Chloe came into realization in the Dreamscape world, as she found herself walking around this darkened room. This was rather unusual since she associated the Star people with that brilliant white light that they use to see in our lower vibration. The floors were metallic and there was an examination table sitting in front of her. She wondered why they had left her alone in here. The instruments had been put away and it looked like everyone had finished for the night.

Everything looked so cold but when she touched the table it was very warm, the air was heavy and the thought of it made her choke a little. It was hard to see but her eyes started to adjust a little more so that she could see the rows of small cubicle containers covering the one wall. They were rectangular and almost looked like little fish tanks that you would see in a pet shop. She went over closer to the containers and saw that each container had a fetus in it. She felt a tug in her stomach for these little babies but she wasn’t really upset. Just saddened as she saw that they were gently floating around in a clear fluid and they were all alive but in an embryonic stage. Their skin was grayish green, their arms and legs were long and delicate just like the aliens.

“A nursery??” “What a way to be born. Where is their mother…” she wondered as she went up to them to take a closer look.

She wanted to look into their eyes to see if they had any recognition of her. She was oddly relieved to find that the first and second baby had large black alien eyes. As she moved down the row she noted there was a human element to them, also. There heads were smaller than an aliens’. Their facial expressions had a familiarity to her and their bodies were much longer. Their little finger movements around their faces reminded her of her sons’ ultrasound when he was only a few months old.

Coming to the end of the row she stopped and got a closer look at this one who had more human form. She looked into its eyes as it blinked in her direction with its crystal blue eyes, human eyes. Then she knew. Then she knew why they had let her be alone in here with all of them. They were her children. All these months of her hormonal troubles in her awake life started to make sense as they flashed into front of her awareness. A fire started to rise from her gut, her cheeks flared hot red. She wanted to break each one of them out of the containers and destroy them before their lives could go on any longer. Each one of them, little victims and she was powerless over their fates. As they sit there enclosed before her eyes, she started to sob and in her confusion, all she could ask herself is why.

She slumped onto the floor in a corner, facing the back of the room. Feeling so powerless over the situation she didn’t know what to do next. After a while she grew numb and didn’t care. A cool breeze of fresh air took her mind off of the situation for a moment. She looked to where the breeze was coming from and saw a door at the back of the room. Little noises beckoning her from there became louder.

“Crickets?” she mumbled to herself. “What are those little people doing to my head now” cursed.
She struggled up off of the floor but feeling very weak and her knees kept buckling beneath her. She moved toward the door peering into the adjacent room and could not believe what she saw aboard this sterile and metallic ship. The room expanded as far as her eyes could see. It was a beautiful lush green forest with a stream running through it and tall old pine trees that were all but gone now on earth. It looked just like home in its full perfection, it felt just like earth on a cool summer’s night. A few feet in front of her, gurgled a little waterfall. She walked over to the waterfall and sat on a large rock that made the falls itself. She took off her shoes and socks and put her feet in the moving cool water. She leaned back and smiled at the familiar stars and full moon that graced the sky. “I honestly can’t tell the difference” she thought.
“Why have they done all of this” she was having such mixed emotions but the scene was so perfect that she relaxed.
“It’s for the children” the low voice was familiar. She turned back to look at the doorway and William was standing there.
“The Star people are starting to understand human emotion. It’s taken them so long but they are starting to realize what these children will mean to them. They also understand now what sacrifices you and the others’ have made for them. They didn’t count on their experience of pain in their own emotional rebirth. They actually seem grateful”, Williams voice trails off into silence. Chloe sighs and shakes her head. Deep down a sense of knowing bubbles up inside of her. This place feels very familiar and she can’t shake the feeling that somewhere at sometime in spirit she has agreed to let this all happen.
Williams’s voice breaks her thought. “This is for you, for the children, for the new emotional ties that have been made. It’s a little show of affection. So that you may start think of our home, as yours also. We understand that much healing has to be done.” Williams’s voice becomes very weak. “Can you ever forgive me, Chloe? I feel so responsible for all of your pain. I could not protect you no matter how hard I tried. I had made promises that I had to keep, also.”
He waited for her answer but the silence was too much for him to bear, “Chloe?”
Chloe slowly replied, “I can’t hold anyone else responsible for this but myself and them. I am responsible…. aren’t I? Please tell me there is a greater cause at work, here… because there is so much involved, I’m having a very hard time trying to understand. I am responsible for those little lives in there. But I feel that I cannot touch them in every sense of the word.” as she stares at the doorway.

