Continuing the thread from the last post… I first and foremost would not want to appear that I am purposely being critical of the individual (Kingston George) who seemed obviously frustrated wondering aloud (yelling) what was a very young child doing “spying” on them or wandering around the mountains without her parents. I feel this needs a bit more explanation.
He may have never had any intention towards action in a physical way (possible physically violent tendencies) but his right arm was extended ‘prone’ with his palm wide open (in front of his body, not to his right side as if to ‘balance’ himself while descending) and held like this even while he navigated the steep descent down into the gully towards me. Through a child’ eyes, through MY eyes at 5 years old the fact that he kept his arm like this while trying to get down a steep slope (using only his left arm to balance himself down the slope) indicated to me when he reached me he would have grabbed me, REGARDLESS if his intention was not to harm me it was intent to a physical action. This isn’t a 5 years old perception ANYONE would have thought the same under those circumstances. This my first experience with clearly an off-world Being who took me into his ship warping / bending Time…
really would have been significantly enough in itself. I am giving as many details as I can possibly remember at this juncture.
My emphasis in Part II (D) regarding me being transported down to “to spy” on the camera / scope crew IS BECAUSE I witnessed at least three other men run over to (Kingston) to see why he was yelling and they watched him descend into the gully yelling at me. I witnessed them. The Being witnessed the whole event perched above the trail. One OBVIOUSLY witnessed it (Kingston) he reacted~!! Did the few men gathered at his side for a few moments, all there, or one or two witness me at any stage of standing up in the gully, or disappear while I was running? How much of it was discussed later on? What was their perception of what Kingston was yelling at and about? How many asked him (Kingston) what had happened in his view and then told him what they may have seen ? Was it discussed amongst any of them in social circles ? All of these questions (and more) are pertinent. Every detail that can help spark a memory of those moments, IS pertinent.

More than just certain am I….. SOMEONE THERE retold, discussed, made jokes about it at a dinner/party/gathering (what-and-wherever) or had scratched their heads over this (part) of my first experience, either to each other, to others outside of the camera / scope crew or in private.

I P-R-A-Y someone “in the know” from these events would chance to read this post here at Stellarpax (before memory is betrayed by the aging process, before too much time has passed, or very sadly those involved “pass”)

This video is called: “UFO Cover Up at Vandenberg Air Force Base – Prof. Robert Jacobs Testimony”

This part of my first experience would be incomplete an it would be negligent at best on my part without discussing the WELL RESPECTED, very intelligent and VERY BRAVE Professor Robert Jacobs who is currently (as far as I know still is teaching) a professor at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, where he instructs and advises radio & television majors.
Dr. Robert Jacobs is brave for many reasons. In 1964 Lt. Robert Jacobs was officer in charge of Optical Instrumentation Photography at Vandenberg Air Force Base in the 1369th Photo Squadron, to photograph every missile that went down in that (particular) Western test range. It initially appeared that the “stages” of the missile broke apart as they were expected to, according to Jacobs and returned to base to have the film developed. Shortly there after Jacobs was asked to a meeting with Maj. Florenze Mansmann ( whom I believe was his CO or commanding officer at the time) along with the Chief Scientist and his assistant and “three men dressed in suits” (not in uniform) who never identified themselves. Before his death (after an apparent long battle with or recurrent cancer) Maj. Mansmann stated in writing in a letter, dated March 6th, 1987 that he himself had viewed the film 4 times in official capacity (which includes the above meeting with the “suits” to total “4 times”) and Lt Jacobs himself reviewed the film in quality control and the (above) mentioned meeting with the “suits” for a total review of 2 times.
the film of the UFO firing its weapons to destroy a dummy warhead on the Atlas missile that was launched from Vandenberg AFB, approximately Sept. 15th, 1964 for those not familiar with the story can be read in Dr. Robert Jacobs own words (which is reprinted from the MUFON UFO Journal, Issue number 249) HERE:

I have never met Dr. Robert Jacobs personally or professionally. The first time I saw any filmed interviews or even read his version of the Atlas Missile UFO incident at Big Sur also referred to as “The Vandenberg UFO incident.” Dr. Jacobs is very brave for having endured the subsequent military cover-up, tolerated the criticism, middle of the night (childish) prank phone calls, his mailbox being blown up by an explosive device, threats, harassment, and problems endangering his work… all for telling the truth.

I for my part have tried to find a way to contact (preferably email) but ANY contact information would be welcome to communicate to him MANY things. Like how important he is to me personally for taking such risks to ensure the truth, how while (Kingston) was yelling at me and lunging towards me, insinuating my parents must have been drunks to leave a little girl to wander the mountains (and I believe one of Kingston’ comments about my parents that about made me cry, was screaming at the other men, “They are probably F^@&!ng each other behind some bush!!” whilst I, a 5 yr old girl “wandered” the Los Padres mountains when in fact my parents were in S.E. Montana where we lived at the time Kingston was screaming obscenities with 15-20 people searching all over the Cheyenne Reservation we lived on… the search party now in its second day unable to find me; the concerns over missiles carrying nuclear weapons expressly said to me by the Being that “asked me to help;” subsequently the numerous attempts (over decades now) on the part of a secretive shadowy government to silence me (which started only 3-4 years after the Vandenberg incident; which included 2 drugged interrogations, numerous stalking’ over the years and torture) all under the ruse and lies of national security issues (ffs, I was only 5) when in fact those “issues” boil down to hideous-jealous-greed to secretly covet ANY information they can get on ET presence and technology for their own financial gain, since not once whether Vandenberg, Malmstrom or any other UFO incident involving and or concerning missiles, dumby or nuclear warheads has EVER harmed the public at large (except when those warheads are state-sanctioned efforts) and that the only reason it was ever considered an “issue of Nat. (In)Security” is because all branches of the military realized in these various incidents that they are outpaced technologically by 100,000k years, and outpaced Spiritually by at least a MILLION YEARS or more by an ETBE presence. Thank You Dr. Jacobs, you are a commendable human being for enduring the ridicule. And if you do happen to read this (Please read complete Vandenberg incident at this site under, ” Forbidden Weapons: A Blue Streak, An Atlas and a Mysterious Brown-Eyed Man, Part I & II (A-F)” [which is in separated posts instead of one story because of badly needed App for this site software…] And since I can’t seem to find how to contact you publically (understandably, too given everything) I can be contacted at: