Matter Manipulation 101

Chloe sat on the couch in her living room sipping coffee. It was early in the morning. Jim had left for work and she had a little bit of time before the children had to get up for school. The news was always so bad these days. Wars and rumours of wars, false prophets as the bible say. The earth seemed to be rocking on her axis, floods, storms, tornado’s, fires and droughts. Chloe had experienced an earth quake for first time that she could remember in her life at home. This winter had felt like fall, for as long as she can remember the weather worked like clockwork in the area that she lived. But not this year the weather had felt like fall all winter long. The change was nice although she had no idea how it would effect the crops this year. Chloe and her family lived in a fruit belt and she wondered if the farmers would be in trouble this year. The last few years had been hard on them with the ice storms.

It seemed that every time you turned on the TV there was a new disease or an epidemic. People were passing over in mass numbers. She had read at one time that as we neared the end times that many would take their leave of this earth because they didn’t want to be here when the changes came. Everyone was getting freaked out about the new Millennium some people think the world is going to end. Chloe in trying to understand her dreams had started to study New Age thought, which she found was not new at all but ancient. It was spirituality from many religions described in a new way so that we might understand better. She had also started to meditate, mainly to help alleviate the stress that she was under.

She saw every day that things that were beautiful and graceful were becoming more so and that the things of negative energy of power and corruption were getting stronger pulled the other way. She felt a need to take a stand for the light, even though most of her friends and the people she knew seemed to be floating along as if nothing was different. They could not see the mass changes going on around them. When they did they did focus and look, they were filled with fear and turned away to the structured comfort of their every day world, once more. In Chloe’s world Earth’s dire future was in her heart and mind awake and asleep. Chloe wondered if they had the same dreams, although they frightened her so much in the beginning. She was beginning to see that Earth does have a chance and that gave her a sense of comfort that everything was going to be okay. Chloe wasn’t even afraid of death anymore after having had two near death experiences in life. She knew life went on.


In the next few weeks just as the earth whirled in the strains of rebirth, made her final decision to leave Jim. She packed up her children and herself and moved in with her father who lived on a little farm in the North. Her father was retired but raised chickens for the sheer pleasure of it and sold the eggs for a little pocket money. It was a quiet life with little distractions which appealed to Chloe very much at this time. The people of the town were different then most folks. Chloe found that as the earth changes continued on people of like mind would band together to give each other support. This little community that she lived in was no different than that, simple people that were spiritual seekers or Lightworkers. Most of them had out of body, near death, alien contact or alien abduction experiences. All of them were living in half a dream or higher states of consciousness at this time. The two realities that Chloe had been experiencing had slowly been meshing together. So when the call came in it was of no surprise.

The phone rang, Chloe answered. It was a call from the others of the light that the aliens were asking everyone to come to a meeting. The family got all excited and started to spread the word around, to people they knew. The meeting place was to be in a baseball field of a local park. Chloe and her family waited in anticipation to see just how many would arrive for the meeting. Some who have connections to her community had been contacted by phone. Others who lived far away were being lead there by intuitive thought. They opened up the farm to those traveling in from long distances. These people were so kind and friendly. Everyone knew how to work together because they were all tuned into each other.

All sorts of people trickled into town, some they know from other times, and some were newer and a little afraid. Some didn’t even know why they had been urged to come there until they arrived and had everything explained to them. The crowd at Chloe’s farm waited and shared stories of experiences and their expectations of the night to come. Some spoke in French and others in English but everyone understood what the other was saying as they were all connected on a soul level and language was no longer a problem. The higher vibration level was affecting them even more and they were all quite thrilled at how it felt. There finally gathered 150 people. They all gathered in the late evening in the late evening at a baseball field, all standing in a giant circle. Everyone held hands tight and looked to the skies.

The craft was huge and humming it came on top of them like a cloud. The soft white light came down and encompassed all of them. It felt warm and soft. Some of them felt the need to go in the middle of the circle of people. Chloe did. Those on the middle had a rainbow of colours swirling around them. Lifting them off of the ground and putting them back down gently. They were all euphoric. They all collapsed onto the ground when the colours stopped but they were alright. Chloe lay on the ground feeling wonderful. She felt the old hurts fading away, she felt elated and full of unconditional love, fully accepted and wanted. She didn’t want this feeling to ever end. She had a vision of her Mother who had passed over some years before. Her Mother was telling her things, giving her advice. She showed her a heart that looked like a valentine, with writing on it. Chloe tried hard but she could not understand. Her Mother became frustrated and wiped the letters off of the heart and then faded away.

The next thing that Chloe knew she was back at the farm. People had been up all night. No one could sleep; everyone was vibrating with energy and enthusiasm. Some were having a party dancing and laughing. Others were being quieter in discussions but everyone was sharing in some way.

Chloe phased out and found herself sitting on the floor in the bathroom. She wondered if she hadn’t been feeling very well after the events of the night and someone had lead her into the bathroom. She couldn’t remember. She started to draw with her finger on the floor. To her astonishment her finger went right through the floor. Her fingers could cut right through the ceramic tile on the floor, like butter. She dug a hole with her hand through the concrete slab and into the dirt.
She thought, “Wow! This is amazing!”
She went into the shower stall and tried on the tiled walls. Again, fingers went straight through and she pulled the wall down. She tried the ceiling breaking through the drywall, tiles and finally into the pipes that ripped apart and water started to fall from the ceiling. She them realized that she was destroying the place and screamed for help. A woman came in and shut off the water and cleaned it up. She told Chloe to show the others what was happening to her.

With this ability came wisdom that Chloe could only show this to certain people. She could tell when they were affected too. So she showed them how to do it. Starting on something soft like the back of a vinyl chair that was stuffed, then drywall. You had to tune into and match the vibration or the feeling of the chair or your fingers wouldn’t go through anything. She had to be careful or she would get lost in the feeling and get carried away. She was demonstrating and joking and ripped apart the top of a woman’s dress on her back and she continued onto her shoulder ripping the woman’s skin apart before Chloe noticed. The woman was laughing because it doesn’t hurt when it’s happening. But the after affects are the same as any surgery or wound.

Chloe wasn’t sure what or why she had been given this ability. She found it to be quite a curious thing but knew that the value of this learning was in knowing how to tune into another person’s or objects vibration. The ability was to become ‘One’ with another, like they were experiencing this weekend. They all figured out that they were being given a small glimpse of how it would be when the earth changes had been fully realized. When we all are aware of our own energies, vibration and then able to tune into others, therefore being able to communicate on that very natural level.

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