I was dating a women a few years ago.She had two children.The 3 year old son would be with his father on the weekend.So my girlfriend at the time would bring up her daughter on the weekend.I had told her of my experiences with UFOs and ETs.I knew she did not really believe me.I figured she just thought.Oh how cute this grown up man is like a kid .Believing in little green men.She came up with her daughter and we sat outside in front of my mountain home.The sky was nice and clear.As it got dark I felt something coming like I have been programed to over my many years.I looked at my girlfriend said look whats coming.She said that lite thing.I said yes just watch it.As it got closer she seemed a little nervous.She says to me.Should I be worried.I said no.Her daughter asks mommy what is that.The lite then grows bigger as it pulsed once.Then even bigger on the second pulse.My girlfriend then says oh my god.Then it pulsed the third time so strong and bright that my girlfriend says I cannot believe it.Her daughters says what is that mommy.Her mother says its a spaceship.This women had no interest in this subject.Never watched Star Trek just was into business managment.And had a very high paying job as a manager in a big company that produced oxygen for the medical field.After the ship had past.We talked about it.And my feelings on ETs and all life in general.Eventually we went inside layed in bed.The little 5 year old wanted to sleep in the middle of us.So never having children.I did for a short time feel like a dad.We went to sleep.The little girl woke us up later in the night.She said little monkeys came in the house.Then took her to a tall lady with long blond hair.I asked her how tall were the monkeys.I said were they taller then you.She said only a little.She was only a little girl.Then she said they went into a room some place and the monkeys left.And the tall blond haired lady told her everything is ok.I asked her was the lady mommys size .I tried to trick her.She said no taller.I then said again trying to trick her.Oh she was as tall as me.She said no a little taller.Her mother is 5’8″ and I am 6′.So the women was taller then me.She said the lady touched her on the head.Talking to her.Then told her to stay in the room.And she would be safe not to worry.Then the monkeys came in the room and brought her back to bed.I am assuming since the little girl new nothing of the little beings some call greys.She may have just said monkeys.I was there and asleep with the mother.I did not feel anything like the girl getting out of bed.I am a very lite sleeper.So lite I thought for sure with the little girl in bed.I would not sleep at all.I did not really care because it was only for one night.But never woke up till the little girl woke us up talking of the monkeys coming in the house and taking her.There was something strange or maybe its not strange to parents with little girls even at 5 years old.This little girl kept begging her mom for her blanky.She eventually said ok.While in bed she put the blanket between her legs and was rubbing herself on it.I was not thinking of anything.Because the kid was only 5 years old.The mother asks me does that bother you.I said no.The mother says do you know what she is doing.I said no .She said she was getting off .I said no way shes only 5.She says it happens.Freaked me out.If this little girl did get abducted.Then maybe it was because of her being or getting sexually active.I never had children.I think I was 11 or 12 when I was having feelings .Not close to 5.But only mothers would know if thats possible.So who knows.