The Goals of the Stellarpax Community

  • To bring Experiencers, Contactees and Abductees together to create an online village and community of support, caring and personal expression.
  • To give Experiencers and those who support them a community where they can be anonymous and free from discrimination and harassment
  • To give Experiencers a platform from which they can share their experiences using words, drawings, pictures or videos
  • To give Experiencers a place to discuss all aspects of the extraterrestrial presence without fear or ridicule
  • To help Experiencers find the service providers and goods needed to help process and understand their ET interactions and experiences

 Features of Stellarpax

Profile Page – See a lovely sample profile

Your profile page is the base of your identity at Stellarpax.  When you use any of the site’s features and people click your avatar it will lead back to your profile.

On your profile page you will have the following;

  • View Your Profile
  • Update Your Profile
  • Change Password
  • Add Music, Videos or Pictures
  • Your social Connect Addresses, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Make Blog Posts, with images or without
  • A list of your last 20 blog entries

Your Profile

  • Add your avatar
  • Customize,  Only filled out questions will be visible
  • Chose for your email address to be available or hidden
  • Give your social Media pages so others can find you on the web

    Uploads to share

  • Add pictures
  • Add music
  • Add video


  • Add your own personal Blog to the site
  • Use just Text, just a Picture or both
  • Your last 50 blog posts will show up for others to see

Search the Site, Members List or Forum

  • Search through the articles and all the members blog entries for keywords or authors.
  • Use the members directory to search for people you know or people close by
  • Search the Large forum for keywords or author

Experience Pages

  • Share your experiences and read about other People’s experiences
  • We Currently have;

Grey ETs  –  Humaniod ETs  –  UFOs  –  Ghosts & Entities

With more to come if requested!

Large Forum

  • Have a question? Information to share? Found a great site?
  • Share it! Our Forum will handle up to 200,000 posts!
  • The questions will be based on user suggestion and chosen by a member poll
  • We will be adding general polls available to members and some to the public
  • We will be adding the features that members request whenever possible!

The Fine Print & Other Things You Should Know

#1  We respect and protect your privacy

#2 We are here to stay

  • Stellarpax is a privately held domain being used and hosted on a privately paid for server. We own or have absolute rights to all of our software.
  • We cannot be shutdown or charged more if we grow like many of the “free to setup” nings and “free” communities
  • We are not a part of any other site such as Facebook
  • All domain and hosting fees are paid by donation (PLEASE help, see the footer for more info) or by Dana Donlon
  • There will not be any advertising on this site other than the amazon referral program that Stellarpax may use to offer relevant book or merchandise
  • If there comes a time when this site charges a small fee for it’s use if you cannot pay or do not see the value you will only have to notify us. NO ONE will ever be excluded for lack of funds.
  • We do NOT share your information with anyone.
  • Only other members can see your posts.


Stellarpax is a service to others oriented website.

  • No porn or graphic sex. Be tactful if  sharing a sexual experience.
  • Do not use any part of Stellarpax to attack another person, company or website.
  • Do not solicit money from others
  • Be kind. Being hateful to others is not allowed. If you must disagree do so nicely. You may attack a topic but not other members.
  • Do not share your account, give your password to anyone or open 2 or more accounts.
  • Please do not post copyrighted material unless you are the author


  • Post a profile picture/avatar

Using the default image leads to confusion as to which member has posted something

  • Use your chosen user name on the large forum. The large forum is set up on our server but is separate from the membership software so please use your login name when posting
  • Join under an alias if you want to. Please feel free to create a new email and new identity for joining stellarpax. If this is the first time you will have discussed your experiences doing so will keep you safe from searches done with your real name.
  • Contact us if you have any issues with the site, a feature or another member. Email us at

Please join us and participate! Make this YOUR site!

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