Mind Kontrolled Populace
By John Stormm, MK Ultra Survivor

This treatise is my personal endorsement for the “State Of Mind” video as promoted by InfoWars.com. I have not, and will not receive ANY kind of remuneration for my endorsement from them in ANY way. They probably only barely know I exist, if at all. But I have a personal testimony of MK Ultra abuse and experience, and as I’ve been actively trying to show people how bad things REALLY get with this program, I felt it my duty to tell you that I fully understand what this video is trying to show you here and I’ve known it to be true from the first day of my life on this earth to the present day. For me, this documentary confirms and validates information I’ve been wrestling with my entire life. You’ll understand what I mean as this progresses. Many of these techniques it documents were developed right here in Rochester, New York and used on people like myself.

Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.
Friedrich Nietzsche 

This is me, in my dark place. A place of darkness and pain that began the day I left the womb and was put up for adoption by my birth mother. It was also my first day in the MK Ultra program in the Summer of 1953. They kept us always fearful and anxious so that we became acclimated to the constant, heavy flow of adrenalin in our systems. Quick, jerky, nervous movements that were developed into a faster, stronger agent of that darkened place. This will sound like the height of arrogance, but you must understand that candidates with the highest potentials were chosen and developed to become their masters’ most irresistible and unstoppable forces. Besides a well developed brain for a multicity of talents, I also had great intellect, or a genius IQ. I know, most people love to make that claim to fame. Many are merely bright, clever or brilliant. I’d grown up with those criticisms around me. I did not view myself as a “super soldier” but a gifted “secret agent”. In many ways, this was my handler’s undoing. As they were looking into all the darkest places of the human psyche to create someone like me, I was gazing into them and studying them and exploiting their weaknesses to gain my freedom from that awful place.

There comes a time in a captive’s life that they realize that no outside help is ever coming to save them. Many become spiritually, emotionally or physically broken individuals. My body constantly craved calcium to keep building itself upon my skeletal frame, hardened and strengthened by micro-fracturing to invoke a medical phenomena called Wolf’s Law. I learned to speak German with a Bavarian accent from my many former Nazi doctors, overseeing my development as an Ultra. I took mental notes of the most learned men I was exposed to. The abyss they gazed into, gazed back and calculated them like so much mathematics. Heavy electro-shock directed to pads placed over separate muscle groups would contract my muscles to pulses and make them denser and stronger than normal. Normal was not a term that applied to anything I was, or was to become. That was never their intention. A sensory deprivation tank enclosed me in luke warm, saline darkness and instead of “containing” me, it forced me to leave my corporeal body and leave the tank into places I would much rather be, and getting more input and information to feed my constantly working, growing mind. I was no stranger to all the latest methods of sleep teaching or indoctrination. Much of the indoctrination did have it’s affect on me. I could not be forced or coerced into something I did not want or like, but I could be indoctrinated or deceived into believing it was exactly what I wanted. I was never permitted to see, or even know that I had a living father somewhere. I was told he went to Korea and was promptly shot down by a Chinese missile and was never aware that he had ever fathered a child by the time he died. I was made to hate my estate as a bastard, and this drove me into a blood feud with the Chinese over the loss of my father. This worked fine for them as a manipulative tool to get me to work acts of extreme prejudice against anything the Communist Chinese were involved in. The more I could kill, the better I was told that I would feel about it. I learned and mastered more than a few Chinese martial disciplines to best understand and defeat my enemies. I was not just a fast, powerful “grunt” of a soldier. I was a wizard and a tactician in all aspects of making war against America’s enemies.

Deep inside all of that programming, a mind still lived and plotted its own freedom and satisfaction with life. When I got to “walls” or obstacles in my life, I used the tools of my masters, to master myself and solve my own fears and inadequacies. I bought 5-15 minute looped cassette tapes, turned up the volume and put the headphones under my pillow on many nights and re-programmed myself to my own priorities and needs. Martial arts training was learning tactics like tools for a tool chest, and manifold repetition turned those techniques into body memory and “second nature”. A master was required to be able to execute perfect, focused technique without having to take the time to think about doing it. As Bruce Lee would later be known to say: “It hits all by itself.”

In field work, as a working “ninja” or Ultra operative. I learned that many of the techniques I learned were useless in actual practice under severe conditions. A wheel kick that was merely a “popper” had little effect except to piss off an already dangerous opponent. I had to train myself to throw that out as useless to me and automatically use only the most deadly and debilitating techniques I knew, and keep them to the fore front of my brain. Every move I’d make in my sped up version of time would be lethal and effective against any number of skilled opponents. My re-programming of my martial skills impressed my masters, and I was sent about to train this skill set to others in this field. They did not like me thinking for myself like this, except where it benefited themselves. When I could go out, time after time and inerrantly pull off a nearly impossible mission, I had to be given more leeway to grow into my capabilities. Those capabilities were beyond their own and for all their efforts to indoctrinate me into an Aryan ideology, this fact told me they were not only not superior to anyone, but they were afraid of and worshipped those they believed had actually made it to that state. I never felt that I reached my best limits, so that wasn’t me. And it certainly wasn’t them.

I say NONE of this to impress you with my formidability. I say this as an MK Ultra survivor. My experience was one of pain, darkness, shame and constantly overcoming the paralysis of my own fears. I was not a “superman” in my own eyes. I was Frankenstein’s Monster. A damned THING. A slave to men whom I could break like twigs for their pleasure and profiting and never my own. If I didn’t KNOW that for myself, I would never have gotten even this much of my dubious freedom. I say all of this to make YOU understand the programming and enslavement CAN be beaten. Like me, NOBODY is going to come and rescue you from their clutches. I’d be still doing their will if I believed that. I know that once you are aware of what the truth REALLY is, there is little or no way to bring you back under the power of their lies. Once you know their tools for getting you to do what THEY want, you can use those same tools to help yourself grow into your own capabilities to do what YOU want, and what YOU want to become or grow into. They broke hundreds and THOUSANDS of innocent, unknowing people into corpses or worse, gibbering idiots, and with no remorse what so ever! But SOME of us cannot be contained or broken so easily, and I’ve rubbed elbows with a good many of you non-Ultras out there. I know them when I see them. This is my message of help and hope to other slaves, lying in chains, pain and darkness. How strongly do you yearn to be FREE? REALLY FREE! Not just imaginarily. Take a gander at this video and remember that I came out through the worst of this, and I’m not any better than any of you. I grew into the environment I was made to endure. Most of the sharpest black people I count as my friends, have much the same kind of testimony. It’s NOT a “racial” thing. It’s a SPIRIT thing! And if anything, I came through all this just to show someone like you where YOUR power really is and to take it back and lock up your slave masters with it. Take my cue, PLEASE!