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  • Daily UFO Headlines 5/26/2017
    ‘Blue Book’ value: History picks up UFO drama from Robert Zemeckis – USA Today Houston’s “Alien Hunter” claims to have out of this world proof we are not alone in the universe – NewsFix Detecting Life In Space: The Red Edge – WFAE US military training space warriors for ‘extraterrestrial conflict’ – International... Read more »
  • Daily UFO Headlines 5/25/2017
    11 unconventional conventions you have to geek out at – Syfy Wire Alien life could exist on Pluto and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, claim scientists – Once you’ve seen a UFO, you don’t forget it – Ellwood City Ledger The Tom Delonge Wikileaks Conspiracy Goes Deeper Than We Thought –... Read more »
  • Daily UFO Headlines 5/24/2017
    UFOs over Lake Ontario? We have the answer – Democrat & Chronicle UFO ‘sighting’ over the Kelpies – The Falkirk Herald British government will release its secret UFO files – National Geographic Stunning photos show rare UFO-shaped clouds over Devon – Devon Live Study shows how radioactive decay could support extraterrestrial life – ... Read more »
  • Daily UFO Headlines 5/23/2017
    I-Team: Rock star plans for announcement on UFOs – 8 News Las Vegas Now Contact With Extraterrestrials – Syracuse New Times New “Twin Peaks” brings to mind spooky Utah ranch where billionaire investigated “high weirdness” – Red Dirt Report North Korea Fires Mystery UFO – U.S. News & World Report UK Government To Release... Read more »
  • Daily UFO Headlines 5/22/2017
    The truth is out there – a dozen UFO ‘sightings’ reported to police – Birmingham Mail States With the Most UFO Sightings – 24/7 Wall St. ‘Something extraordinary happened here’ – Colonel Charles Halt returns to UFO site in Rendlesham – Ipswitch Star UFOs Spotted in Philipstown and Beacon – The Highlands Current It’s X-Files... Read more »
  • Daily UFO Headlines 5/19/2017
    Falcon Lake Incident is Canada’s best-documented UFO encounter, even 50 years later – CBC News Close encounter of the Manitoba kind – Winnipeg Free Press Aliens, UFO greet visitors at Clark County Shooting Complex – KTNV 13 Action News Wrinkles, tentacles and oval eyes: How depictions of aliens have evolved – CNN That weird ‘alien... Read more »
  • Daily UFO Headlines 5/18/2017
    Central Coast UFO group funding mystery: Federal minister calls for urgent review – Daily Telegraph Australia CNY UFO Researcher & Writer Crunches Data, has New Discoveries on (possible) Visits – WAER Man says sights in sky out of this world – The Daily Courier How Do Scientists Search for Extraterrestrial Life? – Live... Read more »
  • Daily UFO Headlines 5/17/2017
    How we would fare in an alien invasion – according to a UFO expert – iNews Russian Outlet Claims NASA Took An Amazing, Totally True Image Of 3 UFOs – HuffPost Has the mystery behind Croydon’s ‘UFOs’ spotted two nights in a row been solved? – Croydun Advertiser Barry Gibb talks ‘Saturday Night... Read more »
  • Daily UFO Headlines 5/16/2017
    People are seeing UFOs everywhere – KHOU 11 Stranger danger: Extraterrestrial first contact as a political problem – The Space Review Willard Lecture Series to address UFO research – UNM Newsroom Book review: ‘Aliens: The World’s Leading Scientists on the Search for Extraterrestrial Life’ by Jim Al-Khalili – Rushville Republican Could Cryoconites Hold the... Read more »
  • Daily UFO Headlines 5/15/2017
    The Municipalities Of Broome County And UFOs – Syracuse New Times Do aliens exist? Children in UAE learn about the possibilities – Khaleej Times Popular UFO Sightings Daily website to go dormant – Houston Chronicles Manitobans vying for multiple book prizes – Winnipeg Free Press What Should We Do If Aliens Contact the Earth?... Read more »

Newsfeed Phantoms and Monsters

  • 'Large Black Flying Man' Sighting - Calumet Park Neighborhood in Chicago
    I just received a telephone call from a witness in the Calumet Park neighborhood of Chicago.The woman and her boyfriend noticed a large black figure above a group of trees in the vicinity of 127th & Ashland Ave. at approximately 7:30 PM on Saturday, May 27th. The witnesses state that... Read more »
  • Weekend 2 Cents: Indiana 'Monster Crab' -- Her 'Big Friend'
    Indiana 'Monster Crab'“It's funny that you mentioned Indiana as being a hotbed of strange occurrences. I spent time there working in a coal mine in Vincennes and heard a story that, though brief, was truly strange. I became good friends with a new guy on our crew and one day... Read more »
  • Daily 2 Cents: 'Smiling' Alien Encounter -- Bizarre Modified' People -- Machete-Wielding Clown Terrorizes Drivers
    'Smiling' Alien EncounterRodney in Centennial, Colorado called in to describe his encounter:1975 - Longmont, Colorado“A long time ago when I was young kid, 12 or 13 years old, back in 1975 or 1976. I was living in Longmont, out in the country with my parents. I was riding back... Read more »
  • Downtown Chicago 'Flying Humanoid' Sighting Confirmed!
    This most recent report confirms the sighting of 2017-05-19 in downtown Chicago. This information was reported to Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse:*This is the second such sighting in a week and also in the same general area. An interview with the witnesses is being arranged and all information will be... Read more »
  • Daily 2 Cents: MUFON's Most Recent Scandal...RACISM!
    MUFON's Most Recent Scandal...Racism!Facebook thread 1Facebook thread 2Jan Harzan's statementMUFON’s John Ventre and Acceptance of the RepugnantMUFON under fire for PA director’s absurd racist rantThis post is for those readers who are not familiar with the recent scandal at MUFON. I'm a bit under the weather, so this will be... Read more »
  • Dogman Kills West Virginia Farmer
    The following incident supposedly occurred in 1977 at an undisclosed location in West Virginia:A boy growing up in a farming community in West Virginia had called his parents to tell them that he was staying at his grandparents. The witness recalled that his grandfather was agitated about something and, over... Read more »

