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This is my first experience that I can remember, I have written it in the third person or as Chloe because it felt too personal to tell about myself and I’d get ET interference so I’d all of a sudden get sleepy or words would blank out of my mind.. I have my experiences on a webpage to help others who might fins them:
Chloe was sound asleep in her bed. She had been very busy that day with her two children. They are both young boys and never seem to have a lack of energy or enthusiasm. Trying to keep them quiet and good, so that they wouldn’t be a bother to their father was a constant task. She was very patient by nature but her husband Jeff was not. He now was snoring loudly beside her, sleeping very soundly as he usually did, after an evening full of drinking. Her nagging problem is that the quantity of beer he drank seemed to be increasing night after night. His moods were changing too and many times she had problems understanding why he got so mad at them, all of the time. The stress that she felt from day to day was almost overwhelming, but she tried very hard to keep everyone together. She was really good at keeping things seemingly ‘normal’ from day to day. As long as she could hold on, she knew everything was going to be okay.
She felt herself slowly sliding into a reality. I can’t say that it was the same reality that she lived her life in with her husband and children. This definitely was not a dream; in fact it felt more real than life itself. She felt whole, balanced and in tune, with her inner self. There was a power about her and she almost felt as if she were vibrating with enthusiasm. She was herself and as she looked around the darkened shed. These frightened, disoriented people with her seemed to be ‘in their own’, also. She wasn’t as scared as the rest just a little disoriented. She felt the cool summer breeze come through the cracks in the walls, which made her cheek feel cool and damp and ran a chill up her spine. It was refreshing as she tried to wake up and stay with what was happening to her and those with her. She took a deep breath and listened to the wind rattling the leaves on the trees outside of the shed. She wondered what the sky looked like tonight and somehow remembered that it was a really clear night and the moon was shining brightly. At least she thought she remembered but she didn’t remember how she got here. For only a few moments ago, it seemed, she and the rest had been sleeping comfortably in their own beds. Her attention was drawn to the people sitting with her, waiting. They all looked familiar to her, as if she had been with them before. In fact, they were a small group of familiar faces that had been with her many times before.
The shed door opened and a little being appeared in the doorway. “Are they all ready?” he asked. Chloe looked around but realized that no one else had heard him. She was waiting for someone else to speak up. The little being looked directly at Chloe and asked her directly, “Are they ready to go?”
She looked around and spoke to him, as he had spoken to her, without words, but as plain as day in her head. “As ready as they’ll ever be” she said.
“Okay we’re ready, lead them out”, he answered, looking relieved that Chloe was finally understanding him.
Chloe motioned for everyone to get up. As everyone stood she caught a glimpse standing behind the “little man” as she then perceived him. All dressed up in what you might describe as a lumberjack outfit. He had on a cap, checkered jacket and shirt, kaki pants held up by suspenders and boots. She almost started giggling but stopped quickly as ‘the gray’ turned around and distinctly gave her a ‘look’ that he wasn’t very happy that she was giggling at his appearance.
Chloe then spoke up and told everyone to follow the man, through the forest to the landing site. She felt her stomach drop at the size of the craft. It always amazed her at how large the craft was. I mean in the air it looked really small but when it was sitting on here on earth, it was huge. It was a flat black in colour. It almost seemed not to have colour but her eyes registered it as black. It was triangular with large windows on the long, back end, with a point to the front and both back sides. Beings of different sizes were standing at the windows and some were even waving. That seemed to be a little peculiar to her, at the time. But there was an entire society on board, hundreds of beings doing their daily jobs, just like we do on earth.
There was a woman sitting in the corner, poor thing was very afraid. Her short, dark hair was tousled and she was wearing a cotton house dress. Chloe looked down at her favorite pair of jeans and ran her hands over them as she realized that she was also dressed in her favorite comfy clothes and started to relax again. Just then, the man across from her cleared his throat and startled her back. He was wringing his hands and talking quietly to himself. He looked like he was a business man with his suit pants on and his styled gray hair. She knew he was the type of person that was always in control and he was trying to reassure himself that this was all a dream. She sighed, understanding that this experience wasn’t going to be explained away so easily. But she knew that she had to get herself together because they would be coming for them soon and it was up to her to keep everyone together. It was up to her to keep everyone safe. “If anything happened to them it would be her fault, not theirs.” this strange crystal clear voice ran through her head. She wasn’t, at this point quite sure who was coming but she had great respect for them, mixed with a little fear.
