My 19 year old nephem decided to go into the army.I did not want him to go.But it did me no good.I told him we would train together to get him ready.I taught him some Martial Arts and we would go running. I had a idea.Not very smart but decided to do it anyways.I had some old fireworks. Did not even know if they were still good.I told him we could go to the end of the road and lite them off.There was a small house for the care taker of the Barre Falls dam up on this little hill just off the 2 lane road.When it got dark we walked down.It was only about a half mile from my home.We got to the cross road.I decided to just lite the fuse to the whole big block.There was a small fieldstone wall on the other side of the street with a small field.I said to my nephew. When I lite this off.Run over get over the little wall and we will go threw the field.Fireworks are illegal in Massachussets.I lite the fireworks off and they started going off.I ran after my nephem jumped the little wall right on the heels of my nephem.He kept turning around and looking at me as he ran.If I ran any faster I would step on his heels.As we got to the end of the field.There was another little fieldstone wall.Over we went.We tucked down nothing but trees behind us.We sat there and sure enough a few minutes later here comes the cops.They drove up and down the street where I had lite off the fireworks. Then after awhile they were gone.I said that was fun.I had a paper bag with me.I had the fireworks in and a lighter.I told my nephew.I will just leave this bag and lighter under this wall rock.So when we are walking back to my house.If cops stop us.We have nothing on us.I said lets head back.We stepped over the wall to go threw the field.But when we stepped over the wall.Instead of standing in the field.We were standing in the street where I lite the fireworks off.We both freaked out not knowing what just happened.It was if we got transported from one place to another.We started running as fast as we could back to my home.While we ran my brother just stopped dead in his tracks.He was screaming no no tell me what just happened. I said I have no idea at all.Years later this type of thing happened to me again in Montana where I know live.Will get to that experience in a while.I am just keeping my many known experiences in order the best I can.Its been many.