I made my mind to write my E.T. contact experiences in English.

I was thinking about it, I done writing in Japanese and already published one book in Japan in this particular subject.

I think majority of this site communicate with English so, I’m going to try writing in English.

So since my English is second language, please understand it.

My very first UFO sighting was I was 7 years old.

I was with my boys from school, we are playing at school ground, it was after the school, late afternoon, and then we saw a gigantic flying abject, was like saucer dish, color was dark gray, and it very slowly fly over toward near by mountain.

At that point we all were too young, just a child, didn’t have any concept or idea of UFO.

We all wondered, but we couldn’t understand what it was, and then forgotten.

That particular age of 6, 7 until 10 ish, I had very peculiar nightmare frequently.

Most strange thing about this dream experiences are, some how I knew I will going to have that dream before I’m going to bed.

When I sensed it coming, I didn’t want to go sleep because its very scary.

That dreams are horrified me each time.

In that dreams, I am in the pitch black tunnel with very narrow pathway.

I need to walk through this dark tunnel by myself, there were no company of any kind, I just got to toward the bright light, or left it behind.

I was so afraid of fall down, beneath the pathway runs some sort of big river, it was very chaotic and scary.

Somehow I knew I supposed not fall down there.

I don’t remember when I stop dreaming about it, but somehow its gone from my child life some point.

When I look back thinking about that peculiar dreams, I think Child me was visiting other side frequently, I just didn’t know what it was about, because of memory of that dreams are very limited, I only remembered the worst part of it.

When I was young, I was very different, feels different than others, even with my own family members.

I felt I was adopted from some where or I am not really related with my family, at all.

I knew my parent had me, but from my perspective, I couldn’t fit in. I couldn’t understand them, and they couldn’t understand me either. When I was in school, same thing, in high school, same thing, and I started to work, same thing. I couldn’t understand human behavior, or simply what a humans are.

My adult life been filled with paranormal phenomenas.

It became insane some point, especially E.T.s were seriously interacting with me. I will write this later.

I didn’t know I am very psychic to have unusual E.S.P. senses, until I was 26 years old(1991).

Year of 1991, I visited Peru, at there, my life changed, a word “changed” is not the right word, my life been “altered”.

My life with E.T. starts from there.

In 1990, fIrst week of May, suddenly I had vey high fever, and the hepatic symptom, next day I was hospitalized.

Doctors couldn’t find any possible causes, there were no viruses in my system, they cut my stomach open to took tissue samples and looked my liver through microscope, they didn’t find anything.

My liver counts was very high and Doctors were concern about developing liver Cirrhosis. When I was in Hospital, they told me if the symptoms keep remain same condition, highly likely I’m going to have Cirrhosis, and then within 2~3 years, Liver cancer, then without Liver transplant, I will die.

Well, I didn’t want to die such a young age.

Doctors did the best they can, we tried western medicine, which was highly addictive, but it was t working at all.

We also used Eastern medicine and it didn’t work either.

I was suffered hepatic symptoms such as exhaustion, less appetite, I was always tired and depressed.

Since my Doctor told me about potential death could be ahead waiting me near future, I wasn’t ready at all, and I was so scared thinking about it.

And then I wanted to know what will happens me after dead, so I started to read many of books about life after dead.

And it naturally lead me to read many of spiritual books, and I found a book “Out of a limb” written by Shirley MacLaine.

Some how I was very fascinated by that particular book, and I continues to read her other books.

And I was reading her up coming book that time “Going within”, everything stared to change.

She introduced many of alternative healing methods, such as Healing meditation with Images, Chakra Meditation, Acupuncture etc. Since all of medication wasn’t working for me, I had nothing to lose to try it.

So started to meditation with colors, Images, and within a week, I had my first paranormal experience, it was very scary and painful.

I was in sleep, and suddenly I felt extreme pain in my liver, it was unbearable, I almost screamed middle of that night.

