I remember the first time I met them. I was seven years old and was very close with my older brother. He was ten at the time. We lived in LaPorte Texas. The year was 1976.

We had been at my grandmothers house all day, decorating pumpkins and just hanging out. I was tired so, about ten pm, we walked out of her house and toward home. It was only a block walk with my uncles house between ours and grammas.

I remember my brother teaching me about the constellations as we walked. The night was clear and breezy, the stars bright and stunning. No street lights blocked our view of the sparkling gems above.

As we started past my uncles house, my brother stopped and stared into the sky, his eyes growing wide with wonder. He whispered “What is THAT?” and pointed up at a star that seemed to be getting brighter and nearer. He started getting excited and grabbed my arm, whispering excitedly “Oh Jesus they ARE real! Look sis LOOK!”

I was confused and tried to understand what he was talking about, watching this light slow and lower to the ground. It was shaped like a triangle with the top fourth sliced off. It hovered a foot or two from the ground in my uncles yard and the light dimmed.

The outside of the craft was a dark grey, a light came from a slot which opened in the side. I remember being terrified, pulling my brothers arm as I tried desperately to drag him toward our house. He refused to leave, saying he would protect me, that he wanted to see them. He wanted to talk to them…

The being which emerged from the ship was like a praying mantis, golden in the light which shone from behind him. He lifted his arm and held it out to us. I couldn’t move, even though I was desperately trying to. I remember being lifted from the ground and floating toward him, into the ship and hearing the door swish shut.

My brother and I were taken into a room with three tables and I was lifted onto one by a short grey being. it’s hands felt like cold frog flesh and I remember shuddering at the touch.

There was a feeling of utter peace as I heard “Don’t fear child” but only in my head. The taller grey told me to lay down and I laid on the cold metal table. My clothing was removed and there were lights over my hips, ankles and chest. I thought about my brother, wondering where he was and I heard his voice in my head, the feeling from him was pure terror. He told me he was sorry, he should have listened to me, he was wrong and that he was so sorry. Then a tall grey stepped between us and the communication was cut.

I heard my brother scream, with my ears, then he went silent.

The short greys turned a light on over my head and moved it downward toward my belly. I heard a soft humming then felt unbearable pain in my belly button. I remember screaming, the large grey placing his three fingered hand on my eyes…

Then we were standing in my uncles yard in total darkness. I could hear my mother crying. There were police at our house when we came in and they asked us where we’d been. We had been gone from my grandmothers house for 3 hours. When we told them aliens had us, they laughed and the police left.

When my mother was helping me get ready for bed, she saw a mark on my stomach and bruising. The next day they were gone. My brother and I talked about it later and we agreed not to talk about it because the more we tried to get mom to believe us, the worse upset she got.

It took my brother and I almost 40 years to talk about it again.