Note: My blogs are only done after something occurs to me. So there are spaces in my posts date wise.

I’ve been thinking about this since dreaming? of it. I can’t mention it to other friends (I don’t have many) not even the pagan ones, to no one really, but here I am invisible to the mundane world so I can share to anyone that cares to listen. If you read my sidebar and previous posts, you’ll find a little more about me prior to reading the below, and see the things that I dream about, that happen to me in the “dreams” that I can, or for some reason, am able to remember.

EXAMINATION 03/19/2016
I dreamed I was in a grey area, devoid of color. It was greys and whites, and subtle greys and blues. I was on a table getting an exam. (I hate OBGYN exams and have not had one for many years do to fear of exams.) So here I was on this table, getting an exam. A person? was at the other end. I remember it was the typical exam >except it didn’t hurt< and I was not afraid of it. I was relieved it did not hurt. I thought, "oh I could do this in the real world" (waking reality – not) The person? at the other end told me how well I was doing – don't recall any language spoken, I was in that place where I go when I hurt.

The person? told me how well I was doing and then said, "Oh, there is some blood below the kidneys( I think it said kidneys??) need to do an operation" and after that, I was blacked out, and then I woke up, with just this disturbing "dream" that I know was not a dream and no one to tell it to that would not say ohhhhh it's nothing… But I think they fixed something in me. It was not a warning, I was not told (as I have been before to go to the Dr) they just fixed it. Whoever "they" are. I have had no pain in my stomach area or lower. I use to have IBS really bad but it is gone – but I do watch my gluten intake.

To find out more about me, read my prior blogs. I only am here writing when something has happened to me. I know it's been awhile (a good thing) but here I am again sharing.

I do not know if they were Alien or Government. I had no feeling of the person doing the exam. They were not there to hurt me though. But it seems they did an exploratory on me?

If you have had similar visitations, or insight, share. I may also be messaged privately.