After finding out I have chidren in space ships above earth, I decided to connect with them through a channeler. I had two seperate interactions like this. One of them I met my son who is named Ka “EL” and he is a rare race from the Kalibrese nation. He has told me that it is rare for him to have an awakened mother. He told me he wants to be like superman. That at his home planet there is much work and drudgery and that is the only option. He is very loving and when I connect with him I feel warmth in my heart and I know that we are one. He enjoys when I spend time in dream time playing with him and teaching him about earth. He wants to learn more about earth to teach others. I have connected with him once through drawing pictures trying to show him what it is like on earth. I am continuing to practice channeling so that I can connect more fully. I also had another channeling session where I met another son named Sanut. Not sure of his background but was told that most of my children are more full grown than what we think of children on earth, because they grow at a very fast rate. I don’t havemuch information about Sanut but I know he came in to help me connect with him more fully at that time. I try to connect with all of my children through my heart chakra during meditations and channeling sessions. I encourage you all to try to connect personally to experience the true love coming from these advanced beings. <3 They exist above duality. They know that we are all ONE. <3 Ive included a symbol I drew when channeling my son Ka-EL.