During the overnight hours of June 17 into June18, I was brought out of a deep sleep by what I can only compare to the sound of my Chihuahuas (I have three) paws on the wood floor running around in one spot. And there was another sound with it. I took a quiet count of how many of my doggies were with me in bed. My oldest cannot hear well and sometimes gets stuck off the bed while getting water.

I determined all my doggies were with me. I did this with very little movement, and by playing asleep. I continued to hear the sound. It was in the dining room area of our little house. Our floors are all bamboo. I have heard the sound before.. but this time, this particular morning it was much more apparent and I could hear the sounds better, for a longer time. I continued to “play” asleep by not opening my eyes, keeping my head covered up, and breathing as if I was asleep and not moving.

There were times the sounds seemed to go farther away… and then, as I went back into sleep the sound would grown louder. I played around with this effect which I was “sleeping.” Then as I was trying to determine what the sound was my empathy and personal “RADAR” (Instinct) kicked in as to “what is that sound?” I suddenly had the distinct impression that whatever was out there, visiting, from wherever or whatever time/place/etc. was INSECT like. And I was suddenly afraid to go out there to see what the noise was from.

I knew deep down that there was no way I could “catch” sight of whatever was out there. So I decided to go asleep. So I was almost asleep. And there was a distinct male voice that said to me “Are You Ready?” and I went to sleep…

I woke up remembering all of this, I am writing it down here as a place to keep track of what happens to me either in dreams, or daily.

I am a long time experiencer of alien(?) visitations, as well as paranormal phenomena. Thank you or stopping by to read my new blog here. I write about events that have really happened to me and that are on going. I am not a professional writer or author.