altered and my child will be a product of human and alien alike?
I raise more and more questions. But I already knew most of the answers. I had always felt watched, never did I feel alone. And I know the universe is so big and we are so small there is no way are the only “intelligent life forms”. Besides that I’ve seen ufos before.
I remember every summer we would go to the observatory during the showers. I remember laying on a blanket just outside with my two sisters and looking at the constilation Leo. My older sister sits up and pulls me on to her lap. She hugs me from behind and points through my view. “Regulas, it’s the heart of the lion”. I remember looking at her and saying “home is the love of the lion”. I don’t know why I said it but I know it feels right. (Considering my bestfriend and my husband are both leos stand strong to my childish wisdom.) I return my gaze to the sky and just over the tree line we see this soft light that rises up and grows in intensity. It splits into two with one light dropping as if it’s raining, and then stops. The other light is stable in the sky then blurs into a circle. Imagine a glow stick trailing in the dark then it spins faster and faster then vanishes. the three of us didn’t know what to say so me just sat in awe.
I remember my mom and my grandma telling me about the things they would see on their farm. They lived is the middle of no where California for a long time. There was no near flight paths and no close neighbors. They saw weird things all the time. In fact my mom had the oddest thing happen the night I was conceded. She explains it and I quote “someone out there was stirring the pot that night. I’ve never made love so intensely. It was like your father was sleep sexing. He was yet wasn’t there”. Like I said things happen for a reason.
so I began a basic Google search, read several articles and watched numerous documentaries. I got in touch with starborn support and consulted with them. Between the several medias I’ve concluded; my visits are non hostile, they must be following my family blood line, and I’m a starseed.
it makes sense. I have never been able to sleep in the dark. I’ve never ever slept alone. I always need the wall. I don’t like mirrors and unrationally afraid of large masses of water. My mind thinks differently than others. No only am I above average with my creative and memory mentality but I know things before they happen or things I was never tought. When I look at a technology object my mind takes it apart builds this virtual blueprint and imprints it in my mind. I see formulas in common materials and I understand complex sciences without studying them. I just focus and I pull information from someplace in the universe. I try to build something and I can do it with ease. There are no sky limits, there are foot prints on the moon…
But knowing just these things make me question more. What is wrong with me? Am I fixed? I need to know more. I want to know.
I start going to a hypnotherapist my mom found on the internet. We set up a meeting. We had a basic introduction about hypnotherapy advantages and dissatvantages, she told me a little about herself, her thesis for her doctorate and so on. I will never forget this conversation. “so are you a smoker?”She askes.
“No” I reply.
“Oh? Well if you are not a smoker. I don’t think you need to loose weight. What exactly do you need me for”
“regression therapy.” There was this very questioning look to her face. ” I was abducted and I want to remember details.”
“For a police report? Because everything we do here is confidential so we need to fill out some paperwork beforehand if this is going into a case file”.
“Um no… so I guess this will be kind of out there for you, but I was abducted by aliens. And I want to remember things I’ve forgotten”. The look on her face was as if I had stood on her table and stripped down, just in uder shock and surprise. She had never had anything like this presented to her and had never met anyone that believes they had first hand contact with an alien. We talked for a long time and decided to postpone regression therapy until after the baby was born just incase the shock/stress wold be too much on the baby. But we did continue to meet and expiriment on hypnosis for a peaceful painfree child birth.
One afternoon while having tea with my mother in law an odd conversation arose. She was telling me a story of when her sons were little. How my husband would love to tell stories. One when he was two he told over and over for about six months then he forgot all about it and still doesn’t remember. He would talk non stop about his other family. How they were all super tall. How they all had blond hair and bright blue eyes. How their house was bigger and how his other mom and dad let him play with the powertools. Or how their car flew faster than the stars could shine. Unknowingly my mother in law raised the biggest red flag in my head. Had my husband too had experiences with beings and not remember?
Was our family the mating of two alien bloodlines? Or are we somehow related? More and more questions appeared and it seems like they would never be answered.