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Dealing with Abduction

by Dana Donlon

For a long time after my first experience with ET’s I was traumatized. I knew the experience was real; others who were involved validated it for me. But validation does not mean understanding. All I knew was that I had been violated. Would they come back? Would I know if they did come back? What would they do next?

I didn’t sleep, didn’t eat much and lived in a state of terror for many months. Eventually I sought professional help where I was immediately labeled delusional and a liar. I was alone and afraid.

For many abductees that is where they begin emotionally. Although society has become more accepting of those who claim contact with Non-human Entities it is still a difficult path.

The fear, despair and depending on what happened, the shame that comes with being taken against our will is the first stage for many of us. We ARE afraid.

Looking back I have to ask myself why was it so terrifying? The answer came easily. We feel the fear even if unharmed because we have no control. The unknown has frightened humans since the beginning of time itself. Biology, parenting, society and the media all add dimensions to the terror with underlying behavior programs.

Our ancestors knew to run or fight when the unknown appeared. We all know what happens to the girl in the woods who hears the unknown noise in the movie. Our parents taught us to stay close and be aware; the world is a dangerous place.
But none of the programs have rules for the things that are completely out of our reality base so our minds must chose from the programs we already have. We either accept the experience as an attack or for those whose memories of the incident are not overwhelmingly fearful we choose adoration.

For those who chose adoration the next step comes quickly. For those who experienced a situation that can only be described as terrifying the process of integrating what has happened comes much more slowly. If our anger is shoved inside and not dealt with it can turn into depression, if expressed outwardly it can alienate the people we love.

When the experience is traumatic fear of sleeping or of being alone are common issues. We will go to great lengths to avoid repeating the abduction. The truth is that they cannot be avoided. The technology used is so far above our level of understanding that we cannot at this point in time prevent abductions.

I know that was a very frightening statement but it is true. Each of us will handle the fear in a different way. If sleeping with light on or having a bedmate makes you feel better then by all means do so. 1There is no wrong way to help yourself through this as long as it does not harm or have the potential to harm yourself or others.

Being in a state of hyper-awareness is common but is not really helpful or a good thing. All this does is flood your physical body with chemicals which make it hard to sleep and sometimes even function properly.

If the fear is overwhelming ask yourself the following questions and take the following steps:


1. What am I actually afraid of ?

Defining this can be very helpful. For those who were not injured it can be the complete lack of control in the experience. If there was physical injury, pain or intimate violation then the abductee needs to try and put it into perspective. Yes it was done and it was a violation of the worst kind but to overcome the fear it needs to be dealt with and put in perspective.


2 Am I physically all right now?

The truth is if you were not permanently harmed then there is little chance you will be in the future. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. The abductors had the opportunity to do great harm, they did not.
Do be very careful about sleeping with firearms or other weapons nearby in ready to use condition, children may wander into the room and harm themselves or others.


3. Examine your fear, is it time to be frightened?

Most of our fear comes from living in the past or the future. There are very few times when we are in actual danger at that moment. Staying in a state of fear is very damaging to our mental and physical health. When the fear appears ask yourself if there is an immediate threat to be fearful about. Yes there “could” be another interaction but is it happening right now? Then as I have told myself many times “It’s not time to be afraid”.
The following steps can help us through the early emotional stages.


4. Record

Write down what happened. Use a notebook that is specifically for your experiences. Write down what you remember then go back through the experience by each sense. Was there a sound, a taste, pressure on your body, a smell or a color? Even if it seems unimportant or makes little sense write it down. Make sketches of anything you can. Recreate the experience on paper.
Yes you can use a computer instead of a journal but I highly suggest pen and paper


5. Physically examine any areas where there was contact.  Are you marked in any way?

If you were taken from a dwelling a blacklight  (see page on blacklights) can be used to examine yourself and the area. They are available at many large box stores. You will need the kind used to illuminate posters and are quite inexpensive. Children can be checked with the blacklight by making a glow in the dark game out of it. If the incident occurred outside examine the area well for any clues. Take pictures of anything you find that may be relevant.


6. If there were other people who can validate any part of the experience ask for their input. Were you missing for a period of time? Did they see anything? If they were asleep did they experience any vivid dreams?


