Here is some of my highly limited perspective.
It is true that I am pretty obsessed with this entire subject — so use your best discernment and intuition and only consider what I have to say as one possible interpretation.
I think most folks will be highly skeptical — as they should be — about anything which they have not directly experienced for themselves — regardless of who says it.
To tell you the truth there ARE no “experts” about anything to do with this subject no matter who claims what. This entire experience is highly subjective and is dependent upon ones individual interpretation about what they experienced.
We are venturing (or ADventuring) into a totally different realm.
My long obsession with this weighty and nebulous subject comes from two things. 1) having been beamed aboard a triangular shaped hovering space-craft during a close encounter which lasted at least six or seven hours and 2) spending the next 45 years attempting to research and understand every bit of information I could find in order to unravel and elucidate my own experience of that one night — which was very very strange indeed.
I will do my very best now to more fully explain my UFO/ETI close encounter of August 15, 1967.
This is my unfolded perspective after 45 plus years of research and contemplation about this mystery of all mysteries.
If I had been totally alone that night in 1967 — I would certainly doubt my sanity — however — a friend was there beside me — and — as it turned out — it was him — not me — that “they” originally intended to deal with because — as he suddenly remembered that night — he had already been involved with their program concerning earth humans for some time.
I was then a complete novice (still am) — an innocent and ignorant bystander then — now an ignorant direct experiencer — and at that time (1967) I had heard little and thought little about UFOs — much less ETIs.
That “program” which the ET’s used that night is far more than genetic engineering and involves teaching certain candidates an entirely new (to us) and different way of thinking which is designed to prepare us to eventually become a normal Galactic Civilization and be able to interact with the various cosmic frequencies.
Although you may have not heard of this before — it is (and has been) going on all across our world for a long time with many others in many different lands — but especially for the last century.
The time for us inhabitants of Gaia/Sophia to join the Galactic Community is rapidly approaching — and simultaneously — the old paradigm is totally disintegrating all around us.
ET’s are inter-dimensional — trans-dimensional — and multi-dimensional and they have nearly instantaneous time-travel and horizontal energetic teleportation as well — which is like time-travel — only on the same time-line.
Now — here is something very difficult for 3D humans to understand.
The ET’s use of craft is for OUR sake rather than for their sake as a means of conveyance. They do not need such “industrially manufactured” conveyance across space.
Because in their chosen physical bioforms they have no need to “travel” at all because their in their chosen physical bioforms they are capable of manifesting in any chosen locality of any frequency which they choose to enter — totally independent of space and time.
They come to us as living metaphors which we call “space-craft” and — in order to communicate with us without totally freaking us out — they must “downstep” the very presence of themselves into a meaningful form and metaphor which we are capable of comprehending. That is — a form — which already exists in our imaginations. A form which we earthlings can relate to without undue fear and hysteria. Those emotions erase their chance of telepathic interaction and communication with us which is the very reason for their presence. If anyone has even caught a glimps of a genuine off-planet ET UFO — they are already in telepathic interface with them.
Whether they realize that — or not — depends upon many factors including the state of the earthlings consciousness.
Thus — the ever increasing appearance of the living metaphors which we call “space-craft” in our skies.
Many contactees — including myself — have groked that the ETs have already have plans for an eventual massive — open and unhindered public First Contact Event which is already scheduled to take place at the precisely correct moment in world affairs.
From out of our earth-human minds — they select our concept for the necessity of a “physical conveyance” across space and time.
Then — they materialize a conveyance acceptable by us — a “space-craft” which — although often incredible looking — coincides and matches the concepts — and expectations of our present highly limited 3D imaginations. This is one of their “downsteps” into our 3D dimensional frequency. The “space-craft” seen by us is an understandable metaphor which is being communicated to us via their “downstep” of assuming the outer physical limitations of 3D for the sake of communication to us about who and what they are and why they are here.
This greatly empowers our own self-discovery.
That is why there are so many many different types of ships — so many sizes and shapes of “craft.” So — they appear to us as manufactured objects — but they are not manufactured objects. They are a communication metaphor materialize to our 3D perceptions out of raw energy.