Some invisible hands was doing something with my liver.

It was not only one being, I could recognize few, I didn’t know what they are, but obviously those being are came to heal my liver.

In the middle of psychic surgery, I passed out, so I do not remember how it was finished.

That particular time, I was reading a book “Bashar” and its series.

Other experience occurred shortly after, it was same as last time, I wake up middle of night with exquisite extreme pain, and invisible hands doing some sort of psychic surgery to my liver.

That experiences was very scary and shocking same time, but I didn’t stop doing meditation.

After those psychic surgery experiences, things little changed, invisible hands didn’t come to me any more, instead, I felt extreme heart apply to my liver during i’m sleeping, when it occurred, I wake up because of the heart, and felt it for a while, but always I passed out naturally.

And then my liver counts started to drop down, Doctor was surprised, because it happened from no where.

And he asked me what I was doing beside taking medication he prescribed, off cause I couldn’t tell him what is happening, so I told him I started to do exercise and watch my diet.

My liver numbers are downed drastically, but it was still little bit higher than normal range. I’ve been seeing many Doctors and when they saw my liver count, they always think I have Hepatitis C, even I told then I tested Hep C so many times, and never came back positive, but they didn’t believe me, and they want to test again, and result came back always negative.

Later on I found out my hepatic conditions are associate with energetic digestions, it remained slightly higher than normal for quite long years until recent, year 2011.

Back about my invisible doctors, when it happened, I wasn’t connect that experience related to E.T. because I didn’t realized I myself associated with them.

There are tons of interesting episodes towards my very first UFO sighting at Peru 1991, but I cut it shorten because it going to be long to write.

Long story cut shirt, 1990, I was watching a TV movie made by Shirley MacLaine, based on her book, “Out on a limb”, it was 2 Videos, second part she goes to visit Peru with John, a contactee who altered her life path.

When I put second video to player, I felt something vacuuming me up from my body, and also I had first time experience felt 3rd eye vibrating, and Crown Chakra opening.

Simply I was over whelmed so many strange things happened same time.

It was very strong force trying to lift me up, but I was so scared, didn’t want to leave from my body, so I yelled what ever doing it to stop it, that sensation was keep happening until I finished watching the movie.

After that experience, I strongly felt I need to go there, PERU, to visit Macchupichu and Sacred Valley of Incas.

When I decide to go there, opportunity came quick, my friend hand me out the information about Peru tour held by publisher of Bashar book in Japan.

I grabbed it, I didnt know what kind of tour at first, and who was leading the tour.

Later on I found out, tour leader is a contactee and trance channel.

So, I went to Peru with 36 people with a contactee.

And I saw my first time UFO sighting from airplane window.

Jet was still flying above Amazon rain forest.

My seat was left side window, and I saw big bright golden orange light next to wing.

At first, I couldn’t get it.

I have no idea what it was.

My images of UFOs are more likely some sort of aircraft, or flying saucer, so I couldn’t connect it to UFO.

But obviously I was seeing a unidentified flying object, but it wasn’t seems like any object or any kind…

It was huge bright light.

it didn’t moved and accompany with our airplane for quite long time, and then It moved ahead slowly and disappeared from my eye sight. This means that thing is flying faster then airplane.

about a minutes later, it cam dawn backward, and stayed for awhile.

and it slowed speed a bit and disappeared backward.

a minutes later, it came back, and stayed for awhile.

and then it moved slowly upward and disappeared from my eye sight.

I watched it with a lady behind my seat.

We both wondered what is was, because we both never saw that kind of thing in our life.

I asked this to tour leader after we arrived to the hotel in Downtown Lima, he told me it was UFO and he was surprised me already saw it from inside of Airplane widow.

My association with E.T. was begin like that.

And it was jut beginning, during I was in Peru for nearly 2 weeks, I saw it almost every day.

Early in the early morning, in day time, evening, and midnight.