Newsfeed The Object Report

    Agent D 'boo' recreation based upon Romanek video and picsThe 2013 Stan Romanek documentary "Extraordinary" is now available on i-tunes to rent for five bucks and I watched it last night in 1080p resolution on my Samsung LED TV in bed at 2 am. The power to my house cut... Read more »
    If a picture is worth a thousand words then a drawing from a close encounter eye witness is worth its weight in platinum. No human has ever taken a picture of an extraterrestrial, that we know of. This puts immeasurable value on the drawings and scene recreations coming from eye... Read more »
    What is the deep truth beneath Trump's squabble with the US intelligence community? We can only speculate, and as we all know there is the public version of events and the real version of events known only to the political players. It is also impossible to know what is inside... Read more »
  • Androids, Supercomputers & Bell Labs
    It's been a while since we posted an Object Special Report and I feel that with all of this Secret Space Program whistle-blowing occurring right now this might be a good opportunity to share a personal experience involving... Read more »
  • The Birds and the Beings
    true Face Off UFO/ET enthusiasts are familiar with the concept that humanoid reptilians could be indigenous to Earth, originating from this planet hundreds of millions of years (perhaps more) into prehistoric past. Two other species we do not often think of being family cousins of humans are sentient insects and birds.... Read more »
    Many of us by now have read material about the great galactic alignment or have seen YouTube videos and documentaries about this cosmic phenomenon. The idea of the Earth solar system entering the high energy zone of the Milky Way Galaxy plane was even made into a major Hollywood blockbuster... Read more »
    Allow me to once again remind you all that we never do insist that you do believe within these interactions that we are who we say we are because we say it. We cannot prove it at this timing, however the principle, the mechanics, the physics, the ideas that we... Read more »
  • Regarding the Secret Space Program...
    By now many people have heard of the "secret space program" and "breakaway civilizations" from noted researchers and authors such as Joseph P. Farrell and Peter Levenda. Recently, we have gathered even more mind-blowing insider information about the extent of these ultra classified programs from brave... Read more »
    We have not posted many links to David Wilcock's material on the Object Report in the past. Unfortunately, I believe Wilcock makes a first impression that likely rubs some people the wrong way and serves as a great example of why it's perhaps advisable to restrict your online persona to... Read more »
  • The Second Coming - Lord Emmanuel
    Do I have your attention with the headline of this Special Report? The title of this article and this proposition within is so massive and surreal, in the beginning it seemed impossible to type anything reasonable and coherent. I'm very aware that many of you out there, reading these Special... Read more »

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Newsfeed ESA

  • New eyes
    Thomas Pesquet reflects on living in space for six months and voyages of discovery and exploration... Read more »
  • Week In Images
    Our week through the lens: 22-26 May 2017... Read more »
  • Schiaparelli landing investigation completed
    The inquiry into the crash-landing of the ExoMars Schiaparelli module has concluded that conflicting information in the onboard computer caused the descent sequence to end prematurely. ... Read more »
  • Sentinel-2 captures coral bleaching of Great Barrier Reef
    Scientists observed the bleaching of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef early this year using satellite images. While capturing these events from space has been difficult in the past, Sentinel-2’s frequent revisits and its resolution makes it possible. ... Read more »
  • Exploring underground with a colliding drone
    ... Read more »
  • Saving time in space
    Working inside the International Space Station is sometimes like assembling complex furniture but with the tools and paper instructions continually floating out of reach. Astronauts also face situations unforeseen by the instructions. Communication delays with ground control to troubleshoot these occasions mean even more valuable time is lost. Now, ‘mobiPV’... Read more »
  • Earth from Space
    Chair of the DLR German Aerospace Center Executive Board, Pascale Ehrenfreund, and ESA’s Josef Aschbacher discuss their organisations' complementary Earth observation activities... Read more »
  • Novel use of satnav saves precious water
    Water conservation is a growing concern globally, and particularly for farmers in the USA, where decades of irrigating huge fields has depleted vital resources of fresh surface water and groundwater. An ESA spin-off that can help to preserve water supplies while guaranteeing crop irrigation is now undergoing final testing. ... Read more »
  • Negribreen on the move
    Rapid acceleration of an Arctic glacier over the past year has been detected by the Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellites. ... Read more »
  • Winning plans for CubeSats to the Moon
    If you could fly a CubeSat to the Moon, what could such a tiny satellite do there? ESA posed this question – and now four proposals will be studied in more detail for possible flight over the coming decade. ... Read more »

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