This next photo of the Blue Streak launch area and a possible UFO has been debated over for decades. Amateur debunkers have repeatedly said that it was (and to this day) no UFO (where the arrow is pointing to) as well as government officials stating unequivocally there was never any UFO that May 24th, 1964. Many have covered the story through the years but I found something interesting at , Alyssa Braithwaite (2010) which stated in a nutshell, “A mysterious object seen in film footage of British missile testing in the Australian desert in 1964 set off decades of conspiracy theories about evidence of a UFO in the outback. When UK television viewers in the 1960s watched BBC footage of an abandoned test of the Blue Streak missile at Woomera in South Australia, they were shocked by what appeared to be a flying saucer near the rocket launch pad. Many wrote to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) with their concerns, asking for an explanation. The plot thickened in 1996 when English documentary-maker Jenny Randles went to investigate the footage, only to discover the one canister containing the evidence was missing from the National Archives. Her resulting TV documentary, Tales of the Paranormal, was seen by an MP, John Fraser, who launched an inquiry into the incident and the missing footage. But newly released files from the MOD reveal far from being an unidentified flying object, the flying saucer was just a trick of the light. “When they actually looked at the papers back in 1964, British Pathe Film, who were actually there at the rocket launch and made the film, they wrote in to the MOD and said, `yeah there was something on the film but it’s quite clear to us looking at it that it’s an internal camera fault, like a reflection in the lens’,” said David Clarke, author of The UFO Files and a senior lecturer in journalism at Sheffield Hallam University. “It just looks as if it’s an object next to the rocket, but really it’s just a trick of the light (end of quote.)”

As I explained in Part I, the entire time we ‘slowly moved up the road,’ toward the launch pad no one could see us. I would certainly think that the military would have stopped us (or at least tried to) if not for one thing: his ship was cloaked, in “stealth mode.” Bob Lazar refers to this popularly known ‘stealth’ or often referred to term as “cloaked” (invisible) as “Maximum Distortion,”
and even explains it at his website. I also explained Part I that after we got down unto the launch pad area, He pulled a tiny object out of his pocket pointed it at the ship and raised the ship into the air off the launch pad and as He (pointed a tiny “blue metal square object” in his hand at the ship,) the ship moved up into the air and away a distance from the launch pad, for obvious safety reasons: Woomera was about to launch their Blue Streak. This photo illustrates EXACTLY the severe angle He left his ship waiting in the air and while I didn’t mention that EXACT detail in Part I, I do distinctly remember that and thinking (the ship’) severe angle ‘odd’ for (maybe) a couple seconds, after He placed it in the air away from us a safe distance. The reason I wondered about its severe angel? I wondered for a second if any objects would fall about (out of a cabinet, etc.) inside the severely leaning ship, but soon I was distracted with instructions from Him to “move about and look official.” But as I wrote Part I, that tiny detail remembered but omitted seemed unimportant. Look at the photo again. The widest part of it is the saucer itself at an approximate 50 degree angle. To the bottom and top of the widest part (ship) and coming out of the saucer surface or attached to the saucer surface is a “circular conical shape” which could be (although I am not a propulsion scientist) a coronal discharge which happens when there is the presence of high voltage. [Bob Lazar speaks of a “coronal discharge off the bottom of a anti-gravity craft that was tested for him to view how they work, while working for the Gov.@S4, and he explains this at 14:00 min. into this film] at youtube:

When we initially entered the area of the launch pad we were going straight forward and when He lifted the ship with the “gadget” in hand the ship rose straight up as He guided it a distance away. A corona discharge can arc against nearby “objects” and I would assume that would include all the rocket fuel tubing feeding into the Blue Streak missile as well as the metal post that lifts the missile into an upright position. In fact everything there was metal, outside of a concrete platform and a few minor objects, most everything there presented a possible scenario of the coronal discharge “arcing” on something metal.

Regardless of the fact that British Pathe Film are far from experts on what Bob Lazar describes as “Maximum Distortion” which makes a UFO virtually invisible I don’t know about you but I have never heard of anyone being able to fly from Montana to Australia to California back to Australia then back to Montana again simply on “a light reflection.”