Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just got home from Merespell. Friday night was quiet. Sunday morning woke up up about 11am with an odd thing. BLUE marks that would not rub off, one on my stomach about the size of a silver dollar about 2 1/2 inches above my belly button and some marks across my face to the right like where a tube would go run from my mouth across my from my mouth to the bottom of my ear, a tube about 3/4 inches in diameter. I haven’t seen blue marks before. They won’t rub off and are much paler than the green, quite odd.

I have been rather nauseous the last 4-5 mornings and sometimes during the day. The fever I have been having problems with for the last 6 weeks is still coming on and off. I’m still so very very tired. I am going to try to go to sleep early tonight. Early for me anyway.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Woke this morning to find markings all around my nostrils. Doesn’t show well in the picture but they are bright green in real life. Have No memory of this one and no other markings. I will have to wait until tonight to check the bedroom it’s a bright bright sunshiny day (there was a song about that, gosh I am showing my age LOL).

Monday, June 1, 2009

Well another visit last night. at Merespell. An interesting thing happened though. As I was reading about an hour before bed. I saw a shadow that should not have been there moving. It was quite thin. I had lamps on no overhead light at all. It moved about 18 inches then disapeared because the wicker rocker blocked it. That’s when I knew they were there. I have no idea how they can be there and not be seen but they were. The main room which is dinning, living and kitchen, the kitchen is on one wall, is a rectangle, no halls. Just one room with the bedrooms, bath and pantry room doors opening right into the main room. But the shadow was there, it should not have been, there was no one else in the room and it moved……. It was only about 4 inches wide and it stretched from the wicker end table (where the lamp, which was one of the light sources was, to the wicker rocker which was about 2 1/2 feet). Here is a living room pic and a pic of the mark they left on me it’s n my left hip. I also found huge areas of plasma (for lack of a better word) stains all over the drapes and bedspread. I didn’t have my camera with me only the black light. I will take pics of those next weekend. . ……

Monday, June 1, 2009

Here is the mark I woke up with the next morning, it stayed clear through my shower, a day in the sun on the boat, sun screen and clothing. I took the picture about 1 am on monday morning and this occurred sometime after midnight on Sat.night. /Sund. morning. I waited so long to take the picture because I had forgotten my camera.
summer 036

There is more space between the rocker and the end table than there seems to be and the rocker was pushed away from the table/furniture group a bit. The lamp by the window was on and casting the shadow. The unexplainable moving shadow was between the lamp and the rocker. I was sitting in the chair in the left side of the photo. The shadow moved from near the curtain all the way across the side of the rocker then was dissipated by light from this side of the room. Although I watched carefully I could not see any more “incorrect” shadows.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

They came again, different MO I think. I only had small mark on me and one spot. The mark in the pictures was on my right thigh on the outside. IT was where someone would pick me up. I took samples. It was very small about the size of a man’s thumb.

When I went to take pictures the flash went off twice before I got it off then when I looked at the pictures I realized there was a small bruise under the mark exactly the same size. Whatever marked me used some force if I push on it at all it hurts. Bastards…

light spot 001

light spot 004

I had gone to bed at 5am. The same thing of the house seeming visually a bit wavy or “alive” like I could see the molecules happened again. I woke up at 5:30 hubby was awake too and he is a very hard sleeper. I saw the tiny lights that are so small they look like tiny pixy lights all around the room and the odd shadows that look like storm clouds. I watched while they went away then went back to sleep. Woke with the typical blinding headache. It stayed all day finally slowed down after I took a migraine pill about 3pm. I am very sick to my stomach.. managed to keep a little food down.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I have learned there a great deal of difference between seeing the evidence of something and experiencing it wide awake. I have decided to post a slightly edited edition of the email I sent to my dearest friend after being awake during an exam and some sort of surgery by the Extra Terrestrials. I will never be the same nor will my outlook on life.

I’s 3;30 I wish I could call you. I am very shaken but ok. I am more shaken for the world than myself. God help us all….
The right side of my face is still numb it’s 7 minutes after they left it’s almost gone. The sharp pain is almost gone. I cannot smell wait.. I can still smell them…they smelled like dog excretions… It’s on my left shoulder… Oh God disgusting. I could not see them, the minute I sat up they were gone. ok; see, NO hear NO feel YES smell YES I do not know how long it lasted I am guessing 20 minutes.

I woke to a light in my room and knew they were there. I made the choice to play “sleeping’. I was on my right ride. Hubby was in front of me. there were at LEAST 3 maybe as many as 5. IN the bed with me. I could have moved any time, it was hard not to but I decided not to, so I didn’t. I felt as if I were floating up, becoming lighter. First my hands went very very numb but I could still move them, then my feet/ankles. I was wearing ear plugs through them I could hear a buzzing noise like a fly . But then it stopped. After I went numb they seemed to stop, maybe because I was thinking about them? so I began to put up a false dream shield of (my horse)and I and I remembered and took careful notes of what they were doing under it. Then the bed bounced and I started to feel numb a little bit all over, I kept testing to see if I could still move I would move a toe and a finger and tighten a muscle, then there was a long wait, I smelled their nasty smell and waited.. then felt pressure on my face on the left side, something was inserted way up inside my left nostril, I think they removed what was put in there last night then there was movement around my back but nothing seemed to be done to me there.

There were random movements on the bed as they moved around. Then there was a numbness all around my face on the right like at the dentist and they put something up my nose in the right nostril and it hurt like hell, It was so hard not to move, a tear came out of my right eye, I was barely able to keep the dream shield up for the pain but I did there was so much Novocain type stuff that my mouth fell open and I was drooling and it hurt really bad way up in my head. It was very hard to keep my breathing normal, the dream screen up, observe and not react to the pain, then when the little bastards started bouncing around I about freaked out and jumped up and hit one but I didn’t. Then when the pain was the worst I heard my breath coming out like it was in a tube it was whistling. Then they all bounced when they left and I woke up, the numbness was gone in my body except my face. They were gone and the tiny lights that are there all the time when they come were there.
It was like the instruments were not solid. It was as though they were made of air. They never really touched me. I would feel them but not really feel them. My nerves were not registering them on my skin. The hairs in my nose were what felt the insertion. I got the black light out but could not find anything. I took a q-tip out and tried to get anything out of my nostril but could not.
How am I supposed to sleep???????I cannot really think very straight right now. It’s been almost an hour and my nose inside still hurts.

I woke the next day with a blinding headache that lasted all day until about 7pm


Monday, September 14, 2009


Decided to check myself today. Both of my ears had plasma/ the blue stains on them. That’s a new one.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of your ear??? ROFL??? Well don’t bother LOL. It’s damn hard and while juggling a plugged in black light it’s impossible. Trust me!