I was born in Ireland but came to Australia when I was just turning one. I always had experiences from as long as I can remember. I always felt different. My family would describe me as a child with a wild imagination. But to me all my experiences were as real as any other part of my life. Unfortunately, as I got older I had realised I had to keep them to myself. I remember one day when I was about 7, I was baking with my mum and I told her what would happen in my life and she just stopped and looked at me, I still remember the look on her face, she didn’t know what to say but for me it was just matter-of-fact. When I was a teenager I kept having repetitive dreams and eventually the dream unravelled itself and I was conscious of being a baby in my mums womb, at first I didn’t know where I was but as I realised I relaxed and felt warm and comfortable. I remember deciding to come into this life and rationalising it with another being, I was in a huge craft that had different levels and I was sitting on a ledge of a window without glass looking down almost like tall buildings inside a large craft. I was high up but there was no fear of falling. I was explaining what I would learn. I also remember being a small ball of light looking down on what will be my family outside a church where they had all gathered for photos after a baptism or other event. I have memories of four other lives before this one. I remember waking one night from a dream I felt as though I was floating in pure darkness and I forgot who I was, I couldn’t remember which life I was living and I had to feel around for anything that made sense, eventually I found the curtain and pulled back to see moonlight and I remembered who I was. Very strange. Sometimes I think I have seen myself in the future, I am getting into what looks like a white plastic egg shape thing which is a healing tank I think. It all looks so futuristic. I have memories of writing symbols on what looks almost like writing on a white board but more like a tinted glass. I have memories of sitting on a table which looks like a medical room and getting an injection in my arm (which by the way I felt the next morning), the beings that were there explained to me that it was so I would not get particular illnesses which would be coming I’m not sure if it was flu type I can’t remember but I never get colds or flus. My uncle also has experiences and he told me they had told him about the food that we eat. My granny used to see Fairies. My mother told me about her dream of flying in a glass plane. My brother has seen little people. But they are embarrassed to talk about these experiences openly. Society ridicules such things that are real, its hard to understand why we must remain quiet. Tall fair hair beings used to visit me regularly when I was little and when I was awake and conscious, I think now they only take me in my dream state, I remember their last visit in my conscious state and them explaining to me, but they did tell me that they would be back. They offered to take me with them as they felt bad leaving me without contact, but I loved my family which is why I was here, so I stayed. But now, I know they are coming back , I feel it, and so my quest to understand and to get ready. Thank you all so very much for creating this way for people to communicate and to talk, I feel so free just writing these things out.