I always hear high pitched frequencies, if there’s anything plugged into the wall… I can hear those frequencies (sound waves?) until’ you pull it out, it doesn’t completely shut off just get a lot quieter.

A few nights ago I was hearing several high pitched frequencies, all had different tones, some pulsed fast, some pulsed slow, some just rang in my ear… I got goosebumps everywhere on my body but at different times, and it felt like a vibrating sensation in my neck.

I felt energy, but it has been since I had been over a year since I decided to catch it on video with my phone. The video is way too long to post, I’m in the process of trimming it to get it small enough to post… but here are some pictures from it.

I have the flash on but you can’t tell, it’s propped up against a chair, and I am sitting down two feet away trying to communicate with the energies.

“Lots of high frequencies ringing and pulsing in my ear, I feel energy. Are there any orbs here? THANKS!”

“Are there any energies with me?”

“You’re sucking my energy right from me aren’t you?”

There are over… 15 different orbs in this video.

This is the first video I have taken in a new room that I share with my babygirl.

This is the beginning of the video.

See for yourself.