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Does it seem like we are moving closer to something? I have seen more UFO stories in the ‘news’ than in a long time, and some of them strike me as humorous, like when the navy pilot that was discussing the ‘ufo’ he was chasing, the reporter asked “why isn’t this the leading story?” And, I am interested in why we got what, 30 seconds worth of video footage? Supposedly the encounter last over 4 minutes? I am also interested in Neil D. Tyson’s reaction on the news. I love Tyson, so I am bashing Tyson, but he frequently points out in his lectures and videos that he his man of rationality. He calls for reasons. In discussing a video sourced from the Pentagon of an object that defies ‘laws of physics’ by anyone’s measure, isn’t a scientist at the least supposed to respond, ‘well, that’s interesting…” or “I want more information.” Why do scientist run from anomalies? But I love how Steven Colbert countered Tyson when discussing the ‘oblong’ interstellar object that past through our solar system. Tyson said it was just a rock, or a collection of rocks, that resembles an obelisk because our radar couldn’t get good resolution at that distance and speed, and the trajectory is completely explained by laws of physics, which means not an artificial object. To which, Colbert responded by throwing a pencil in the air, said look, parabola, laws of gravity, but my hand threw it, Sir!”
about that object. I am surprised no one has considered giant space crystals as a possibility. I can object circling a sun heated to the point the entire mass is liquefied, but as it goes away crystals form, but as it comes around again and begins to heat up, a crystal breaks off and gets slung out. I think of all kids of ways an oblong object could be in space. we giant crystals on earth. They must be on other planets, too. and if an asteroid hit a planet and sent crystals into space, well, there is another possibility. or, some aliens are playing cosmic darts and it missed. No, it’s never aliens. But then, what was that pilot chasing? it wasn’t a weather balloon or swamp gas. Come on!