This appears to be an original picture (either a still or probably from Super 8 film) of the era. This is the Woomera Blue Streak Missile landing pad, May 24th, 1964 in which “unidentified people in white were seen on security camera milling about only moments before a test launch.” I didn’t note it in the original text but there WERE (and this was explained in detail to close friends as early as 1978) “others with us” and when arrived there and I had thought that it was just him and I there so I asked Him, (the ET) 2 things: ‘Where did THEY come from?’ and “Who are THEY’, he said “They are with us.” But the fact remains that there wasn’t anyone else in the ship with us, throughout the entire experience. NOTE: The two “helpers” in the foreground look ‘strangely flat’ (if the one in foreground (R) turned more completely side-view to camera angle, he’d be flat as a pancake for a human) and the one to the (L) foreground’ head is strangely disproportionately small. ALSO NOTE: The two figures in the background and their difference in height. Look closely at the (R) background figure: if you look closely were the feet are shows black shoes (so they are standing not squatting) and you can just make out the ‘little one’ right arm’ in camera view and I remember feeling the clothes were a bit ‘baggy on me.’

I sure wish I had the means to have Bruce Macabee examine this photo to 1) to bring up the ‘figures’ in photo closer to inspect further; 2) Authenticate, of course, that the photo is not “doctored” in other words authentic and original.

A BRIEF EXPLANATION: I originally had planned on ‘Part II’ being a picture essay of sorts as a supplement to the text of ‘Forbidden Weapons, Part I’… till I remembered the software glitch that only allows one picture per post. The problem was really mine that I needed to post pictures (originally) within the text of this (my first experience) as a further explanation, being more descriptive. I just feel it helps the reader draw up more of a comprehensive picture in their minds of the individual’ experience. Because this was what I would call a ‘unique’ experience in that a number of others had witnessed the (3) different events (The Woomera Blue Streak UFO incident 1964; The Vandenberg Atlas Missile UFO incident 1964; and The Solway-Firth Space Man incident 1964) that I felt pictures taken by either military security, military/civilian personnel, or other eye-witnesses was essential to explain. As readers, keep in mind that while I gave consent (to help this ET) make a point that for the sake of humanity that nuclear weapons should be disarmed and consciously agreed to be a “helper” before being taken up into a ship…. I was still, only a 5 year old girl and (technically) an “abductee / experiencer.”