I decided to take a Channeling Course in 1998. It was on the last evening of the course and it was my turn to see how deep I could go with my trance Director at my side. Together, I eased myself down trance levels and could feel myself continually falling gently down growing heavier, as my awareness began to be uplifted, become buoyant, feathery and light. As my perception focused in on a pulsating vibrational, humming sound. I had made contact with something!

I smiled and told my director something is here!

It wasn’t like the others in the rooms around me talking loudly with tones of friends voices that were known to me but speaking with accents and words unfamiliar.

My experience was that this vibrating humming sound was as if I had stepped into an area that I could not feel or see but only sense and hear. This space was full of activity BEings that were very busy working. There was movement. They were busy at computer type stations, different instruments making different sounds. I knew there were colours involved that came from the display screens of these stations and that the room was darkened because it flashed in greens and purples.

My thoughts and wandering senses were interrupted by a woman’s voice who sounded very efficient and much like 7 of 9 from Star Trek.
She said, “Please lay still. We are monitoring you and bringing your systems up to optimum. We will be finished shortly. We mean no harm. ”

I lay there with a confused look on my face as I say to my Director “I’m being scanned and brought up to normal. My systems are being brought back to normal.. and I stutter on the words. My director asks if I am alright. I reply that I believe so and that I want to continue.”

She comes back to say, “We are from Andromeda. We will be done shortly and will explain. We are very surprised to have found you in this way. We had to be careful to make sure it was you before we revealed ourselves to you in this way. Your systems are now being corrected as much as we are able to at this time. You have been out of touch for so long that you are very deteriorated and there is only so much we can do at this point for you but this should help you and we will not lose you again!
We had thought we had lost you forever.

I had a buzzing feeling running up and down in my body and a lightness. I had been scanned before but this was much friendlier feeling. I was trying to explain to my Director what was happening to me as I tried to maintain my trance state and not lose my connection but she came back to explain more to me.

As she told me about my life and a war that the Andromedans were in with other planets. I felt I was getting more than her words as in an information download that more would be revealed to me later.

She said my soul originated on Andromeda and that I was a high ranking official in the Andromedan High Council. How there was a war so long ago and bad decisions were made by the governing Royalties of the day. If the leaders of the planet had to admit of the treachery that they had committed upon the other planets our planet would have fallen.

Being a Commander of a large fleet I took the blame for the deeds done and decisions made against the other planets where much destruction was committed and I fled. So as not having to face anyone and possibly having them find out I was deceiving them. I fled to the planet Earth Where at that time many feared to tread and I hid there. I was supposed to only hide until I could come home again but I got caught up in the Karmic ties of Earth and I have been here ‘hiding’ ever since. Incarnation after incarnation….

Apparently on Andromeda I still have family but I still have to complete the tasks of this souls life on Earth to free myself of the Earths Karmic ties. Then I will be able to go back there and be united with them.

She explained that they would be with me from now on. that my body suffers because my souls essence is not of Earths essence but they did the best to modify it to serve me the best.
With all of that influx of information. It only took me about 1 minute to understand everything completely and remember it to this day.

I felt them leave me and all the effects cleared right away.