Part I: Were You Born Between 1955 and 1965?

It’s been VERY quiet here on Stellarpax for several weeks. So I’ve got lots of questions for discussion!

I have noticed that many Stellarpaxians have identified themselves in the 1955-1965 age group. I find myself wondering if many of you have experienced an “Awakening” to contact within the last several years, or if you have been aware of this for most, if not all, of your lives?
There’s a very good blog out there by Mike Clelland called Hidden Experience. In 2009, he explored the idea of a “crop” of experiencers who were born in this 1955-1965 timeframe who feel “compelled” to communicate about their experiences:] Dialogue with “John Smith”

In a way, I am wondering how much influence the internet has had in spreading ideas? What do you think about the ideas presented in the blog? Do you identify with the characteristics John uses to describe those born in this time frame?

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I am uncertain if I have been in contact with an otherworldly intelligence, but I've found commonalities with several people on this site. I look forward to sharing ideas!

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