“Are they ready to go?”
In a breath, she slipped into the dreamscape that the others were seeing. It was hard not to do this, especially when she had these feelings of apprehension. The aliens use a dreamscape to calm the abductee. It was a little scenario that was familiar to them so that they wouldn’t panic when they saw the craft. This time they were using a walk through the forest and the image of a large apartment building. They made them feel like they were escaping something and that way everyone ran into the building, to safety or rather the ship. Chloe took a few deep breaths and tried to fight the dreamscape.
She had to keep it together; everyone was counting on her to make sure this all goes smoothly. “Okay let’s go!” she shouted there’s the apartment, we’ll be safe there. They all ran in a line in to the front doors of the building. I motioned to the elevators. “Yikes!” she thought they made the buttons fluorescent green and triangular. It looks a little different but no one seems to notice, unless they remember the dream. They’ll wonder why the green buttons.
In the beginning of remembering Chloe used these little ‘hints’ to remember much about her abduction experiences. It was almost like the aliens wanted them to remember a little bit about their experiences but there was never enough proof to actually prove anything. The elevator doors whooshed open and everyone hurried into the elevator car. With the light shining so brightly she was able to count everyone. There were seven of them, eight including her. They all looked a little relieved figuring they were going to be led to safety. She didn’t exactly know what they wanted these people for. Remembering what she had been through with these little people, although she never really understood, why. She did know anything that was being done was very important and anyhow, how were, we going to stop them? The doors opened and an alien met them to take them down the hall.
The lights were even brighter now. Coming in from the dark forest, it was hard to look without squinting. The floor felt soft like carpets and the walls were a gray colour. Everything looked prefab, with the same gray but in different intensities. Their escort was wearing a white battle suit and was carrying a weapon. It looked like a gun of sorts. The dress up here is usually a bit more causal and Chloe is curious as to what is going on. As they are being let into the room, Chloe asks what is with the suits. He explains that there is an uprising going on. They expect that sometime that night the opposing forces will try and take over their ship. So they are on high alert, just in case anything happens and that is also why everyone seems to be a little worried and short tempered.
The room is full of chairs and tables for them to sit at. As it usually happens they are taken away one at a time and brought back before they are dropped off at home. Chloe’s job is to keep everyone relaxed until it’s their turn and help those that come back feeling any trauma. She uses soothing words and an energy that seems to emanate from her body to help the others. Tonight it’s not an easy task. Noise fills the halls and footsteps hurtle by the door. Everyone jumps when they hear the troops coming and then relax again as the footsteps echo down the hall. She gets the impression that they are looking for someone, searching. Maybe they have been invaded. Chloe’s concerns turn to the others and herself. Now she is worried what will happen to them.
“I don’t think the intruders will have much use for us humans”, she mutters to herself, as she runs her hands down the back of the dark haired woman, smoothing her energy.
But it’s not helping much the woman starts to visibly shake. The woman bolted up and started running for the door, sobbing and screaming.
In a panic Chloe grabs her and takes her way from the door, holds her by the shoulders and implores to the woman, “If you go out there I can’t be responsible for what might happen to you. “Looking into the woman’s’ dark eyes, “Do you understand? I’ve never helped in a situation like this before; it feels as if they are at war! I will do everything in my power to keep you safe, please calm down”, Chloe hugs the woman and she begins to calm down.
She explains to everyone that they just have to wait. Maybe they’ll be taken back home, early.
The door, to the room opens slightly and in slips a very tall, grayish green alien man. At least Chloe knows this is a male and he is so beautiful that he literally radiates. He looks reptilian in contrast to their smoothed skinned captors. His limbs are long and slender; his legs don’t look like they’d be strong enough to hold his weight but when he moves he is more graceful than anything she’s ever seen.
Her eyes light up as he looks at her and motions with his fingers, “Shhhh…”. He smiles at her but speaks to all of them, “I think they’re looking for my friends”, he chuckles. “They have them running after them all over the place” he grins. “This is good for you because in this confusion, you can all escape.”
“Escape?” everyone questions.
Abductees always have these fleeting random thoughts of getting the hell out of there but it never seemed like a safe possibility.