They can materialize into any shape — color — size and form. It can be much smaller on the outside than it is on the inside — completely contrary to our present (3D) reality.
But — the appearance of their initial materializations in our skies is only one of their downstepped metaphors of communication.
ALL of their communications with us are downstepped metaphors which can be meaningful to us — again depending upon how well we are able to grok them according to the state of our consciousness.Perhaps it is easier to understand what I am saying if one considers the extreme translation and careful selection of simple to understand metaphors which is absolutely necessary whenever an adult desires to convey important information life information to a small child of little maturity and experience.
They have to talk to us using simplified metaphoric terminology just as a mother or father or kindergarten teach must use simplified concepts when talking to their small children.
You have to understand that when we finally learn how to consciously materialize thought-forms by changing the energy density — which is where all of us are headed — we too will naturally do the very same thing.
We already possess the endemic built-in hardware in our human bioforms (bodies.)
This hidden and folded up ability is what some of our more foolish ‘scientists” have called “junk DNA” because it is a complete mystery to them and so — they dismiss it as “junk.”
But — there is no “junk” in Nature. The wiser scientists now fully realize and admit this.
Also — our experience that night of being beamed up into the space-craft was only the very last part of our conscious encounter. After that came several hours of missing time — to be remembers years later — not by hypnosis — but by the ETs themselves (5 of them) who entered my room upon my request and assisted me to better understand that experience in 1967.
Do I fully trust that experience for its face value?
The answer to that question is not a confident “yes” because I have become well aware of how one’s own mind can easily trick and deceive them.
Therefore — I hesitate to put that encounter in the same category as my first experience in 1967.
However — over the passage of time — and because of the direct results issuing from that later contact (concerning energetic healing manifested) I do have some confidence in the validty of that later experience.
As always — the proof is in the pudding.I now return to my shared experience of 1967 in order to mention the hours before our “beaming up” during which Eddy and I experienced the powerful ET physical and mental energetics bombarding us.
It was many hours of mental — emotional and spiritual probing carried out by the ETs using and utilizing many frequencies of what I can only call “light energy” which were sometimes arranged (like spelled-out) geometric light patterns in the sky — communicating a visual written message in a language which we consciously understood to be registering wihin us sub-consciously — which was what I can only call a massive “download” of information.
It was to become gradually unfolded into our conscious minds over a long time.
That was 45 years ago.
And — exactly what was this large “download” of information about?
That is certainly not easy to describe.
On one level — it was very personalized information about our own individual unique perspectives — which we had already learned through our native cultural and social consensus realities (up until that moment) and the emphasis was upon the interconnectedness — the relatedness — and the energetic synthesis of the various “compartments” of our minds — such as the distinctive (yet fully intertwined) — artistic — intellectual — emotional — conceptual — mathematical — social — sexual — musical — creative and spiritual “sectors” (etc.) — and how they all relate and resonate together — and how they function according to my personal reality matrix — and why.
So — what is the possible meaning (or meanings) of this light bombardment?
Here is my present (limited) understanding about it. I know that there is much much more to it than what I am about to say.
I highly suspect that all of us on this planet of forgetfulness are in the very same boat — and ultimately none of us is a “victim” — although we all may occasionally feel that way. The “victim” mentality which has overtaken much of mankind is false and debilitating. It greatly hinders our consciousness expansion and must be resolved within our understanding.
This induced experience was a primer about beginning to learn how to energetically shift dimensions (and my own reality perspectives) which accompany each of those many frequency planes of the various elements (unifying as my soul) — the inner content which fills up my physical earth-human bioform.
That is perhaps the best way I can describe it right now.
From that time forward — I have known beyond any personal doubt that “I” am not this physical body having a “spiritual” experience — but I am a spirit form (a soul) having temporarily chosen this physical experience of severe limitations in order to better uncover — unfold — and free my human awareness of who and what and why I am incarnated here.
The life experience on this severely limited plane is an inquiry — a cosmic investigation — a discovery — some call it a Grand Cosmic “experiment” being conducted by beings of full consciousness (US) in order to better determine the algorithm (the process — the formula) for how to most efficiently unfold the full consciousness of who — what — and why we are.
