On Dana’s report on Sleep Paralysis:

Several times, I was is Sleep Paralysis, being aware that something frightening was trying to exert total control over my soul. I thought that if I could just move one finger, I could wake up. This didn’t happen and I continued on in a horrid mental state. Eventually, I did awaken when the force, whatever it was, at last released me. There was one instance where I was determined to do battle with the satanic presence, and so I lunged toward it, even though it could mean my demise. I told the being, ”I am ready to die, are you?” The sleep paralysis ended after that.

When I was going through an ugly divorce in 1979, went back and stayed at my parents house. I worked at night as a musician, and usually took a short nap, awakening at sundown. My dad’s usual method of getting me up for work was to come into the room and flip on the overhead dome light. Quite annoying, if I forgot to set my alarm. I was drinking and drugging a lot during the divorce proceedings, trying to escape from my self-created domestic woes. No excuse. One evening, when Dad turned on the light, I sat up to see an evil being standing at the foot of my bed! He stood almost as tall as the ceiling, and was the personification of evil itself! His eyes were reptilian, and his robe was black. His skin was snake-like. He telepathically said to me, “I own you.” I began to scream and scream as I had never before or since done in my life. Dad thought I was screaming at the sight of him, but I said, “No, no, it was Satan!” When Mom came running into the room, the being fizzled out in a muddy red light, lke a hologram, though I didn’t know the of term, “hologram” at that time. Later, on my way to the night club, I decided I didn’t want to be controlled in any way. Not by a person, government, or even satan, itself. This is when I decided to quit drinking, drugging and thinking of myself as a helpless victim, and I took measures to balance my life. So, in a way, I have to thank the evil being for my decision of getting off the fence, and to create my own life circumstance in a positve way, as I should have been doing all along. This dualistic existence is, in reality, our own creation anyway. The great philosopher, Lao Russell of Swannanoa spent her entire life demonstrating that, “God Will Work Wth You, But Not For You,” which is the title of her best selling book. www.philosophy.org . Lao saved my life when she knew telepathically I was about to be murdered. Love and Blessings, yuyo — www.oyuyuyo.com (All of our music is there for free, with more to come, to whomever desires to hear it!)

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About the Author:

I was born on January 11, 1949. I am a song writer/musician, and have traveled most of the globe as keyboard player with many Nashville notables. I enjoy writing and painting portraits in oil and pastel. In the 1990s, I learned to fly single engine aircraft, and am interested in aviation in all aspects. In 1974, I was visited out of body by loving beings from a planet they call "Joyamen Nesatur." In this experience, I met Debra, who was one of the pilots of their beamships. In 1983, I met Debra "in the flesh" and I became her husband in 1984. We both volunteered to incarnate on this planet and vowed to work to liberate the planet from bondage. Debra (I call her 'Magnolia'--my favorite flower) and I are blissfully happy together, and we have incarnated on this planet many times to work and be together. Magnolia is also a musician and singer. I began having past life recall at four years of age, and have discovered that Magnolia and I have incarnated in every earth race, and culture on theis planet. Our home planet, Joyamen Nesurtur, was where we experienced our evolutionary beginnings.

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