The Solway-Firth Spaceman has been debated for many years. Even today you will find “amateur” sleuths saying that Spaceman was Elizabeth Templeton’ (sitting with flowers)mom but even Elizabeth’ dad Jim (was a fireman at the time of picture) has documented numerous times in his own words, that his wife an other daughter were still walking up to where Elizabeth and her dad were at, already snapping pictures.
Shortly after the pictures were developed and the Spaceman showed up in a middle frame, Jim Templeton made a point of stating that he took 3 photos of her as she sat (just as you see) but the Spaceman didn’t turn up till the middle frame.

I had never even heard of the Solway-Firth Spaceman till two years when I stumbled upon a documentary (that had that story plus others in the doc.) I remembered that this part of our trip was the last stop, before he brought me back home. My recall of the entire event was “from sitting in his ship (behind where he is standing) and aerially as we landed and took off.” And of course the other details. But even after I saw the documentary two years ago, it didn’t really sink in. It took me looking up numerous “aerial views” before I could actually identify that as the place we went… and even now I still shake my head in disbelief. As I said in Part I… to me it was very serious that “someone might spot him” mostly because of what their reaction would be to him if his helmet was off… but just not sure why I would fear they would hurt him somehow. At the same time, as mentioned in Part I…. It was hilarious and my ribs hurt laughing and laughing so hard because in his head he was saying telepathically, “Isn’t it a lovely day for the park….” etc. his comments were hilarious to me, hilarious because he was being so casual about what he was doing. So from where I was inside the ship, they can’t see him but I could see him just fine walk all the way (to behind Elizabeth) and back with no problem. I’ll never know WHY no one else could see him except in a photo. Nor could they see the ship at all which was just about a hundred yards or so away if where he is in photo and just turned on his heel and walked to the ship. Previous to the Solway-Firth we were at Big Sur, Calif. HOW ON EARTH did he perfectly time that photo??? I will never know. And as stated before I was found missing for two days back at my home. All three incidents, 1)The Blue Streak Missile launch cancellation, 2)the Atlas launch at Vandenberg – UFO incident, and 3)The Solway-Firth Spaceman were all different dates spanning almost 5 1/2 months time in 1964… yet I was missing two days.