How to use Stellarpax’s Interactive Features

Profile Editing & Options


Your profile and your profile page are the foundation of everything you do here at stellarpax. People will find you, read your work, see your pictures and videos, send you instant messages and more from your profile page. The key to being unique and recognizable here on stellarpax is to choose an avatar that suits you and your personality. We would love it if everyone would upload a photo of themselves but if you decide that is not for you pick one that shows who you are.

Let’s start at the beginning. After you register and have been verified you will need to fill out your profile.Login from the home page at the bottom then click the top tab that says ‘Your profile’ and it will take you to your profile page. Once there find the ‘edit’ button at the top. Click this and the page will reload into an editable profile.

NOTE ; Usernames must not contain a space. If you have created a name with a space your profile will not show up or be editable. Please contact us via email at and we will email you and let you know how to proceed.

If you have issues logging in do not use capitol letter in your user name. For example the user name JohnDoe would be johndoe when you log in.




You may enter a personal message where it says “welcome to stellarpax”. Click the pencil and then type a short message. You may change it at any time by clicking the pencil again or delete it by clicking the x.

To upload a profile picture  (please do!) click the button “Upload a profile picture” then select the file from your computer to upload. Our site only takes uploads under 82kb so if you have trouble check the size of your picture by right clicking on it and selecting properties, there should be info on the size. When you begin any uploads a green line will appear. Wait for the green line to go all the way across then the profile picture you have chosen should show up. To change profile pictures choose the remove button and then add a different picture.




The next items are the follow and following numbers. These reflect how many are people are following you and how many you are following. Beside these on the right is the tab for instant messages. If you wish to message someone either follow a link to their profile or use the members directory search to find them then click the message button. To see your messages click on the message button on your profile.


The “following” feature is an easy way to keep track of your favorite members. As we grow and have many hundreds of members or even thousands this will act as a bookmark for your favorites. The “followed” feature just shows who is watching you for news, articles, comments and pictures.

This is how another person’s profile will look.



This is what appears on your profile




The biography field is down a bit from your name. The biography is what will show up below any blog posts that you make. So when you make a blog post and people click it, that blog post will show up on it’s own page and will have the post and the social icons to share the post then at the bottom it will have a biography box like this with your avatar and your biography information. If you leave the biography field blank the biography box will show just your avatar. Here is an example of a biography box.




The fields that you do not wish to fill out will simply be ignored and not shown when others view your profile. But two areas you need to pay attention to are the email choice box and the phone number check box. These boxes allow you to hide your email address and phone number  or to make them public. If you enter them and click hidden the admins will be able to see them but no other users.  Check the box to hide your info, leave it unchecked to make your email available. It looks like this;



Then go ahead and fill out whatever parts of the profile you wish. many are text which means you may simply type in what you wish. On the ones that offer a selection you may also type in another answer.

To add a video go to youtube (or any other wordpress supported video format) find the video you wish to share then click the share button, a tab will come up saying “embed” copy the entire embed code into the box and your video will appear. If you wish to post 2 videos then enter the first embed code then hit enter to go to a new line within the box and enter the second code. It will look like this. (If you want to add a video from your computer or phone see the below section on uploading videos, this section is to post videos that are already on the web)




The next section is services for experiencers. This section is added for those few who provide a service of some kind for others. If you don’t offer a service leave this blank and it will not show up on your profile.

The “My online life” comes afterward. This is for your page on facebook, google etc.  To find your facebook homepage click on our newsfeed then click on your picture on the left. Your google and twitter homepages a account name and account name.

Change Your Password


To change your password simply type the new password twice into the fields. You do not need to enter your old password since you are already logged in. It looks like this;



Upload Files From Your Computer


To upload pictures, music or videos. Go to the bottom of your profile form. look for this (minus the pictures of course) ;



To load files choose if it’s photo, video or music and click that button. Then click the upload button.  Then it will take you to a screen to browse your computer for the file. Pick the file you want then hit the ok button. A green line will appear. WAIT! when the green goes all the way across then disappears  the file NAME will show up above the upload button. Now click on the save file button at the bottom of the profile. To remove a file simply hit remove. If you have trouble uploading a file check the size by right clicking the file while it’s in your computer and choosing properties,  if the size is over 82kb then the file is too large. We do not control this our hosting company does.


