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I am in an ever-ongoing process of seeking more knowledge and understanding of my own UFO/ETI experiences and I find that input from other experiencers and their many different perspectives does help greatly in increasing my own understanding.

There are several factors in this which must be considered. Here are a few of them:

1) each and every one of us is a unique and sovereign person who has a different set of life experiences and personal interpretation of those experiences.

2) ALL of our life experiences (both good and bad) combine in a synthesis to form our overall outlooks and interpretations of what happens to us. This is especially true when it comes to unusual, paranormal or bizzare events.

3) Whether or not we admit it or not, we are all influenced to some degree by our social consensus realities.

4) Also by the proclamations of professional or popularized “experts” who are recognized by some as innovators in their fields.

5) We are also immediately peaked by WHISTLE-BLOWERS who claim to be government or military “insiders” who report that they have direct hands-on insight into top secret Government Projects — and they often have claimed in the past that they are risking their lives to speak out. With the current situation emerging, it is reported that the Government is WANTING a full and complete disclosure and has told (instructed) the whistle-blowers to tell everything that they know. The problem with this is that while the whistle-blower may believe fully in the truth of what he (or she) is saying he has been (on an almost constant basis) subjected to mind-control (de-briefings) which is FAR more sophisticated than most people can even comprehend.

Is this a problem?


I believe that to discern this requires MUCH groking from many different perspectives.

It is this fifth point which I wish to bring forth in this post.

I have no idea how many of you have been following the recent insider whistle-blower information that is currently taking the entire UFO/ETI field by storm.

This person calls himself Corey/Good ET X SG and is closely associated with both David Wilcock and with Dr. Michael Sala.

David, as many of you know, has been connected with insiders for at least 20 years. He says that he has “vetted” Corey/Goode ET X SG by the normal methods in which such vetting can be done and that is by TRIANGULATION. This means correlation of some of the vital data by TWO other deep “insiders.” That is, a total of THREE.

Now . . .IF IT IS TRUE what Corey is saying about the Secret Space Programs (yes, there are more than one) and the various ETs he claims to be encountering — an entirely new dimension with many new angles is being added to the overall ET understanding.

Some of you reading this may already be looking into this new “blockbuster” information.

I desire some discussion about these so-called paradigm changing disclosures and I desire everyone’s honest input.

Right below this post in the comment section I am offering some links to this information. Please grok this and tell us your impressions. Thank you.



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About the Author:

I was born in El Paso Texas at 12:12 AM July 4, 1942, worked as a professional jazz pianist, caregiver to adults with Developmental Disabilities and/or Retarded Individuals, writer, poet, reseracher -- now totally retired from all main-stream activity. Saw my first UFOs in the summer of 1957. There were three triangular shaped silver objects with a dark spot in the middle of each and were proceeding slowly at low altitude going END OVER END. Two jets from nearby Biggs Field were circling around them. I now know them to have been Top Secret Government Craft (not of extraterrestrial origin) designated the TR-3. On Aug 15, 1967 a friend and myself had an incredible contact experience with UFOs which lasted all night long. That began a life-long contactee experience with extraterrestrial intelligences ever since then. To this day, the meaning and purpose of this contact is still gradually unfolding into my consciousness.

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