William comes closer to Chloe and sits gingerly beside her on the rock. He moves the damp hair from her eyes and puts his arm around her. His emotions of sadness and regret boil over onto her and she can feel that he is truly sincere. She feels that his touch is wrapping her in a soft warm blanket. She relaxes again and starts to cry. He holds her close and she can feel his heavy energy moving through her, flowing over her like ripples down her back. It was the first time she had felt this…
He was crying also.

Chloe was not sleeping very well these days. She kept waking up after having these dreams of trying to hold and love these long, thin gray babies. In her dreams she would try and rock them but they never seemed to fit right in her arms. They were slippery and always fell from her crashing onto the floor, no matter how tight she tried to hold onto them. She was so afraid that she’d hurt them. She would search for them on the floor they would disappear and she would wake up feeling sad and frustrated. Like there was a part of her missing and she just could not hold on to it, no matter how hard she tried.

Chloe also noticed a growing fear of other people’s babies. She’s always loved children but for some reason now she was becoming afraid of holding tiny babies.
After some time the fear grew into these irrational fears that she might drop and step on babies. It always had been a joy to put a blanket on the floor, baby in the middle with toys and with the adults gathered around so everyone could watch the baby play while they talked. Now this was a sight of horror! All she could think of was Get, the baby off the floor!!
Sometimes she’d break out in a sweat. She could not talk to the others.
A pleasant human, family, experience, now made horrific.

She added it up to not feeling very well and being ill. The stress of dealing with an abusive husband as he now had become was getting too much for her. It’s not like they never had any good times but the bad times were starting to outweigh them. Her menstrual cycles were not regular. She was missing many of her periods they called it early menopause but the usual PMS was constant. She had been given pills to bring on her period but they gave her migraines and she could not take them. She felt down, moody and lonely. She thought that the doctors were starting to think of her as a hypochondriac they never could find anything wrong with her and sent her on her way lecturing her about the effects of stress and weight gain.
“It’s getting really weird” she thought to herself.
“Here I am dreaming of babies and I really am feeling like I’m pregnant, all of the time. Buts that’s impossible Jeff had a vasectomy years ago.”
She also noted not to mention this to Jeff or he might have suspicions of her monogamy. “He’d love to use that one against me at any opportunity he might have.”
“It’s all so insane”
She would never do anything to jeopardize her marriage to Jeff. She loved him way too much for that, but why she loved him that much she was beginning to wonder.

It all came to a head one afternoon when Chloe began to have severe cramps. She hadn’t had a period for many months. She started to have some bleeding and also started to pass what looked like pieces of thin torn pink tissue. She started to get scared and called her doctor but all the receptionist would say is if you are worried about it go to the hospital. Chloe at this point was so freaked out with her dreams and everything else she had been going through. She had no one to talk to about it all, that she did not want to go the hospital for fears that they’d think she was insane. She thought she’d ride it out at home whatever it was. The cramping and bleeding got worse through the afternoon. Chloe called a trusted family member who gave her reassurance and support until the cramps grew very severe that she ran to the bathroom and finally passed a tumor? It was the size of a golf ball and looked like cauliflower; it was pink and purple and had its own vein structure through it. Normally Chloe would have scooped it up and taken it to the lab but she was so upset and scared out of her mind, at what it might be at this point that she flushed it down the toilet, never to be seen again. Out of sight, out of mind, she thought. Now all my troubles will be over. Surely this was my trouble all along. A few days rest and everything will be back to normal, now. but that wish was not to be.

Narrative 2006:

What Chloe didn’t understand at this point is that she was just remembering, having recall, of alien abduction/intervention that had been happening in her life since the age of 16. Chloe was an active participant in a repopulation program for the Grays as we call them, to genetically engineer a body, a hybrid that they will be able to incarnate into. These new grays will be a Human, Reptilian, Gray mix.
Now cumulating to the point of an ending and of success in her and Williams participation. She was remembering on her own and because of the extent of this the Star people were showing her more of their involvement. With the hope that she might relay this message back to the people of the earth.
So that others who so also have memories might understand what a wondrous, life giving, gift they have given to the many generations of the Grays of the future.
As to Williams’s involvement further recall has shown that Williams forced participation was more damaging to his life than it was to Chloe’s. His involvements in an Extraterrestrial movement to Guard Earth from Intruders resulted in his death.

***This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.***