We live in a world filled with illusions. Dogma, expectations, preconceptions and propaganda literally inundating us in our daily lives. It is a challenge everyone faces sifting through it all…
keeping this, throwing away that becomes a daily grind.

Eventually the mind is so cluttered it is difficult, nearly impossible to quiet the mind and feel a sense of peace, a sense of Oneness.

We are told by mainstream science there is just our physical body which includes the mind BUT the soul / spirit does not exist that that is a religious concept, perhaps even a ‘fiction.’ What if one day science were to discover a way to empirically measure the soul / spirit and found that it was composed of yet discovered compounds?

Some religions tell us that souls / spirits were given eternal life but some will mistranslate and have us believe this happened just over two thousand years ago. How did the soul / spirit manage for the millions of years of evolution prior to this gift of eternity? Is it even possible that certain teachings were misunderstood as to exactly when eternity started?

How do we quiet the mind and bring about a sense of Oneness? How does Oneness connect with a Planetary shift?
Each individual who awakens to their true, original state (their original ‘state of being before being inundated with other people concepts and principles) has an interconnected effect on the whole, thus helping humanity on the path to complete Global Transformation.
The more people who attain the Oneness state, the easier it will be for the rest.

For experiencers and contactee’ trying to make sense all that is in this world and of technology that could be as advanced as perhaps 100,000k years ahead of ours can be a “trip” in itself. The experiencer’ solid body going through solid objects like walls, shut windows and ships with technology that interacts biologically can be mind-boggeling.

My first and only USO experience became an “incident” because of a small jutting rock in the water. Because the ship became disabled the Being had to call for assistance. Instead of the Being transporting me over to the ‘rescue’ ship I was told to “Go , go now” when I went looking for the door to some kind of tubing to transfer both of us through the deep water, I was told to “Just go!” ‘Go where?’ I yelled, ‘there’s NO DOOR!’ the Being asks, “Do you trust me?” I said ‘Of course I do but…but… there’s no DOOR!’ frustrated and stressed from the emergency I crouched next to the wall of the ship and leaned my shoulder into the wall, which gave way. My shoulder was sticking out of the ship into the water! “Oh. I get it…” then just kept leaning till I was upright and walking a few yards through the deep water and walked right through the wall of the rescue ship. The whole time I “transferred” to the waiting ship I am picturing my mom asking me how the H-E-double-toothpicks did my pajamas get soaking wet!? More on the USO later. Back to Oneness.

The point is life can be overwhelming enough. For the experiencer you can multiply that overwhelmed by a thousand fold. How do you achieve freedom the clutter of your mind?

The best way is to meditate. I call the mind, “the itty-bitty-shitty-committee” literally it can be that to all of us. Even the Dali Lama has remarked many times that it is the most difficult thing achieve and even His Holiness has a hard time being free of the mind. One of my favorite Sanskrit mantras Is The Moola Mantra. For practitioners of meditation I am preaching to the choir. For the newbies to this wonderful healing prayer…

Find place no one can walk across or disturb (the bedroom is a good start) you don’t have to be a yogi and contort into a pretzel. Simply sit comfortably but with your back straight. Close your eyes. Breath in INHALE through your nose deeply, hold it for one or two seconds, then breath out EXHALE through the mouth by making a small opening with the lips so the breath going out is more forced. Repeat this inhale / exhale 6-8 times then allow your breathing to go back to normal…

The following music video is the Moola Mantra by Sudha and Maneesh De Moor and IMO is the most angelically sung version.

a simple translation of the Moola Mantra:

OM–We are calling on the highest energy, of all there is

Para brahma –The supreme creator

Purushothama -Who has incarnated in human form to help guide mankind

Paramatma -Who comes to me in my heart, and becomes my inner voice whenever I ask

Sri Bhagavati – The divine mother, the power aspect of creation

Same tha- Together within

Sri Bhagavate -The Father of creation which is unchangeable and permanent

Namaha- I thank you and acknowledge this presence in my life. I ask for your guidance at all times

Don’t force anything. Be free of the illusion the mind creates. Just listen to the prayer / mantra (video) while conscious of your breathing
_/\_ Namaste