Deleting a Profile

We do not allow members to delete their own profiles. This is not because we wish to control everything it is because deleting a profile does not remove blog posts. If for some completely  unimaginable reason you no longer wish to be a member just send us a PM or an email and let us know. You should hear from us within 24 hours.


To contact other People

There are several ways to contact other people. One is to click on their picture in the members directory, in the social wall click the person’s picture or in an author box click the person’s name. Once you are at their profile you may choose to comment on their profile or just leave them a comment, follow them or send them an instant message.

PRIVATE MESSAGES – To see all of your private messages at once run your curser over the “My Profile” tab, under it is the tab “Your Private Message Log” this page will list all of your private message conversations.

To Be Contacted by Other People

An Instant Message window will pop up if you have been sent an instant message. Check the bottom of your profile and the bottom of your blog posts for comments and reply.


Most pages of Stellarpax have a bookmark option at the bottom. To use simply click add bookmark. You may also add your own categories.

Making Blog Posts

Unfortunately at this time our software does not allow you to edit or delete a post once it has been posted. If you need blog post deleted please PM an admin (Dana or Terry).

There are three different types of blog posts that members can create. A text post is just that, text. When posted the default picture will show up for that post.
Members may also make an image post with or without text. Simply make your post then click add a feature image, select the image, a green line will come across and the image will show on your screen, then click the publish button .
When creating a video post fill in the title then place the URL (the address showing in the address bar like, with any text you desire in the content box. Then the video you want to show up in your post will show up once published. You may also add a feature image to that same blog post (look above for directions) Then click the publish button.

Social Wall Posting

The social wall posting is very simple. Type a comment and click add to wall or click add photos. To add a video use the embed code not the address or url. On youtube go to the video then click “share” then there will be an embed tab. Copy the embed code and paste it into the comment section of the wall. Older comments and posts will be removed when the page begins loading very slowly. The posts removed are chosen by how many responses they have had.

 Comments on Stellarpax

There are many places to add comments at the bottom of the page on Stellarpax. Your first comment will be held for moderation but comments after that will post. If you are going to post comments be tactful and kind.


How to Post on the Tell-About Forum

Click on the topic you wish to post under then you may select a message to read and reply to or select the option start a new topic. Once you make a post you will have 60 minutes to edit or delete it, IF YOU STAY ON THE PAGE. After that it stays. WE DO NOT DELETE MEMBERS POSTS BECAUSE THEY HAVE CHANGED THEIR MIND. To remove forum posts really disrupts the stream and flow of topics and conversations so unless there is a really good reason we don’t remove posts from the forum.

When you post it will ask for your name please use your user name for stellarpax.  When it asks for an avatar you may put an address of any photo or you may leave it blank. Do NOT use another person’s profile or uploaded pictures on your post.

To get the address of your profile picture or other picture here on Stellarpax right click the picture then click open link, then copy the url or address from the address bar and paste it into the slot that asks for avatar address.

To place a picture or link on the Tell-About forum please see the Rules and How To’s Section posts.

The rules are simple;

Be kind

Attack the topic not each other

No advertising of off topic items. ON topic items may be posted once a month. They include books, things like crystals or jewelry or services.

Be tactful if talking about adult topics

There are no swearing rules but don’t abuse this.

Right Click

The right click feature is disabled for non-members.

Promoting Goods and Services

Our attitude is to promote related goods and services whenever possible when they benefit the individual member directly. You are welcome to promote your services or goods just don’t spam them everywhere. A comment about hypnotherapy services for example should be on a thread talking about the subject. If you have a book that is self-authored let us know and we will try and get it on the homepage for you.