Comment on John Stormm’s Article, “Overcoming Mind Kontrol:”

Thank you, Stormm, for havng the courage to tell all! These matters are of vital concern for everyone on this planet, especially those who are dedicated to finding the truth, even if they have to get their hands dirty in the digging! Your testimony parallels that of a female MK Ultra victim, her story which is documented by Inelia Benz in her book, “Interview With a Phychic Assassin.” Inelia Benz terms her book a “nove,l” but this is for safety reasons. We know her story is the real deal.

These discoveries are hard to bear for us sensitive souls, but it is important to go there if we are to find the horrid truth of the satanic practices going on in the highest echelons of power. The testimonies of other Ultra slaves, such as those of Arizona Wilder ( andBrice Tayler, who was “owned” by comedian Bob Hope (, are at long last being made available to us via You Tube. And so your own disclosures in this arena of darkness are helping to bring down these power junkies, mad with imbalanced thought patterns. It was not easy for me to hear that Bob Hope, one of my favorite clowns, was involved with such evil and nefarious dealings with innocent children. Oh, dear lord of heaven, help us to heal this sick world!

My prayers are with you, John, and my heart goes out to you and to all those from whom so much has been taken, and to whom so little has been regiven in the way of kindness and understanding and ultimate healing. Your fortitude and your forthrightness are to be commended.

Lovingly, respectfully,

“We are humans becoming, Help us to become.” (Prayer for the New Paradigm)

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I was born on January 11, 1949. I am a song writer/musician, and have traveled most of the globe as keyboard player with many Nashville notables. I enjoy writing and painting portraits in oil and pastel. In the 1990s, I learned to fly single engine aircraft, and am interested in aviation in all aspects. In 1974, I was visited out of body by loving beings from a planet they call "Joyamen Nesatur." In this experience, I met Debra, who was one of the pilots of their beamships. In 1983, I met Debra "in the flesh" and I became her husband in 1984. We both volunteered to incarnate on this planet and vowed to work to liberate the planet from bondage. Debra (I call her 'Magnolia'--my favorite flower) and I are blissfully happy together, and we have incarnated on this planet many times to work and be together. Magnolia is also a musician and singer. I began having past life recall at four years of age, and have discovered that Magnolia and I have incarnated in every earth race, and culture on theis planet. Our home planet, Joyamen Nesurtur, was where we experienced our evolutionary beginnings.

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