On my first day of kindergarten I remember being in the Cloak Room, which for you younger folks..is a small room that was next to and usually running the length of the regular classroom. It had hooks for coats and benches lined the wall to take off your boots..Yup back in those days we wore rubber boots that covered your shoes..I have little memory of what happened just before, but I am told that right before we were told to get our coats..I went to the cloak room to retrieve my sweater…Next thing I knew I was in an alley about 2 blocks from the school..a couple of hours had passed and a lot of people were looking for me. Because it was my first day it was always believed that I wandered away from the classroom and out the door. It was difficult to tell angry caretakers that I did not know where I had been for a couple of hours. I did not remember leaving school, and I didn’t even realize that any time had gone by. For most of my life I believed that there must have been something wrong with my memory of that day..I never attributed that event to anything paranormal at all..but what remained constant was that there WAS a memory of that day. I have very few childhood memories..and being found on that day is one that has popped into my head so many times even before the time I figured out that something *other* was happening in my life. I find now that when memories keep reoccurring that I need to pay attention to them..that its important and often much more to the memory than meets the eye.


Not sure if or what this is, but if anyone has seen anything similar..I would be interested to hear your story 🙂

When I was in 2nd or 3rd grade I was taken to a friend of the foster mother that I had at the time. The friend, Leonora, lived in the country and I was allowed to stay with her and her boys for about a week in the summer. Leonoras was a place I loved to go, It was peaceful and I felt safe there. There was lots of land and I just hang out in the yard for hours. Upon waking one morning we found the yard glistening with this sparkling , stringy tinsel looking like substance. It covered a very large portion of a very large front yard area. It was obviously not dew and against his mothers wishes one of the boys went out to see what it was. He said it was wet but solid..like jello but more watery. We could tell Leonora was a bit unnerved by it..she kept telling the boys not to go out and especially not to touch it. It was very very sparkly.. It stayed for a couple of hours and eventually it just faded away. The recollection of this event is very recent. I had been discussing Leonora with my brother and the memory came back very vividly.. This kind of recall has happened on quite a few occasions..where I say..WOW..How did I not remember this all my life..Strange..