Dana, I had a little free time this afternoon (I know, unheard of, right?) and I stopped by the FREE site just to take another look. I noticed your post about using a black light to find markings. Man, I so wish I had thought of that back when some of the weirdness was happening to me out in Jax FL. On a couple occasions, what ever it was left major evidence on my body. Once I woke up with a black eye and bruising on the side of my head. Another time, I had what seemed like a chemical burn on my finger, under my ring. I still don’t know what happened either time, but had I known about the black light, there’s no telling what I might have found. I have a black light just like the one in the picture in your article. If anything else like that ever happens to me again, I’ll most certainly be applying that puppy! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for that information.

I also read a post by Lena Ohlson called “I am Different.” My jaw ‘bout hit the floor when I read that. I don’t have her augmented sensory and I’m no PHD. But most of the rest of her story almost sounds like she is describing my life. Although my NDE was when I was 6 years old and I don’t remember a lot of it as I was out of my mind with fever most of the time. But going through my younger childhood and even throughout my high school years, believing I was hopelessly stupid, and then that recurring feeling of “am I on the wrong planet” (actually, I still feel that way much of the time) – yeah, that all hit home.