In short — it is an investigation into how to tap into and outwardly release the maximum inner potential of our already existing FULL conscious awareness from the artifically induced standpoint of a highly limited (some say “dumbed down”) state of non-remebrance about who — what — and why we exist in this present incarnation.
We ARE the extraterrestrial intelligences of full consciousness who have volunteered for a divine mission and we have plunged into it — not only on behalf of the inhabitants of Gaia/Sophia — but also on behalf of every single being in the Universe.
The experiences of that night in August of 1967 were only the very beginning of a mental — spiritual — and emotional process which has been unfolding within me ever since. I do not know whatever happened to Eddy because a few months after our event — I lost contact with Eddy and have not seen him since.
This ET downloaded information is very practical fir the sake of inter-species cosmic communication between Galactic neighbors experiencing various planes of existence — since every “world” out there exists on a slightly — or greatly — different frequency of vibrational oscillation. Another personal effect of this is that I began to deeply interface and communicate with animals — birds — tress — water — and minerals — especially my cats. I am a “cat whisperer” and can acheive interface and communication with any and all beings. if I focus upon them with appreciation — I can grok them — and they can grok me. We have (to me) proven telepathic communication.
That is a whole other story which deserves a book.
I am learning that there exists many many usually hidden layers of vibrational oscillation beyond our present earth (3D) perspective.Skill in accessing these can be developed by practicing telepathic interface with other 3D energies. And — since the entire Universe is very alive — it does not necessarily have to be with a living organic critter. All is energy and all energy contains stored information which reveals what that energy has been in direct contact with.
I once groked a tree which “spoke” to me about its very long history and the most impressive beings it had encountered throughout its long life.
When we look at another planet (or star) and perform a bit of “scientific conclusion pole vaulting” by declaring — “well, that celestial body is entirely too hot or too cold or too dry or too toxic to harbor life” — we are then failing to realize that we are only witnessing three dimensions of the five, six, seven or nine frequencies which are actually there but are outside our 3D range of perception. That’s easy to understand.
So — from the perspective of three dimensions our vantage point of the entire rest of the universe is very limited indeed unless we consciously and purposefully broaden that vantage point by practicing the aforementioned energetic (and often telepathic) interface.
There is a whole lot more going on out there amongst the stars and planets than we perceive in our present state of conscious awareness.
Later — I discovered that the purpose of the “light language” we were experiencing was in order for us to begin to learn how to think holonomically rather than linearly — and such communication was already taking place all over planet earth — mainly with the civilian populations — since the military was only interested in gaining technology for their power hungry masters and — of course — advanced “super” weaponry.
The huge scale of this is not known because the various genuine contactees experience almost total memory loss during their “missing time.”
However — some do indeed retain (or remember) their memories of it in order that knowledge about this ongoing ET communication will be spread by those telling the stories of what happened to them.
Actually — it is told by some “government whistleblowers” that the militaries from various countries around the world — including the U.S. — have aggressively fired upon these visitors with particle beam weapons and done so without reason nor provocation — and have occasionally been able to bring one down — or so the reported legends go.
That is according to military “leaked” information which may be a total fabrication.
The military wants to appear to have some semblance of control over this phenomena — in order to better maintain their dignity — respect — and personal job as “National Defenders.”
It is really quite frightening to them to be confronted with a strange force which regularly defies the known and accepted “laws of physics” upon whom no one can enforce a “no fly zone.”
In reality — the military does not have the slightest control over the UFO/ETI phenomena.
OR — both Eddie and myself have completely misinterpreted this experience.
Yes — that is — and will always remain — a possibility which I cannot deny — until my return to full consciousness about who and what and why I am incarnated here.
I think such uncertainty is a pre-planned part of ET contact — or else — unknowingly — Eddie and I were part of a highly classified and highly deceptive MILAB.
My innermost intuition tells me that was not what happened in our case.
Peace be unto all — and may the Prime Universal Thought be your continual intention and guide.