This is my first post. Yesturday the planet experienced a large geo storm rated Kp8. In the excitement of things, last night around 9:10pm arrived at the spot at 9:13pm, decided to go out of the village to view the aurora. While sitting in the car with headlights off and getting a really good look into the sky as the aurora changed in density and sometimes beams would come out of the top. The color was green and white. When you would relax your eyes you could see a bit of red/pinkish areas above the main body. Shortly after observing, about 4mins approx, I noticed a light that was brighter then any of the known stars in the viewing area. It would appear very bright and then dim when both myself and daan would look at it together for several moments. It did this dimming also when a car would pass on the road we drove off of when we decided on this spot. We watched the aurora to the north again for a few mins then could see to the west of our vision the light get bright again. Was interesting and seemed that the UFO was also observing the light show. The aurora was changing shape and really giving a nice display in the distance at that point. Suddenly it looked like a subtle change in the position of the UFO light. It moved slightly northeast closer to where we were parked. This sparked more of an interest in it from us and I felt myself more compelled to watch the light then I did the aurora. Within moments both Daan and I felt the same urge to leave because it was an instant concious awareness that the light was also observing us as we were it. Daan is usually unaware or numb to any thought vibrations of others . When he confirmed what I had also felt just then I knew it was something unusual and I could not ignore it. I started up the car and we drove back into town. The light disappeared after we were back on the main road. I looked back often and also used my mirrors and it was no where to be seen. No trees to obstruct any view of the sky on this particular road either. The rest of the time we sat at the park on the edge of town watching the aurora. The light did not reappear for the rest of the night and the stars all around were very bright and visible. It was clearly something that could not of been mistaken for an airplane, bright star, or drifting lantern balloon. Its stationary positions and ability to dim itself at will are not characteristic of any airplanes or balloons when the air is slightly breezy. Was an exciting night. Hope others were able to feel or see the storm effects in action. ^-^””””” I’ve not once ever posted anything about UFOs before. I do not know why I find myself doing so now other then it feels necessary to share. Perhaps tonight some of the northern states and countries will be able to see the amazing aurora again as its dying down.