“Yes! Escape!” He seemed endeared by the looks of astonishment on all of their faces. “I’m what you would call a double agent. I work with those on this ship but my heart lies elsewhere, in the freedom of the light. I don’t agree with their forced human experiments. They have you here, not of your own free will, but lay claim to some forgotten promises. I’ll help you to get back home as soon as we have a chance.”
“Wait! That’s very dangerous, especially for you”, if you get caught they’ll kill you.”, At that moment Chloe didn’t care about her own well being. She felt that if he was killed she would be losing part of herself.
With that thought she realized that she knew him. She had known him for many lifetimes and his name was William. “If we, get caught they’ll just hold us here longer and do more experiments.” she sighs.
“Why do you worry about me, Chloe? If something happens to me, will you miss me?” he teases knowing that she is only half aware at this time and subtly under the Star People’s anesthetic control.
This is good right now, because he doesn’t know exactly what his friends are up to. They may be planning an act of sabotage on board the ship, which made it very dangerous to have these humans on board and if Chloe knew fully his identity, he knew she would not leave him. He didn’t comprehend their gross negligence for human life. “I’ll be okay, the important thing is for me to get you all back home. There is a landing bay not far from here. It has little pods that will take you back to wherever you are from on earth. Just tell me where home is for each of you and I will program the pod to take you there. Each pod will hold two of you. We have to be very quick and organized to do this. It won’t take long for them to catch onto, us. Is everyone ready?” he asks.
Everyone agrees and tells him, exactly where they want to go. He walks to the back of the room, presses a button and a secret door slides open. It enters into a darkened area. It almost looks like it’s a service area. He motions for us all to follow. They quickly run after him. There are almost no suggestions affecting us now. Everyone realizes where they are and that they need to get home right away. After moving down a few of these hallways they come to a landing bay full of these little black pods just as he has said. Chloe makes sure they all get into the pods, two by two, as William sets them on their way. The last pod awaits her. William hurries over to her and hugs her.
“I’ve missed you”, he breathes. No longer is he using words but he is affecting her through emotions and images that flood through Chloe’s mind and soul. She holds him tight and as she runs her hands down his back she can feel large bumps that she was not expecting, she hesitates as the images of his reptilian different ness invade her mind. She lifts her head and gazes into his eyes to find the familiar soul once again and as she looks into his eyes all her hesitations melt into the familiar love that she feels. He smiles at her because he understands that the only time that they are together is when Chloe is in this altered reality which is very confusing for her.
The mind controls that the Star People use to block out remembrances of these altered events also complicate this matter. He has been trying to break through into her awake reality to be with to her, in her own natural state but it only seems to cause fear. Chloe can sense him when he is near. She feels him standing behind her or she looks when he walk into the room she is in but she cannot see him. He tries to communicate with her, sometimes she feels him touch her but he can see that she is unnerved when this happens. He tries to project his love to her and she will feel goose bumps run up and down her arms but she doesn’t realize that it is him. For her awake self up to this time has never met William.
The sound of guards moving closer to them invades their privacy. “Time to go love”; as he kisses her one last time. “In you go”, He opens the pod and she gets in.
William quickly sets the controls and the pod floats down into the darkness. He opens the control panel, so that when the guards finally enter the room. They see him doing his work and hear him complaining that someone has tampered with the panel and taken all of the pods. The guards shrug and know that there’s nothing they can do at this point but wait until the pods come back to the ship after delivering their cargo.
Chloe wakes up abruptly from her deep sleep, staring at the bright white light fading from the bedroom window. With the loud sound of honking buzzers whaling in her brain, just like an old submarine when it’s on alert. Bright colours are swirling around the room red, blue and green. Feeling certain terror, she tries to scream. Rich sounds fill her head but no sound will come out of her mouth. She tries to thrash her arms and legs but she is paralyzed. She cannot move anything except for her eyes. As tears stream down her cheeks she closes them, to try and hide away from all of action and then opens them again when the sound of the buzzers begins to die down.
The colours fade and then disappear with a static crackling sound in her ears. She relaxes again closes her eyes and listens to the normal soft sounds of the house at night and falls back asleep. She wakes up again in a startle, tries to move and is relieved that she is back to normal again. Her head is still spinning from the memories of her dream and she shudders at the experience that has just happened to her. It’s 4 am in the morning and she feels wide awake. So she decides to get a snack and a drink of milk to settle her down.
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