7. Trust yourself

When things happen that are not in our reality our minds can have trouble excepting them as real. If you are questioning your own sanity then look at the rest of your behavior. Are you still behaving in a normal way? Going to work, school, interacting with family and friends? Then yes you are sane and this did happen.


9. Take care of yourself.

Pay attention to your physical and emotional needs. Be sure to eat, sleep when you can and pamper yourself when possible. If you have been injured or are experiencing illness you may consider seeing a Doctor. Document any physical issues that may be related in your journal.

If you have thoughts about the experience that keep coming into your mind write them in your journal. If there is someone you can talk to about this consider sharing the experience. If you seek help on line understand anyone claiming to be able to stop the experiences and who wants money to do so is a charlatan.

Examine your emotional state. You have been through a life altering experience. Your reality has been changed. The things that you thought were absolute you may now question. Your emotional state may change between anger, fear and wonder depending on the content of your experience. Accept the feelings as they come. Be careful not to internalize the anger or it will turn into depression. Write in the journal, talk to others if you can.


The most common questions at this stage are; “Did this really happen” and “Why me?” Trust yourself, you experienced it, it did happen. None of us know exactly why we were chosen perhaps at some time in the future when open contact occurs we will have an answer.

When the fear begins to subside other question begin tickling our minds. What happened? Why Me? Who Were They?
So you have written it down, hopefully have been talking to someone about your experiences and understand they DID happen and lots of other people have experienced similar things, now what?

The next common questions are:

1. How did this happen?

2. Why did it happen to me?

3. Who are these Beings?

4. What do they want?


The internet is the obvious place to go for this information. The wonderful thing about it is that there is a LOT of information out there. The bad thing about it is that much of the information is guesswork. Finding quality information about the Sentient Non-human Entities is difficult.

The truth is that no one knows exactly which group is which, what they want or how their technology works. There are contactees who may have experienced interactions with one or more groups but not even those who have been aboard ships with total recall can answer all of our questions.

Here is what is known:

1. There are multiple sentient non-human Races visiting our planet.

2. They have technology far beyond what our scientists can understand or create

3. They have chosen to interact with humans and animals

4. They have an interest in our biology and reproduction

5. The different ET races are not all service to self or service to others, they are a mix.
We do not know why:

6. They seem to take a specific interest in certain bloodlines and races of humans

7. The abductions seem to run in families


Here is what we do not know.


3. How advanced their technology actually is

4. What they want


There are thousands of books and papers written on the topic of ET contact. Each adds a piece to the puzzle but the puzzle is still so far from completion that we cannot even see the actual picture.

Each of us will interpret our interactions with these sentient Beings in a different way depending on our own belief systems and our personal experiences throughout our life.

Those who are extremely religious may interpret the interactions as a demonic or angelic experience. Those with a background in science will try to understand the technology they have seen firsthand. Those with medical knowledge will test their bodies for information. There is no right or wrong way to work through an abduction experience. But the fact remains, none of us have completed the puzzle on our own.

The fact remains we will all interpret the interactions in our own way. There is no right or wrong to it. All we can do is understand these are real events, record the interactions and share our experiences when possible to help add pieces to the puzzle.

At this point many experiencers will have thoughts that they do not share with anyone. Am I special? Did they give me some kind of information or powers? Do I have implants? Can I walk through walls? Have I been physically changed in some way? Has information been downloaded into me? What has happened that I can’t remember? Will they come if I call them? Are they interacting with me in my dreams?

All of these are absolutely normal thoughts. When our sense of reality is completely changed we begin to question everything. Suddenly things we took for absolute fact are no longer true. As this new reality begins to change our thinking patterns it can be very frustrating to see the people around us staying locked in a reality we know to be false. We must understand that it takes an event like we experienced to change a person’s reality base. The people around us are NOT going to understand until they have experienced the expanded reality for themselves. We must be careful that our expectations of others does not expand  with our new reality.

Expect not only your outlook on the world but your relationships with others to shift. Be patient with the people in your life. Turn it around, how would you react if they were the ones who had experienced what you have?
True validation of our experiences and expanded understanding that there is more to this reality than we are being told must come from inside of us. We must learn to trust ourselves. If others cannot fathom what we have experienced it is ok.
On a closing note, beware of those who claim to have all the answers. There are no absolute answers yet. Hopefully in the future there will be.


Take care of yourselves
Yes you are Sane
Dana Donlon